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Posted in: Environment minister Koizumi to take 2 weeks paternity leave See in context

Okay for some, not for others. And yes, at the tax payers expense. And what's the point of it anyways. Its already been pointed out in some comments, that fathers a bubbling idiots anyways, by who, by a uncaring idiot woman.

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Posted in: Woman takes helm of Japanese Aegis destroyer for 1st time See in context

Women will never be respected in these type of roles. End of the day, its just play acting, power game, look at me rubbish, over and over again. All the battles have been done, millions of men dead. And here we have one woman, acting out a role that will never see real action, ever.

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He must be very streeful raising a child. He is probably suffering from mental issues, due to the very difficult tasks fathers have to do, such as work, all the chores at home and raising a child. Hopefully he will get professional help to cure this man. Punishing him is not the answer.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested for killing husband, parents-in-law See in context

People need to know their place. People need to except their place, wanted or unwanted, that's your place. You may not like it much, but to take it out on others is cowardly and selfish. Everyone, especially the ones who haven't alot of money, would love that cosy, happy and entertaining life ( as show on TV ). But in reality, once everyone, comes back from dreamland and face reality, you hate it. Well life is tough, didn't you know, it's tough, especially when you, again, haven't alot of money. This woman had a responsibility to care for the family, husband and in laws, no matter how difficult that maybe. Say, if a wife was crippled by an accident and needed constant care from her husband. Would you pitty the husband if he left her, because she is crippled and its hard work looking after her needs, no, I doubt you would. This lady deserves to be hung for what she did, a cowardly attack on defenceless people under her responsiblity, because, oooh, what a hell of a life I have. Well how selfish can one get. Disgusted.

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I wonder if she isn't getting any money from the father to support her and the son. So the son is no use for her now. Only guessing,

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Posted in: Elementary school girl slashed by 14-year-old boy in Aomori Pref See in context

Its true to say parents don't offer emotional support for their kids from the very early years in the childs life. No comforting for when things go wrong, such as being bullied. They are instead told to suck it up. This doesn't make the child stronger, quite the opposite. Feeling that nobody cares for you, especially your parents, must be hell on earth. Especially boys, boys are made to be completely inferior to girls who get all the care they need, including emotional support, unlike the boys who get nothing but to suck it up. And you wonder why this stuff happens. If anything, I hope this boy and all boys, get care and support throughout their childhood. Bashing boys to the ground and making them feel uncared for and second to girls all the time, as to have a impact on society. Boys and men need caring love and affection also, but women especially and parents forget about that, don't they.

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Posted in: Junior high school girl attacked by man while on her way to school in Ehime See in context

Best self defence is to run like hell. We shouldn't teach kids to fear the world around them. They'll be in constant fear. If you don't like something or you feel there's something odd, then run off.

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Some parents, these days, if they ain't got alot of money and then have children, then kill that child because they have now less money, does not make sense.

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So they reduce tax of large business and raise tax on non food items. But you can get vouchers that when bought in bulk, you will get extra in money's worth in vouchers. So indeed it bebefits the families who own and run these business, because of the lowered tax and benefit because they can afford to buy in bulk these vouchers that have a greater buying value than what you paid for. And the rest of you can sulk.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempting to kill daughters aged 4 and 3 See in context

The farther is not at fault, full stop. Its the mothers fault entirely. Stop passing the blame onto others, just because its a woman. The farther I'm sure was worried about his wife, but if he put his foot down, he would be accused of abuse to the wife. So he cannot win. Plus he needs to go to work or he will have no job, he would be fired. You keep on blaming men for the wrongdoings of men, but men in the household have very little control these days, it the wife who have their husbands under the thumb of else she will screan abuse, rape, assault, just to get everything she wants. She is the sole abuser here and I hope the husband does leave this crazy woman. But I'm betting it will be her who gets custody of the children.

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