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My "uncle," my dad's childhood friend, Lyle Ellis, is buried there. Mr. Ellis grew up in Canada as an American citizen. When WW2 broke out, he didn't wait for the American entry, which was to come more than two years later. He immediately joined the Canadian Army, was sent w/ other Canadians to bolster the British garrison in Hong Kong, captured in December 1941,was subjected to slave labor in the mines, and died of beriberi. (My dad was sent to Europe and survived.) Just thought folks should know.

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I'd much rather meet this remarkable young lady than I would either Deniro or Nicholson. Her accomplishments are amazing and humbling; more than that, she doesn't appear to have a star's attitude. Best wishes to her.

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Osaka is well worth a trip. Nearby Tsutenkaku for history/culture buffs is Shitennoji, the first officially chartered or licensed Buddhist temple in Japan, founded by Prince Shotoku himself. The area was flattened during WW2, so the temple is a reconstruction, but the original torii remains. Also nearby is the Sumiyoshi Shinto shrine, one of the greatest and most historical in Japan. Moreover, the food in Osaka is great, and on my several trips, I found the people to be very nice. I love Japan, but Kansai is always my primary choice of destinations.

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Let's see. . . Your point is what, aj201? That Nanjing and Hiroshima/Nagasaki are morally equivalent? That the military forces that perpetrated Nanjing and Hiroshima are equally criminal? Please clarify.

Moderator: Stay on topic please. Comparisons between Nanjing and Hiroshima/Nagasaki are not relevant to this discussion.

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A "hero," my a**, "LoveUsa." The man had every opportunity to lob a shoe at Saddam Hussein but never did because he knew his whole family would be raped and dumped into a wood chipper. He threw one at Pres. Bush and what was the worst that happened to him? No, LoveUsa. Al-Zeidi's in a different league, a softer league. "Robin Hood"? Please write back you were joking.

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How dare anyone criticize Obama! American Superbower! Yeah!

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Disgusting, tragic, and extremely sad. May justice be fair but swift. In a perfect world, the perp would get a public and fitting execution.

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How dare women make noises with their mules, clogs, high heels, etc., at the eki! How dare they pollute the pristine air w/ their "shrill voices"! Maybe these guys would rather live in a society without any women. Parts of China will approach this situation in the next 15-20 yrs. Maybe, with all their complaints, they could consider moving to Iran or Saudi Arabia, where women are not really seen and barely heard. Give me a break.

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Nice specious moral relativism you're engaging in, MeanRingo. What bravery to equate my nation, the USA, w/ the starving, nationwide gulag known as the DPRK. I guess you thought GWB was Hitler too. No, the people of the Bahamas don't fear rocket launches from Florida; they never have had a reason to.

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