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Posted in: Panetta praises China on Taiwan arms reaction See in context

China, at present, is overwhelmed by domestic problems and territorial disputes to spark diplomatic clash with US. Nevertheless, I hope the final outcome would be a compromise through diplomatic effort without threats and military intervention.

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Posted in: Toyota to sell China-made hybrid vehicles by 2015 See in context

Bold thinking by Toyota. China is ever trying to be less reliant on petroleum. The local government might consider new rebate policies for fuel-efficient hybrid, thus the potential is foreseeable. The downside is the aforementioned about possible copy-right infringement. But still, best of luck to Toyota.

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Posted in: Bear attacks 4 men in Nagano See in context

Guess the hunting party has been summoned. Darn, i was going to dress as bear for holloween.

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Posted in: PM curtsy flap as queen kicks off Australia tour See in context

guess its slow news day

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Posted in: World wealth to rise 50% in 5 years with China replacing Japan in No. 2 spot See in context

Does this mean more money i can borrow,,, mmm

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Posted in: Panasonic to trim TV business, cut 1,000 jobs See in context

These stories I hear more often. Feel sorry for the laid-off workers, wish them best of luck in job-hunting.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

Still a small no. considering how many people want to come to Japan.

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Posted in: Japan takes 1st place as China slips in world men's gymnastics qualifying See in context

Hope Japan will claim top spot at London. Ganbatte!

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