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@Tamarama: It's not ME who is describing that, but Japanese society.

@susieuk: When I read about the izakaya one, I was frowning, too! Maybe because Japanese pubs are something you go to WITH your friends or your co-workers, but not alone, especially not as a woman??!! ....

@Cos: They do? I wouldn't know and I really doubt it. Then again, I guess it's not only Japanese wives who change after marriage, right? ;)

Actually, yes. I've stumbled upon the term "himono-otoko" in recent times in newspapers and online. Like mentioned in the article Japan is slowly changing and fewer people in the younger generation get married, so I think the "himono onna" phenomenon described here might soon become the norm in Japan ... or at least a "more accepted lifestyle form". Though that's probably more of a "shou ga nai" thing.

"Pretzel girl"? LOL

@Aliasis: Totally agreed! I find this whole "branding" very ridiculous anyway - which is one reason why I wanted to share it with others. However, the mentioned drama plays around with those other points that were mentioned (no make-up etc.)

@Farmboy: Thank you very much! :)

@philly1: Thanks for the interesting links and information! :)

@ojiiu812badboy: I know, but it was hard to find any kind of information about "himono onna" in Japanese (let alone in other languages) - and the mentioned drama also displays what the wiki article describes - though, of course, we all should take it with a grain of salt.

@Irodriguezsosa: Yes, it is very positive and probably doesn't display the real life of a himono onna, but we probably wouldn't have enjoyed the drama so much then! ;)

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