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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor hopes next U.S. president will back ban on nuclear weapons See in context

rajakumar at 01:55 AM JST - 7th August Nuke weapons nations must take measures to ensure peaceful politics for world via constant peace dialogues/peace conference.

To quote Albert Einstein, "One cannot simultaneously prepare for war and peace."

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Posted in: Fashion ring See in context

Bovinus at 07:48 PM JST - 4th August What's unsightly about bulges suddenly?

Hahahahahahahaha! If you're a man - nothing!

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Posted in: Tatami rooms don't agree with G-8 visitors See in context

Oh my GOD!! So insane! I can't believe and I'm embarrassed that any head of state would be so undignified as to insult the host country by insisting on something like this. How horrible! I beg the Japanese people to forgive all foreign visitors who don't "know" and better. Please forgive us for our ineptitude.

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Posted in: Bush urges Americans to be proud of country See in context

Bush has the lowest approval ratings in the United States of any president since approval ratings began to be taken... Even the Republicans don't stand united with him anymore. He has lost everything. There is nothing left for him.

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Posted in: Hostesses See in context

My dear faulkmore-san, hahahahahaha, you crack me up! Again, who really cares? It simply isn't a big deal. Sitting, drinking with and talking to a man for money is not prostitution by any definition. What a man and woman choose to do after that however may or may not be and that is another issue altogether.

And my dear humptydumpty-san, hostessing may be hard, but no job is easy or it wouldn't be called "work." Get used to the concept now and it will serve you well for the rest of your life. Carry out whatever job (aka "work") you have with grace and the time moves much more quickly, you will not be as unhappy and you may find something better is just around the corner. Also, it will behoove you to never call your clients fools.. they just might be the ones who hire you in the future and it is better not to burn those bridges. Good luck humptydumpty-san I hope you can get over being so bitter.

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Posted in: Porn actress, producers arrested for filming in rear of dump truck See in context

Yeeks. The infection the actors got from the amount of microbes in the rear of the garbage truck will be grand.


Filming in rear?

Laughing really hard now

This was bound to get some funny comments...

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Posted in: Hostesses See in context

Frankly, I was a bit surprised by some of the reactions here. Who really cares if another chooses to spend his money on a hostess, at a cafe, at a club, at home, in the movie theater, the comic shop, on clothing, tea, beer, cars, watches, hand carved collectible items or whatever? It is up to the individual to decide on what and where he will spend his money and I'd venture a guess that almost everyone here has "wasted" their money on something in the eyes and opinion of another. Please everyone, stop being so judgmental. These hostesses make a bit of extra money doing this and it's okay. The men pay them and that's okay too. Who really cares? It seems to me that it's a fairly harmless way to relax and not really have to think too hard after what really may have been a difficult day. I don't see anything wrong with it, but maybe I'm more open-minded...

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