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Posted in: Fan fashions See in context

They didn’t include anything about the game in the sports section. Strange just to have a photo of it. What happened in the game itself?

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Posted in: Beijing confirms strict 'closed loop' for Winter Olympics See in context

This sounds like the same situation for the Tokyo Olympics. Why are people against China for doing the same thing?

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Posted in: Wallabies beat Japan 32-23 in European tour warm-up See in context

Very impressive result from Japan. It looks like they will be one of the top nations in world rugby in the very near future.

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Posted in: Kiwi connection looms large as Japan face red-hot Wallabies See in context

Apparently after the World Cup, Rugby became the number one sport in Japan for young people.I think the national coach should give Japanese players a chance to play so that will help improve their skill.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 36 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 345 See in context

Japan has really led the way with overcoming the virus. Lockdowns were not necessary. It has been life and work as normal. Well done.

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 2 people at Ueno Station in Tokyo See in context

Compared to other countries, Japan is very safe.

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Posted in: Saudis down Japan to stay perfect in World Cup qualifying See in context

This shows that Soccer in Asia is getting stronger. Hopefully they will be awarded with more teams in the World Cup competition.

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Posted in: JR East scraps plan to identify past offenders with facial recognition camera See in context

It seems that the people who are against this are those who have a reason to be worried. If you don’t do anything wrong, then there is no need to be against this. It’s a great idea to keep the community safe.

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Posted in: Gov't leans toward lifting state of emergency at end of month See in context

What State of Emergency? I haven’t noticed any changes. I’ve been working and going out as usual. Companies and schools have operated as they always have. In some countries, police have been checking on everyone to make sure they are following the rules. I haven’t noticed that in Japan.

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Posted in: FIFA sets talks with soccer leaders on biennial World Cup See in context

This proposal will definitely pass. I think it will give minor nations more opportunity to compete against major nations.

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Posted in: Australian nuclear subs will be banned from New Zealand waters: Ardern See in context

I don’t think they would need to go to New Zealand. Very quiet corner of the world, except for people interested in Rugby.

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

I guess that only foreigners could be mistreated in an immigration center.

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Posted in: Apple's next iPhone mirrors last year's, adds more storage See in context

I might think about it. I’m still using an IPhone 7. Hard to believe people need to upgrade every 1 or 2 years. I guess you need to take care of the phones more to make them last.

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Posted in: WADA to review cannabis banned status See in context

Actually the British team was banned for taking performance enhancing drugs during the Olympics. Glad to hear that they were punished.

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Posted in: Lack of TV time spoils Tokyo Paralympics' big opportunity See in context

I don’t have a TV and while there was an excellent website available for the Olympics, there was no way to watch the Paralympics live.

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Posted in: COVID spurs dramatic surge of 'konkatsu' among middle-aged people See in context

I think that a lot of people responding on here about splitting the bill and the wife being a homemaker only are talking about the older generation. Most younger women in Japan work hard and also pay their own way.

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Posted in: Celebration See in context

The interesting point for me was that they play basketball in the Britain. Never heard this before.

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Posted in: Kabul airport attack kills 60 Afghans, 13 U.S. troops See in context

I don’t understand what America is still doing there. They haven’t made any progress in improving the situation. Over 20 years later and the group they ousted are back in charge.

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Posted in: Rangers fans banned over Furuhashi abuse See in context

Why don’t the teams in Scotland join the EPL? Hardly a competitive league with only two teams.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics draw to a close See in context

Was there any translation available for the foreign athletes during the speech in Japanese?

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Posted in: Japan beats France 87-71 to reach women's basketball final against U.S. See in context

Unfortunately, all the attention goes to the Men’s basketball team from Japan. Never heard anyone mention the female team who seem to be of a much higher ability than the men’s team.

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Posted in: Sapporo hopes Tokyo Games success will boost 2030 Winter Olympic bid See in context

The Winter Olympics is not such a big event. I imagine that a city like Sapporo has the required infrastructure already.

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Posted in: Spain defeats Japan 88-77 in men's basketball See in context

That was a surprise result, especially because Japan has players in the NBA. Most Japanese fans predicted a medal for Japan in this tournament. They should win their final two games though.

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Posted in: England soccerplayer abused by racists slams social media giants See in context

Unfortunately racism is very common in England. I’m glad they have arrested them.

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Posted in: Facebook, Twitter vow to tackle racial abuse of England soccer players See in context

Unfortunately it seems the English supporters are already blaming the Chinese and others for the racist tweets. Nothing can be solved until the people admit there is something wrong with their own country.

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Posted in: Facebook, Twitter vow to tackle racial abuse of England soccer players See in context

i had no idea people from England were so racist.

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Posted in: Italy beats England in penalty shootout to win Euro 2020 See in context

Apparently Turkish fans are to blame for the English fans being terrible losers.

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Posted in: Italy beats England in penalty shootout to win Euro 2020 See in context

Glad to see it’s coming to Rome. Apparently a lot of poor losers booing an injured player.

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Posted in: Fans to be banned from Olympic events in Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures See in context

This was to be expected after foreigners were banned from attending. I’ve heard that Biden will be attending though.

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Posted in: Philippines to shut border to foreigners, some Filipinos as virus cases surge See in context

I think that money is still okay to enter.

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