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Posted in: The slasher in middle age: 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' hits 50 See in context

I don’t think it is that famous in Japan. In Japan people prefer the movie called Jason for American horror. But it isn’t as good as Japanese horror, which is very popular around the world. Hollywood even tries to remake them.

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Posted in: Deadly attack on Moscow concert hall shakes Russian capital and sows doubts about security See in context

Are we still meant to care about the fighting happening over there. Haven’t heard much about it recently.

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Posted in: Ito hailed by Reims coach for 'mental strength' despite sexual assault claim See in context

It seems that being good at sport allows people to forget these type of claims. No doubt he will be able to pay some money and not have to worry about it soon.

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Posted in: Woman in adult entertainment industry arrested after bodies of 3 infants found at her home See in context

Having children is not very convenient for this occupation. That is the reason she did this. She needed to work. Unfortunately that’s the time we live in.

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Posted in: Beautiful Starbucks in Kobe is one of only 28 special Regional Landmark Stores in Japan See in context

Unfortunately they serve Starbucks coffee which is well-known as being an inferior coffee. How can it be the same building if it was rebuilt and moved to a new location?

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Posted in: 87% of Japan firms say paternity leave averages less than 3 months See in context

The government pays the salary for the workers who take maternity and paternity leave. This means that the company doesn’t have to worry.

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Posted in: Battle on the ice See in context

This will definitely be the biggest event at the Winter Games. Unfortunately only a few countries are able to play this sport. Most people in Japan have never heard of this game.

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Posted in: Jordan reaches Asian Cup final after stunning South Korea 2-0 See in context

Unfortunately when you are too confident you often fail. South Korean supporters believed they would win by at least 3 goals because they have some of the best players in the world. Glad to see the smaller nations doing well in this competition.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for drunk driving in Okinawa See in context

Luckily he didn’t kill anyone this time and get a slap on the wrist like the last guy.

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Posted in: Japan's Asian Cup exit sparks wider questions ahead of N Korea trip See in context

This is such a shock to soccer fans around the world. Most people know the famous Japanese players play for the big European teams, so they should have won the Asian cup very easily. They will qualify for the World Cup and then show the world how good they are against the better teams. I guess the Asian cup does bring teams down a level or two, as the teams in Asia are not so good.

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Posted in: Over 200 firms expected to join Tokyo meeting on Ukraine's recovery See in context

I must have missed the news about the end of the war. Who won?

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Posted in: Iran beats Japan 2-1 to reach Asian Cup semifinals See in context

What a shock result. Hopefully all genders will be able to watch the next game in Iran. Or not.

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Posted in: Junior high principal in Hyogo fired for stealing seven half cups of coffee See in context

This is something we have all done by mistake. Pressing the wrong button on those machines. We all play the game, some of us can do it and some of us can’t.

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Posted in: Goalkeeping errors threaten Japan's Asian Cup hopes See in context

He is doing his best. He plays in a European league which is the best in the world for practicing to play in the international events like this.

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

I have only been stopped twice in Japan, but have been stopped in Spain and Australia as well. I guess I should sue the police in those countries as well.

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Posted in: 'We don't hit women': How 'Yakuza' differs from 'Grand Theft Auto' See in context

i wonder if the people who play these games are actually part of the Yakuza or just wannabes. If you want to become part of it, go down to the local clubhouse and sign up.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for Kyoto Animation arson attack See in context

Great news. Unfortunately he had a lot of supporters in yesterday’s article about his tough life. Where are all his supporters today?

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Posted in: Japan advances in Asian Cup with 3-1 win against Indonesia See in context

Looks like they are firing on all cylinders. It’s just a matter of time. Great to see after all the doubters.

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Posted in: Kyoto arson defendant's doctor calls for ways to resolve isolation See in context

There have been a lot of people in history who have had a tough upbringing. No more excuses. If he can’t take it, he shouldn’t have done it.

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Posted in: Shock Iraq defeat exposes Japan frailties at Asian Cup See in context

A lot of people discounting Japan, which is a dangerous thing based on their successful history in international events.

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Posted in: Hussein scores twice as Iraq upsets Japan 2-1 to reach Asian Cup knockout stage See in context

This is one of the biggest upsets in Asian cup history. Japan is by far the strongest team in Asia and one of the best in the world.

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Posted in: Valentine's Day sales start See in context

I only see ladies there. No men. I guess they follow the old style white day and black day.

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Posted in: ‘I never lost a fight against a man’: The story of the only woman to join Japan’s notorious yakuza See in context

How many people has she killed? That is a real gangster for mine. No respect if she hasn’t done that.

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Posted in: Navy officer who was jailed in Japan over deadly crash released from U.S. custody, family says See in context

Hopefully they have banned him from driving too. Horrible act killing two innocent people because of your actions. I guess some deals were done to let him have such a light sentence.

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Posted in: What time is evening? People in Japan puzzled by official answer See in context

I’ve heard in Japan people say good morning all day.

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Posted in: Nihon University football player convicted of possessing drugs See in context

As everyone knows hard drugs are strictly prohibited in Japan and most Asian countries. Hopefully he will understand this law and move on with a clean healthy life which is expected of a professional athlete.

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Posted in: U.S. teen becomes first human to beat Nintendo's computer game Tetris See in context

I am sure we will see his name in the future on esports world championships becoming one of the all-time great American sports stars. This is a fantastic achievement. Everyone I know has tried to beat Tetris.

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Posted in: Fire destroys JAL plane after collision with coast guard aircraft at Haneda; 5 dead See in context

Hopefully everyone was able to get all their carry-on luggage off. That’s a fear of most people on flights.

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Posted in: Japan call on Mitoma to help erase Asian Cup 'frustration' See in context

Japan is one of the best teams in the world, let alone Asia. Hard to see them not winning every match. They have players playing for the best teams in the biggest leagues. I don’t think any other country competing in this championship can say the same.

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes central Japan; tsunami reach Japan Sea Coast See in context

We can’t beat nature. It will always defeat us. Get ready people.

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