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Jared Norman comments

Posted in: U.S. Marines want women barred from combat jobs See in context


Of COURSE male-only units are going to perform better so long as your mentality towards and training of mixed units remains in the dinosaur age!

I think Female Kurdish Fighters are enough to discredit you, just like you of mostly discredited your self with Okinawa. I have meant many tough women in the arm forces that I would prefer to serve next to instead of you.

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Posted in: Blocking tactic See in context

this is how america influences democracy

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Posted in: Okinawan governor to revoke permit for U.S. base relocation work See in context


Okinawa was snatched from China and then violated by Japan in all senses of the word.

You forgot to add repressed by America, the so called promoters of freedom and democracy.

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Posted in: Samsung ramps up Apple challenge with large handsets See in context

If you can't compete with Apple just copy apple as well as dyson, sony and everyone else. Good job samsung the worlds #1 copy kat.

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Posted in: China slams U.S. human rights record See in context

As much as I would say China is a human rights violator, I would say China is right the US gov is honestly in no position to talk. let see Beijing has brutal crackdons against the tibetans, washington is brutally cracking down against the Okinawans.

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Posted in: How do you think the Japan-U.S. relationship will change over the next few years? See in context

well so much for democracy, its time for okinawa to succeed

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Posted in: U.S. warns Beijing against destabilizing South China Sea See in context

Its the bigger bully telling the smaller bully what to do.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief warns against militarization of territorial rows in Asia See in context

How can the us gov speak against militarization when it is actually the us gov who provokes it.

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Posted in: New iPads aim to boost Apple in premium tablet market See in context

The iPad is great for engineering work.

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Posted in: Akie Abe joins gay parade See in context

I am not gay and i go with my family to gay pride in SF every year just because it is fun to go to.

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Posted in: Documents reveal chaotic U.S. military sex-abuse record in Japan See in context

The us bases are not needed in Okinawa, its time too leave.


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Posted in: Abe hails election of pro-nuclear Tokyo governor See in context

Why was the voter turnout so low, oh I forgot it LDP corruption.

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Posted in: U.S. tested biological weapons on Okinawa in 1960s See in context

Sometimes I wonder what else the US Gov is hiding. Im getting sick of this in the name of security crap.

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Posted in: U.S. tested biological weapons on Okinawa in 1960s See in context

Its proof that the US gov always lies and does not deserve the trust of the people. Its time for the us military to leave Okinawa. The marines are an expeditionary force, they have no detterance capabilities.

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Posted in: Ishihara backs sacked military chief for Tokyo governor See in context

Great, another right wing nationalist.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief urges Tokyo to improve ties with neighbors See in context

Maybe the US gov should improve ties with its own people, its neighbors as well as the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Former U.S. sailor extradited to Japan on drug-smuggling charge See in context

sentence might be short but they will actually punish him

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Posted in: Abe to campaign in Okinawa this week See in context

Yubaru- I have been all around Okinawa, I know about the poor treatment. I know about the agent orange. I know about the 2nd class/victimize filling.

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Posted in: Abe to campaign in Okinawa this week See in context

rlancy- most of the businesses in Okinawa have nothing to do with the us military, maybe you should take a closer look at okinawa and you will notice that they are not actually japanese, Instead you notice that they are oppressed people just tibetians. Why dont learn about what actually going on. I will never be proud to be an america.

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Posted in: Man nears half-century on Japan death row See in context

this mans not guilty

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the three most hated companies in the world? See in context

Monsanto, Wallmart, and BP

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Posted in: TEPCO finds highly toxic strontium in Fukushima plant groundwater See in context

Give the ground water to medical research, strontium-90 has a lot of uses in cancer treatment.

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Posted in: Sony wins opening skirmish in new-gen console war See in context

I have always preferred the psx over the xbox, except for nintendo which is still best for playing with kids.

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Posted in: Osaka offers to host Osprey training drills See in context

Yubaru, isn't osaka closer to korea, than okinawa

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Posted in: Apple, Samsung infringed each other's patents: S Korea court See in context

what does samsung not copy, sony tvs, apple phones

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Posted in: Under restrictions, U.S. F-22 fighters arrive in Japan See in context

F-22 cost $460 million and $40,000 for flight hour. The most expensive fighter jet in history what a waste of money for an useless jet

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Posted in: Calls made for bicycles to have number plates See in context

We have bike/moped permits in Hawaii but its pretty much useless.

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Posted in: U.S. may deploy Osprey aircraft at Iwakuni before Okinawa See in context

matt - It may be safer in combat because it flys higher and faster but i still would not get on one theres 2 major safety problems that have not been solved yet. autorotation and hydraulics.

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Posted in: Hosono fails to convince Kansai leaders on restart of Oi reactors See in context

It makes no difference if a reactor is critical or not, the loss of coolant is what caused fukushima

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