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Posted in: 10 dead, 15 injured from stabbings in Canadian province of Saskatchewan See in context

This article is well written. I don’t think that the people in the local area will be reading this website to get the latest descriptions on the suspects, so don’t worry people.

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Posted in: Japan diving shop sorry after customers pose on sunken U.S. warship See in context

I’ve seen pictures of soldiers posing for photos that are a lot worse in live war zones. No one complained about them though.

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Posted in: Shooter says he believed Abe promoted religious group that bankrupted his mother See in context

It seems a lot of people commenting on here knew how to save him. Just hit the deck, one poster stated. I guess that’s why they are just a poster.

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Posted in: S Korean office workers hit convenience stores as 'lunch-flation' bites See in context

This is nothing new. I don’t know how people can afford restaurants everyday for lunch anyway. People complain they have no money but buy Starbucks everyday.

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Posted in: Teenager sent to reformatory for killing 3-year-old sister in Okinawa See in context

In Japan there are a lot of coerced confessions. This seems like an example of that. It might have been an accident. I see kids climbing on a balcony every day.

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Posted in: Disaster-hit residents unimpressed by 'recovery Olympics': gov't report See in context

Unfortunately, the Tokyo Olympics will go down as the worst Olympics in history. No supporters were able to attend. I don’t think people even watched it on TV as there was no interest from ordinary citizens.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion See in context

This doesn’t surprise me in the least. Americans are very conservative and most prefer they were living in the good old days. Watch out other minorities.

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Posted in: Price of air tickets set to keep climbing See in context

Still a lot of cheap flights if you search for them.

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Posted in: Australia wins sudden death battle with Peru for penultimate World Cup place See in context

It looks like the quality of football in Asia is improving. Having teams from every continent is important. I know traditionalists don’t like that idea and still believe only European and South American teams should be in the World Cup

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Posted in: Texas gunman warned online he was going to shoot up school See in context

Unfortunately, Americans have had enough time to change their gun laws, but they have no intention of doing it. I’m sure everyone will be at the gun convention and will have forgotten about it by then. The Governor who is apparently upset about the shooting will be the main speaker.

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Posted in: Ukraine orders end to defense of Mariupol See in context

Hard to believe it is still happening. I have noticed the news services carry less coverage than before. It looks like this will go the way of most other long drawn out battles.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

This happens in other countries as well. Was reading about the same thing in Australia recently. Always check before reversing a car is the number one rule.

Also it seems that there are old fashioned ideas among the comments here. Only the mother is responsible for watching the children. It’s time to update our way of thinking.

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Posted in: N Korea reports 270,000 new fever cases amid COVID crisis See in context

North Korea don’t want any help. They are known as the hermit kingdom for a reason.

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Posted in: Girl who disappeared in Yamanashi in 2019 confirmed dead after bone DNA test See in context

It sounds like she had an accident when walking through the woods. Animals often scatter remains about the place after that.

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Posted in: Bach criticizes Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva's entourage for their 'tremendous coldness' See in context

The IOC was the one that let her skate even though she had taken drugs. A bit late to the party now to start to care.

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

Every event at the Olympics is broadcast by the IOC. They have a website with a link to the video and commentary in every event. Hard to believe people complain about the tv coverage in this modern era.

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

Reminds me of the historic first ever gold medal for Australia in the Winter Olympics. This happens often in speed skating. They won the silver which isn’t a bad consolation. It is making me laugh when people complain about the news reporting on Japanese athletes in the games in the country of Japan,

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Posted in: Russian figure skater Valieva cleared to continue at Olympics See in context

A lot of people say it is not performance enhancing. However it is on the list of banned drugs. A person who takes a drug on the list has to be suspended. That’s all there is to it.

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Posted in: Russian star practices despite report of positive drug test See in context

A lot of people seem to think that this was not intentional. International athletes know by now what is on the banned list. Kick her out and set an example that this will no longer be allowed.

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Posted in: Hostage dead after 11-hour standoff in Saitama house See in context

A previous poster asked the question “Why is a shotgun needed in Saitama?” To them I pose the question “Why is a shotgun needed anywhere?” If this had been in other certain countries, it would not even have been news.

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Posted in: Advertisements draw flak in China over Asian stereotypes See in context

Don’t people in China have freckles?

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Posted in: Murder mystery games a hit in China but Japan missing the fun See in context

I think these games have been going on for centuries in many countries.

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Posted in: Musashino city in Tokyo rejects proposal for foreigners to vote in referendums See in context

I have lived in Japan for a long time and never felt the slightest need to vote. Most people can’t be bothered voting anyway.

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Posted in: China says U.S. diplomatic boycott violates Olympic spirit See in context

Who cares if diplomats go to the Games or not. A stronger statement would be to not send the athletes. It is only the Winter Olympics though, so it’s not the biggest event to attend.

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Posted in: Fan fashions See in context

They didn’t include anything about the game in the sports section. Strange just to have a photo of it. What happened in the game itself?

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Posted in: Beijing confirms strict 'closed loop' for Winter Olympics See in context

This sounds like the same situation for the Tokyo Olympics. Why are people against China for doing the same thing?

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Posted in: Wallabies beat Japan 32-23 in European tour warm-up See in context

Very impressive result from Japan. It looks like they will be one of the top nations in world rugby in the very near future.

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Posted in: Kiwi connection looms large as Japan face red-hot Wallabies See in context

Apparently after the World Cup, Rugby became the number one sport in Japan for young people.I think the national coach should give Japanese players a chance to play so that will help improve their skill.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 36 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 345 See in context

Japan has really led the way with overcoming the virus. Lockdowns were not necessary. It has been life and work as normal. Well done.

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 2 people at Ueno Station in Tokyo See in context

Compared to other countries, Japan is very safe.

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