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123,000 died in Japan last year than were born; the most since 1947. The country is in systemic decline and may never recover. Childhood suicide, the low birth rate and abortion are linked. These all impact the psyche of the child. Since children generally represent hope and optimism for the future, what is the message to children in this culture?

This article fails to even mention the crushing pressure on kids to succeed in Japan. You are deemed a “failure” unless you get into a good school. Suicide has always been an acceptable way out in Japan for adults. With kids required to handle adult pressures at a younger age, no wonder they take their own lives without social mechanisms in place to uphold the worth of the individual beyond superficial values based on academic achievements.

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setting up open air detention centers like the ones the Americans set up for the Germans after WWII, but it could be done

WOW! You could be the next president! Only don’t include this as a campaign promise, the peasants might get a little gun-shy if they knew.

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Decriminalizing/legalizing marijuana would have the immediate effect of stealing profits from the drug cartels. No profits no power. But that would also take power away from the “authorities”… and darn, we couldn’t have that!

Americas gotta have a drug war to make a war where there otherwise would be no war. More police, more surveillance, bigger government, more intrusion and less freedom. This is the real issue.

You can’t rub out a weed that is America’s number 1 cash crop anymore than you can take on God in the Bible belt. Tax and regulate would save more time, lives and money than all the police money can buy. And they do buy the police. So, who is winning, who is losing? No one and everyone.

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People, wake up, its called a snow storm. It clogs the streets and shuts down roads. Hello?

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who want to bring down state and financial institutions

Leave them alone and they will fall on their own sword. No need here for social Darwinism.

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Boa I can dig, then again she is Korean.

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honorary police chief for a day

Ok chief... Where do we look now to apprehend those panty thieves?

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N.Korea sinks a SK corvette with impunity and then they launch an artillery salvo against SK killing four. What attack will be next to cement the rule of the new babyface Kim? With foam dripping from their mouth, they may just feel emboldened enough now to attack an American ship or fire missles at Japan. God knows they are rabid enough. China, behold your son.

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North Korea is a poverty stricken economic wasteland because of its military first (songun) policy. When the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails. War threats and intimidation have worked to get them food, oil and medicine, while they assemble back yard nukes. North Korea is a pariah of its own self prophetic victimhood status in the world. If it get spanked when it acts like a spoiled child, it just reinforces its victim status all the more. They want/need to stir the pot because it gets them results. Only this time, the communist hammer may have put the last nail in their own coffin.

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So this is why this precarious situation still exists today.

It exists today because China indulges its communist crybaby dinosaur sibling and allows it to get away with murder, because the status quo has always served Beijing until now.

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Could be 2010 BC.

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Trigger happy North Korea has a history of intimidation and has been appeased by western governments and coddled by China into the malignant monster it is today. N. Korea knows the South has no stomach for war, while the North really has nothing to lose with threatening brinksmanship. In the power vacuum created by anointing the dear leader’s chubby son, the military generals have taken over the country. They are now the real power in N. Korea. In their delusion of communist glory and war rhetoric they will now take the conflict to its inevitable conclusion; war. The time for war games is over.

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The Demoncrats are too busy focusing on irrelevant things like ending “don’t ask don’t tell” in the military instead of illegal immigration and securing the border. They exponentially expand an already unsustainable government budget deficit at a time when most Americans are barley just scraping by. Voters know when they have been bamboozled by BS about hope and change. Obama, after those entire “angry voters clinging to religion and guns who are not thinking clearly” clean house, maybe you can start thinking clearly about what a failure your policies are.

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The winner, who must be a Hooters member, will be chosen by raffle.

A member? Why so exclusive? If you are a straight male, you are a Hooterite, and a winner by extension of male membership.

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Hell no Kitty, Hoshi Hoshino.

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If you're a family of means you can move to a district with better schools.

What does “means“, mean? Not everyone of “means” can just pick up and move. Try selling a house lately?

This lame old worn out line of class warfare is just more muck raking socialist bull$hit. Why should a middleclass family struggling to put their kids through better schools have to also pay taxes to subsidize local public mediocrity centers for the children that no Bush left behind??

Everyone knows that one size fits all government indoctrination centers in the US largely suck because there is no freedom to choose beyond the dumbed-down socially engineered sludge that passes as education in an increasingly stupefied society. Parasitic teachers unions prey upon the misguided notion that government education serves the greater public good, when all they are doing is serving themselves up job security.

Access to scruels where kids get dumber? Fantastic! Access to schools where kids go because they actually want to learn in an atmosphere that is conducive to achieving dreams and goals… No, never! Cant have that!

Take away the incentive to learn, take away competition (someone might get their feelings get hurt), take away excellence, take away choice, take away the market of ideas and trade it for equal opportunity cerebral depravation in the name of altruistic utopian salvation for the stricken victims of systemic unfairness, and you get the American public educastration system, 2010.

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There is nothing self centered about loving yourself or praising yourself

Right on!

“I didn’t intend to write as much as I did. It took a lot of courage.

Perhaps she was just expressing what others may have said about her ordeal? If more Japanese could be as courageous and be honest and open with their feeling, maybe fewer would jump from bridges, buildings and in front of trains. Suicide happens when and individual has lost all hope and withdraws from social contact. If this book can inspire hope and save a life beyond learned shoganai fatalism… I think that’s pretty sexy.

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128 million vs. 1.4 billion?

China? How would you like your islands?

...Oh, OK. We thought you might say that.

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Hideo Makuuchi, author of “The People Who Eat Potatoes: The truth behind food products that have become ‘soft drugs’.

Wow, people actually eat potatoes? And people are getting high on potatoes because someone made fried chips? Shhhhh! Don’t tell the cops!

Coming soon; "The People Who Drink Rice": The truth behind food products that have become hard alcohol.

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an unusual amount of attention because of her gender

Death by shotgun. If a man killed his wife and daughter like this and was sentenced to death, we wouldn’t be reading about how anyone felt all teary about his religion or gender. It wouldn’t even make the news.

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Posted in: How bad do you think tensions between Japan and China are going to get over the disputed islands? Is Japan's detention of the Chinese fishing boat skipper the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's See in context

But if you go caring pictures of Chairman Mao…

Isn’t it amazing how China calls for calm when N. Korea sinks S. Korean navy ship? China has an inferiority complex and looks to such incidents as this to beat its chest and blow smoke. A real super power would not act like a juvenile. The truth is, China does not even care that much about its own people. This is just nationalistic grandstanding. If students took over Tiananmen Square again tomorrow calling for democracy, they would be shot down just like they were in 1989.

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“All they are going to be feeding us is anger and resentment and not a lot of new ideas...

New ideas? Taking on more national debt isn’t new, but quadrupling it is. We don’t need a lot of new ideas, actually just one old idea that really works; a responsible government that is accountable to the people and doesn’t look to expand itself beyond its/our means.

Tea anyone? It may come as a surprise to the elite class of socialist engineers, both dems and republicrats, but all of us angry and resentful people are angry and resentfull for a reason. We don’t have the luxury of spending like no tomorrow for unsustainable utopian ideals. Come November, Barak Obama is not too big to fail.

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Another nail to hammer down. Gombate.

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"The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a constant source of grievance and unrest among Muslims..."

Yup. This is true. But meanwhile Muslims are becoming a constant source of grievance and unrest for the rest of the world. It seems almost anything can be a grievance to Muslims these days. Opposition head scarves, not having a special place to wash their feet, Dutch cartoons they don’t like, opposition to a mosque at Ground Zero; if we don’t agree, we are all Islamaphobic. Muslims, grow up! Stop hating everyone who doesnt agree with you; stop being so infantile!

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Instead, he repeatedly stressed the need to embrace the religious and political freedoms in…

Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan,Yemen, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon…

Don’t preach to America about religious tolerance Imam, take it to your own brothers and sisters who have no religious and political freedoms!

We don’t want or need your god and we sure as hell don’t want a desecrating mosque built near the site where your Muslim brothers slaughtered 3000 Americans in a jihadistic fireball, while they shouted GOD IS GREAT!!! Even as the towers crumbled on 9-11, the Palestinians danced in the streets. We will not forget.

Yes, God is great, but not the one you serve.

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“We’re going to be just fine. They’re going to be just fine,”

Joe Biden

“I believe it is peace for our time . . . ”

Neville Chamberlain

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Posted in: Obama pledges Gulf support on Katrina anniversary See in context

“Housing is a human right.”

So is food, health, a good job, a fast car, easy credit, extravagant vacations in Spain, ice cream, MORE ice cream, life after death... money for nothin and chicks for free. Oh...and a cold six pack of Bud Lite too, please. Thanks!

Wow. Having this expanded understanding of certain fundamental human rights, its so much easier for those in the political left with good intentions to dupe the ignorant masses into believing almost anything.

Like...Change! change! CHANGE!!!

Change? ...where's MY Bud Lite Obamessiah?

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Posted in: 23 injured by monkeys in Shizuoka See in context

These marauding monks are obviously unemployed.

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Posted in: Intruder arrested at Paris Hilton's home See in context

So, like? Paris Hilton is an intruder in everyone else's home... I don't get it?

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