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Jason Campbell comments

Posted in: Japan to give $15 mil to fight terrorism in Middle East, Africa See in context

Should have just burned the 15Mill for all the good it will do.

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Posted in: Photographer says barring him from Syria sets a bad precedent See in context

Well at least you were only barred and not beheaded.

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Posted in: Muslim clerics lash out against Islamic State See in context

It'll never change unless Muslims take a strong lead on it.

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Posted in: The high-end prostitutes used to close business deals See in context

Been going on for decades.

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Posted in: Super Bowl puts American football fans on seat's edge See in context

Such an inane sport with an absolutely dismal inconsistent public image. Bleh.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

He's got a point. Why have a musical group that's unique to the point of being one of a kind on the entire planet, use the most talented of the bunch, on the world stage.

Instead, Japan should put out one of those stereotypical old woman worble voiced singers of the 70's. Right?

So much anger over something so trivial. Great work humanity. Keep up the good work. eyeroll

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Posted in: Chilli Crab Seafood Noodle — Nissin’s new cup noodles with a Singaporean twist See in context

Are Ramen as horribly bad for you in Japan as it is in North America?

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Posted in: Abe: Japan won't join U.S.-led military operation against IS See in context

Oh? Japan isn't going to play world police with the US? Kind of a good idea.

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Posted in: Obama says terror group has killed Japanese hostage See in context

It's awful these two men died. Shows the ugly side of humanity. Which, let's be honest, is a really big side.

I've heard though, that if you don't stick your face in a bee's nest, you won't get stung. Dunno if it's true or not.

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Posted in: Japan vows not to give up on hostages until very end See in context

One is already dead (sadly). Japan isn't giving an IS a thing. The other hostage is already gone.

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Posted in: Japan vows not to give up on hostages until very end See in context

Lip service from both sides. The hostages are already dead.

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Posted in: Southern All Stars singer Kuwata apologizes over concert antics See in context

Apologizing for satire. Terrific.

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Posted in: Too white, too male: Oscar nominations under fire See in context

Media is just getting around to this now?

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Posted in: Abe cuts short Middle East trip to deal with hostage crisis See in context

How about people and countries stop sticking their faces into a proverbial Bees Nest?

Amazing how the planet is steadfast in molding everyone to their own individual ideals. And such shock and awe when things turn out like this story.

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Posted in: Sex is going public, but decorum is fighting a losing battle See in context

Anyone who honestly doesn't understand why people are doing this, are entirely sexually inhibited.

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Posted in: FBI director gives new clues tying N Korea to Sony hack See in context

Weird. I thought the Sony Hack was originated by Sony laying off a good sized chunk of it's tech staff. They repaid that in kind by leaking what was leaked. Not a borderline 3rd world country that's still using Commodore 64's.

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Posted in: 4 things women are banned from doing in Japan See in context

Heh. Funny how people are so quick to judge. So quick to condemn.

Everyone should be and live exactly the same. rolls eyes

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

Heh. While I love Japan like no other country, parts of their culture are entirely inconsistent.

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Posted in: Obama scolds Sony; vows U.S. response to N Korean cyberattack See in context

LOL. He's such a lib. "We're going to respond to the cyberattack! Here's my response! I'm Upset about it.".

Well done B.O. Well done.

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' strikes a nerve in Japan See in context

That's weird. Japan being uppity over something wartime related? That's never happened before....

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Posted in: Chinese NGO wants Japan apology for 1937 massacre See in context

"Sure thing, China. We'll apologize as soon as you stop being one of the most (if not the most) environmentally destructive Nation on the Planet, as well as that whole Human Rights thing being in the same ballpark as North Korea and Sudan. Deal? No?"

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Posted in: Ren most popular kanji for baby boys' names in 2014; Rin for girls See in context

I'll never get a solid understanding of Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

People as a whole will do anything to turn off reality. First it was cell phones, now it's smart phones. Just how it is. Most people living in the civilized parts of the word are mind numbingly stupid. Smart phones help those that are mentally stunted embrace their stupidity. Same thing with people that text and drive.

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Posted in: Megumi Yokota died of drug overdose in N Korea: S Korean paper See in context

Imagine that. A savage country doing a savage thing. Who'd have thunk. Kind of a shame that 'civilized' nations continue to give North Korea money.

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Posted in: Japan's star sushi chef warns of raw deal from overfishing See in context

It's what nearly all Human Beings do. Overconsume, when given the opportunity. Zero surprise.

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Posted in: Worried about McDonald’s chicken in Japan? Don’t be! Free McNuggets ease your fears See in context

If you're in Japan, arguably the mecha of food itself, and you decide to eat at McDonalds...Just wow.

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