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Posted in: China grants more quotas for rare earth exports See in context

since when did the chinese actually care about the environment

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Posted in: Japan, China, S Korea agree to start free-trade talks See in context

good bye jobs and future success

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Posted in: Ford asks steep price for Japan to join TPP talks See in context

i had a mustang and it broke down on me twice in 6 months, i had an acura and it had 120k on it after 10 years and never broke down, i sold it because i wanted the mini cooper for the surf racks

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Posted in: Japan welcomes U.N. backing in Pacific atoll dispute See in context

If theres a dispute it should be with the philipines not skorea and china

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Posted in: Panetta hails 'important' deal on Marines in Japan See in context

just close the base, we don't need a second cold war the first 1 was a mistake

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Posted in: U.S. concerns over Okinawa base plans prompt Japan to delay announcement See in context

It honestly doesn't matter where the marines are, it takes 3 to4 days to plan a ground attack mission and they can be deployed from america in less than 24 hrs, just bring them home.

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Posted in: Ozawa found not guilty in fund scandal See in context

What suspicious is that this happened right after he got in a fight with sec. clinton over the bases in okinawa.

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Posted in: U.S. senators say Okinawa base plan needs congressional approval See in context

****riffraff its not anti-american, the anti-base is a civil rights movement after all the okinawans have suffered a lot under oppressive occupation. Its unacceptable to force a new base upon them. just remove the marines, its not clear as to why they are there.

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Posted in: Japanese island man lives as naked hermit See in context

cool life

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Posted in: Japan's population suffers biggest recorded fall See in context

93% of japans debt is owned by japanese, maybe japanese can forgive the debt to save the economy and reduce the debt which is around 230% of gdp the worlds highest.

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Posted in: As ice cap melts, militaries vie for Arctic edge See in context

its nice to hear about my old boat again

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Posted in: Fukushima damage leaves spent fuel at risk, says U.S. lawmaker See in context

it will take at least 7 years before the spent fuel rods can safely be removed, maybe longer if some of them melted

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Posted in: Facebook lets users take more data home See in context

I like Facebook and don't have a problem with the data mining as long as its not sold outside.

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Posted in: N Korea admits failure as world condemns rocket launch See in context

They spent $800 million on this weapons test, it will only cost $300 million to feed the north korean people for 1 year. why is a nuclear weapon actually needed.

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Posted in: Navy jet crashes into Virginia apartments See in context

yuri- when a jet has to dump fuel its already too late

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Posted in: Navy jet crashes into Virginia apartments See in context

Yuri- on fighter jets, once the engines blow out the pilot loses complete control. They are not built to glide.

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Posted in: Osaka Mayor Hashimoto opposes Kansai Electric restarting any nuclear reactors See in context

i paid $25,000, got half back as a tax break, to instaill solar panels and battery on my house. now i don't pay any energy fees instead i get a $100 check in the mail every week.

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Posted in: Budding Google social network sets itself apart See in context

so much for googles don't be evil

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Posted in: Nagoya Univ, Fujitsu develop world's 1st technology to analyze phone conversations See in context

maybe its just new spy tech for Facebook

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Posted in: N Korean rocket to adopt 'safe' flight path, scientist says See in context

i guess food is not necessary for a strong state

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Posted in: DPJ holds gathering to discuss bill to raise consumption tax See in context

japan should do a controlled bankrupcy to regain control of finances, just like japan airlines

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Posted in: Apple sued over iPhone 4S 'assistant' Siri See in context

The siri tech is brand new and is in beta, its going to take some time before the program functions as planned

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Posted in: 259 citizens file suit to block restart of reactors in Fukui See in context

It honestly doesn't matter if the reactors are restarted or not, the pose they same risk either way

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Posted in: Speeding Ferrari driver caught after YouTube post See in context

I rebuilt a 1973 ferrari dino 124 kph is nothing, I've goon much faster.

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Posted in: AKB48 to sing national anthem before Giants-Swallows season opener on March 30 See in context

well, they will sign 12 words at a baseball game

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Posted in: China hikes military spending to win local wars: Wen See in context

China can obtain respectful relations with neighbors and spend the money on helping the 15% of chinese who live in extreme poverty.

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Posted in: Then and now See in context

The ship should just stay there as a memorial

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Posted in: Workers at Fukushima plant toil away in deadly conditions See in context

Nuclear workers in the USN train for 1.5 years before we go to work.

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Posted in: Ishihara, son embroiled in public row over new political party See in context

I question how the xenophobia is perfect to continue

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Posted in: Noda arrives in Okinawa for first visit as PM See in context

If you study the history of these bases you can argue this as both a occupation and a war crime. The okinawans should come to america and sue the us gov for race discrimination, forced assimilation and war crimes.

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