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Posted in: U.S. carriers compete for new slots at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

Delta all day, everyday. I’m from the ATL and although DL295/6 nonstop is nice, going all the way to and from NRT to take it is not. Having a nonstop out of HND to get me home will be nice

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Posted in: Police officer fires warning shot after being charged at by knife-wielding 15-year-old boy See in context

Y'all do know that all police officers in Japan are certified in high level judo and train in hand to hand combat techniques rigorously. They know more about how to non lethally take down a suspect subconsciously than the average US cop.

Source-- did a story on it 10 years ago

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Posted in: First criminal 'revenge porn' case involving messaging app Line emerges in Japan See in context

Sigh... They have been doing stuff like this on 2chan for years, and nobody investigated a thing.

Are they gonna retroactively go back on to those BBS sites and deal with them as well?

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Posted in: Man says he stole schoolgirls' gym uniforms because he wanted to wear them See in context


You can find 'used' ones at certain shops too... For a price. IJS

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Posted in: 3 dead as powerful typhoon lashes Japan; thousands evacuated See in context

my models direct from what the JMA gives to pilots in the region says it will track ENE along a line from Numazu, toward Atsugi/Sagamihara, into Western Tokyo Pref., and Western Saitama pref. Remember though--this is the forecasted center of the storm, and we always wanna watch that northeastern quadrant for the most rain and winds... That means we could get a lot of wind and rain in the highest populated parts of Yokohama and Tokyo depending on track.

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Posted in: American Chris Hart finds J-pop home See in context

He's poised to become the next Jero over here. They should put a tour together, then they'd have all age groups covered. I admire both of them for embracing Japan to realize their dreams. I certainly have.

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Posted in: Teenage girl jumps to her death at Machida Station See in context

This time of year is 1st term midterms. I always notice a spike of 人身事故 or "human related accidents" on train lines around here during testing times -- especially when high school and college exam results are read.

Too sad.

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy run over, killed in Kanagawa See in context

Whenever I drive around here in Yokohama on the narrow blind spot hilly roads, I tend to do so at a snail's pace because I've come close to smashing a kid twice in 3 years... in one case the junior high school aged girl was texting while biking and came off the sidewalk into the road without a hint of a glance. But if I had actually hit her, it's my fault according to the law.

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Posted in: Shibuya's new underground station garners negative reviews See in context

man you guys are a bunch of cry babies! I've been having to walk up and down five flights of stairs every day for the past two years up until March 16th because that was my exact commute from Yokohama to Shiki in Saitama. For example those of you transfering to the yamanote line and hate crowds just get off at Harajuku and change there! Or in Shibuya just use the escalators in Hikarie and walk across the bridge. I personally love the "new" station since I'm not trapped behind a wall of slow asses trying to make my way out of one of only 2 exits .

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Posted in: American denies intent to kill Irish woman in Tokyo hotel See in context

Tox report is back...


but just topical skin rash medicine and Xanax... an anti-depressant she was prescribed back home in Ireland.

No date-rape drug here.

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Posted in: McDonald’s gets flak for removing menus from counters See in context

I went into my local Mickey D's on Thursday and was all prepared to order a Double Quarter Pounder... I get to the front of the line, look down and said in English-- "Where the f*** da menu go?" because I was tired, and didn't see my burger on the overhead sign. I regained composure and asked in Japanese "Do you not have Double Quarter Pounders anymore?" "Of course we do." "Well, where is it on the menu...where's the menu by the way?" "Its behind me overhead" ... "Of course, but there's no DQP up there." She then turns and looks at the overhead menu. "I'm so sorry sir, you're right." Then she reaches down and pulls out an index card menu "It's right here though sir, so you can order it." "Ummmm. Ok. Yes I'll have the value set too...Why'd y'all get rid of the counter menu?" "I'm really not sure sir..." "I see..."

There are certain things I think that are done perfectly right in the country, and wish they'd be replicated elsewhere. The counter menu signs are one of those things. McDonald's should never fix what isn't broken.

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Posted in: New resident's cards run into technical glitch on first day See in context

Just damn. I can't believe they've been planning this since 2009!! that's THREE YEARS!

That's also the wait time for the new card to print out (-.-+)

Seriously, just in time for my visa to need to be renewed-- Hope they get this fixed by the end of next month!!

--Also, what's up with them moving the Immigration Offices to the most inaccessable places they can find? I mean, the Yokohama office used to be next to Kanai station... Now it's ON A PIER that you have to take a train to a bus to the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE to get to! "Oh, look at me, I'm on a BOAT , tryina get my visa renewed!!" And it's not just Yokohama-- Osaka, Nagoya, and a few others all ended up moving their offices to some remote-a$$-part of town... Prolly so they can have an excuse to deport your @$$, when you claim you couldn't find the damn immigration place and ended up missing the cut-off date.

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Posted in: 4 family members found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

I still find it hard to believe that a country that prides itself on its socialistic approach to health (and I know for certain since I pay into the kokumin hoken system too) There is no such thing as DFACS* here... After the dad commits suicide, that would automatically assign 2 social workers in some places in the US-- one for the mother, and one for the children. Such a sad thing, to end your own life, but to be compelled to kill your kids too?? I don't get it.

*Department of Family and Child Services

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Posted in: Quake researchers warn of Tokyo's 'Big One' See in context

Just like in Los Angeles, there's always a "big one" round the corner... If the ground shaking every 12 hours didn't tell you that, then don't blame me when it hits and you need water, some rations, and a warm tent to sleep in... I'm prepared, are you?

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