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Posted in: Docomo successfully conducts 5G trials in actual-use environments See in context

The only thing they forgot to mention within this article of scientific mumbo jumbo was what it'll actually do for us.

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Posted in: 72-year-old woman arrested for strangling 73-year-old husband See in context

This is a tragedy for both of them. Where was the help for her?

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Posted in: Body of elderly woman with bag over her head found in Gunma river See in context

I suspect when they find the "woman in her 40s," they'll find Ms. Hagiwara's killer and her cash. Horrible.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for stealing fire hose nozzles See in context


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Posted in: Veteran Date-Krumm sends defending champ Hantuchova packing See in context

So amazing. Truly impressive.

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Posted in: Restaurant manager arrested for stabbing couple on Shinjuku street See in context

Why is a 50 year old guy hanging out with people 30 years his junior?

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

This is relevant to the overall issue of blame. As I say, there's no question that Japan deserves its share, but having lived in Korea for several years, I never heard Koreans take responsibility for their part. The finger is always pointed at Japan without taking responsibility for their own part.

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

One needs only read Sarah Soh's book entitled "Comfort Women: Sexual Violence in Post-Colonial Memory in Korea and Japan" to recognize that many many Koreans, particularly sex brokers, were complicit in the horror experienced by these women. She maintains that compatriots recruited a majority of the Korean comfort women by luring them to "factory jobs" in Japan, and some were sold to traffickers by indigent parents. Moreover, after the war Korean society stigmatized these women, compounding their tragedy. I am not attempting exonerate Japan for its misdeeds, but to illustrate the totality of the picture. Korea needs to look not only outwardly but inwardly as well.

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Posted in: S Korean small businesses urged to boycott Japanese goods See in context

Why is this news? Some tiny business association calls for a boycott of Japanese goods and it gets top billing here on Japantoday? Absurd.

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Posted in: 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' director Oshima dies at 80 See in context

"The Empire of Passion" was the film that shocked and absorbed me. Brilliant and disturbing. But Mizoguchi and Naruse have to be mentioned among the greatest directors. Mizoguchi was Kurosawa's senpai and the man Kurowawa thought was the greatest ever. Oshima certainly got people's attention, though.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

She obviously believed that she had better standing with the company than she actually did. It sounds as if this was simply a convenient excuse to let her go. I feel for her, but she probably needs to just let go and move on.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

How about, "no problem" instead of "your welcome." That's annoying and rude.

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Posted in: Nishikori makes history by winning Japan Open See in context

Wow! A surprising and fantastic win! Nice job, Kei.

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Posted in: 50-year-old woman killed by drunk driver in Gunma See in context

there's a shocker: drunk driver kills woman. At least it's news. In America it's an accepted everyday fact.

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Posted in: Police question ex-Aum fugitive Kikuchi about her 17 years on the run See in context

Yubaru san, I agree that she may have been "brainwashed." but she can't then claim, "I didn't know what I was making" as if if to say, "I wouldn't have done it had I known." The logic doesn't make sense. She did a very very bad thing (and brainwashed or not) she must pay for her actions.

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Posted in: Police question ex-Aum fugitive Kikuchi about her 17 years on the run See in context

It's interesting that she now claims to repudiate Aum, but did you notice the name she chose for herself during her years on the run? "Chizuko." Asahara's birth name is "Chizuo." This tells me that after the attacks, she certainly understood what she had done and still continued to revere Asahara.

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