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Price fixing is illegal in many other countries. When I share this with the locals they are most surprised to here how much I paid for this and that. The more we say about how the rest of the world actually lives the more freedom people here may be able to gain from being slaves to corporate juggernauts. Policies about work overtime has changed very quickly. Yet the protection of domestic financial interests may never change. Sorry Japan you may never be able to buy the latest mobile for $20 with a $5 SIM without hidden clauses. I must say all the comments here are all very true. And one final comment from me. Thank you Amazon, I could afford to buy this keyboard by which I can type this comment.

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"Why are so many elder people dying? Doesn’t anybody care for them?"

"Why not stay at home and turn on air condition for those old? The government should advise them to do concerned so many people died due to heatwave."

Good questions.

If you live in Tokyo you will notice old people tend to get ignored. I have seen a number of old people fall down and no one helps them up (apart from me and my Japanese is bad). Always find this situation a bit strange and very sad.

Another point people don't seem to realize is a lot of poorer citizens cannot afford air con. Tenants wear the cost here and not the landlords (shame on them considering they get all that gift money every two years).

This is a heatwave for sure. I have never before heard so many people say "it's so hot". That is a good indicator that we are going through a very hot heatwave. This is serious and people need good advice about how to take care of themselves and each other around them.

If you see someone in need then help them, don't just leave them to suffer.

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"When a 20 ton shipment of bananas, for example, is found to be partially spoiled, the whole 20 tons gets destroyed."

commanteer Thank you for your information.

Not only is this a shocking example of stupidity at its greatest. It is equally shocking when one thinks about the labour that goes into picking 20 tons of bananas (I should say, share slavery) Banana pickers are paid very little for their very very hard work. Dragging 20 kgs + of bananas on a hot 40 degree + day is no easy job, paid next to nothing for your hard days work. Only to have the bananas destroyed. Crazy world sometimes.

Public awareness needs to jump up a notch or two. I didn't even think such a problem existed in Japan, to such a degree anyway. 620 thousand tons is so much waste and that is only what we are being told. Because we are never told the full story, are we?

I have added this story to my website and by doing so hope to increase public awareness. Eventually when enough people say "enough" to corporate giants they will have to listen (or am I only dreaming?)

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Maybe he dropped 1 yen, bent down to pick it up and then thinking to himself "I might as well take the opportunity to get some shuteye". Clever guy.

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Anti noise laws don't seem to be enforced in Japan. Back home you make a simple phone call and the police come down on these inconsiderate children like a ton of bricks. Goodbye noisey car/bike muffler, goodbye stereo and sub. Noise control does work yet needs to be enforced. I thought Japan was a peaceful and respectful land. Maybe only on the subway?

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Environment ministry looks like they are working for Google. Not very professional for Japanese standards. Short Sleeve business shirt nice and tidy and creates a good company image. Staged photo I think surely you cannot go to work in your civvies (civilian clothes, as opposed to uniform). Especially in a Japanese government department. Can a chef wear his Hawaiian shirt with his medallion in full view. Hmm pork medallion sound nice.

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