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Posted in: Armani dedicates fashion collection to Japan's quake victims See in context

No one seems flattered by this. And why should they? I feel insulted by this too.

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Posted in: Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid to include quake-hit areas See in context

I don't like the idea. It's not needed now or for a long time. Pass it to another country that's not facing as many problems as Japan is now. Unsuccessful bids tend to be more expensive and trouble than what they're worth and since this disaster it just feels like another opportunistic move just to bring the Olympics over yet again. Whatever money is spent on the bid should be put forward to where it's needed most. I don't think the people still living in shelters could care less about a bid and just want the assistance that they need.

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Posted in: Sunset See in context

I don't care what the caption says. That's not how Sendai really looks like as it is now! So the shore area got smashed, wowe! Trying showing some places in Tohoku that are actually in one piece rather than just the coastal towns being washed up.

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Posted in: Man who 'fished' underwear from balcony arrested in Kobe See in context

Give the man an award! :D

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Posted in: Nintendo cuts profit, but 3DS not ready for Christmas See in context

Can't wait to get my hands on this machine! I'm not too crazy about the 3D craze going on for TVs and games but I'll make an exception for the 3DS.

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