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Posted in: AKB48′s Yuki Kashiwagi sparks debate over 'vulgar' video See in context

I think people are being a little too sensitive. I'm pretty sick and twisted, and I didn't think this was bad at all.

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Posted in: Man arrested for having his kids work on his newspaper delivery route See in context

Everyone assumes the kids were alone, that they didn't want to do it, and that the guy was a heartless bastard. I delivered papers for a year when laid off from my regular job. My kids, who would have been slightly younger than these, begged to go along because they wanted to spend time with me and help. They were never forced to go. I'd carry the papers and deliver on one side of the street. They'd take a handful of papers and deliver the other side. We'd meet back up at the corner. They were never more than 200 feet away and were always within sight.

As for the whining about 2am... Time is relative. It's entirely possible that these kids had a very early bedtime so that they got plenty of sleep. Not everyone exists on an 8am-5pm job cycle.

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Posted in: Stereo headset compatible with smartphones See in context

In my local Walmart there are maybe 30 different types of these from different manufacturers. What is new about this particular product?

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Posted in: Tom Cruise has no intention of slowing down See in context

Here in the USA, Tom Cruise is one creepy dude.

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

2020hindsights, have you ever used an SIII? Apparently not, if you think it's clunky.

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