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Posted in: Man arrested after showing up at police station with woman's body in his car See in context

How is this abandonment? The body was in the trunk of his car! Abandonment would be taking it out, putting it in front of the police station and driving off.

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump warn of dire consequences if rival wins See in context

I'm still waiting for the one time in history that someone wins from the write in ballot. Cough cough *bernie

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Posted in: Espresso yourself! Japan perks up to 'sexy' coffee See in context

After living in Japan for a while I would have to say i'd rather take a can of coffee from a vending machine before I would drink any of this crap coffee Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks is serving. There have been many days that I went out of my way just to go to the coffee shops to enjoy all the wonderful desserts and food they had there. If these places would open up in the US with the same exact quality they would put a lot of places out of business. I'm still not entirely sure how coffee tasted the same no matter where I went in Japan. If coffee is a lost art anywhere in world, Japan has found it and made it better.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing landlord See in context

I like how articles on here are always written with "suspected." That girl should have been shot on sight for what she did. She probably still had the weapons in her hand when police arrived.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for abandoning corpse in mountains of Ehime See in context

In other countries abandoning a corpse is called a suspected murder. Why use these choice of words rather than call it what it actually is? You can't just abandoning a corpse of a "acquaintance" and not have the suspicion that something had actually occurred.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

I don't see a problem with this at all. I enjoy wasabi just as much as the next person. The only thing I don't enjoy is the extra large heaping amount that is usually underneath ebi. Of all the sushi that's the one I usually watch out for. It is true that they don't expect it to already be included in the majority of the sushi perhaps that's why they ask for it beforehand and think that Japanese chefs would accommodate them every single time.

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Posted in: Samsung tells consumers to stop using Galaxy Note 7 See in context

I'd rather take a burning Samsung than a crappy iPhone.

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Posted in: Live-action 'Kiki’s Delivery Service' stage play coming to London this winter See in context

:( even Japan is destroying classics. The only somewhat decent live action that I have seen was of prison school but I guess it's kind of hard to mess that one up.

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Posted in: Fantasy sci-fi anime 'Sword Art Online' to become a live-action, U.S.-produced TV series See in context

As I stated in other articles, Japan should stop making live action stuff. It turns out terrible. They don't incorporate any of the cgi. It seems like they just keep it cheap.

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Posted in: Prison guard arrested for filming up woman's skirt See in context

Because he was "stressed." There's a lot of other things you could do to relieve stress. Go to the park, feed the birds and squirrels, go on a run or just hang out in a coffee shop. I never understood the fascination with upskirt stuff. If he wanted porn that much it's all free online.

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Posted in: Nintendo worth more than Sony after Pokemon rally See in context

Honestly I think Nintendo has planned this for a long time now. It takes time to reskin an entire game like Ingress to be used as Pokemon go. They knew they would need more servers and upgrade the existing ones to handle the load of players. I think Nintendo was looking for the right time to release this game while all other companies were in a slump.

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Posted in: Man arrested after woman found strangled to death in apartment See in context

"Police said Asai was lying face-up on her bed and had been strangled with an electric cord that was wound around her neck. One end of the cord was tied around the bed leg."

However police said they have not ruled out suicide. This suicide is way too complicated!

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Posted in: High school student expelled for having sex, sues school for Y6 million See in context

I'm not saying blame the girl but if you want to enforce the rules why not punish them both. Double standards here as always.

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Posted in: More girls turning to sugar daddies to wine and dine them See in context

This has literally been happening for hundreds of years. Thanks JT for stating the obvious.

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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' backlash brings out Internet trolls See in context

Honestly i'm not criticizing the fact that woman start in this movie. I criticize the fact that this movie is even being remade and as a comedy. Sure back in the 80s it was a slight comedy but now it's a mockery from what the new movie trailers are making it out to be. This was a masterpiece of its time. There are some movie that simply should not be remade. Who ever made this article on Japantoday is not understanding the sanctity of this film and the fact it should stay the way it was in the past.

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Posted in: Fashion police want women to wear high heels See in context

I love the duck walk!

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Posted in: 2 police officers arrested for drunk driving in Hokkaido See in context

It seems like the j police are committing just as many crimes as foreigners. Time in protest against the police. I have seen articles of them groping, stalking and not remembering anything because they were "drunk."

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Posted in: Trial begins for youth charged with killing mother, grandmother See in context

"he got angry because his mother and grandmother had frequently scolded him for not doing his homework and about his attitude toward life" really?? That's called life whether you experience now or when you start working you'll get scolded just the same. Murder should never be the solution to any problem.

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Posted in: Suntory to sell subsidiary First-Kitchen to Wendy's Japan See in context

First kitchen is way better than Wendy's

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Posted in: Student shuts down 444 school websites to 'remind teachers they are incompetent' See in context

A Denial of Service isn't technically hacking it is simply an attack however the teacher was kind of dumb for putting 444 school websites on an unsecured server. I wonder what other kinds of information that is kept on that server if they're going to put so much of school information on there. Personally, I think the student should be commended for finding this flaw. Imagine what an actual hacker could do if other systems other than educational servers are this unsecured.

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Posted in: Power-generating glass windows installed at facility in Yokohama See in context

Wtf??? We talk about energy conservation in the US and not one step such as this has been taken forward or the announced that it has been to implement these ideas. We should rejoice in our accomplishments, instead everyone is pitted against each other with what the future of energy production will be. If other countries keep on taking steps before us and wanting to actually get further we will be left behind.

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Posted in: 7-month-old baby killed after mother knocked off bicycle by car See in context

Mary Hinge. I've driven in the best and worst of countries and by far japanese drivers are the most organized and considerate when it comes to driving. The majority of them follow the rules, there's always those scooter gang you see running around sometimes.

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Posted in: 7-month-old baby killed after mother knocked off bicycle by car See in context

RIP to the child. Unfortunately I have seen women on a bike with 2 children, while using an umbrella and a cellphone. Multitasking can really get someone killed. After driving for many hours on the highway of Japan, I've noticed motorists are very courteous and polite. The actions that pedestrians take are very risky. I always was on the lookout for children and people on bikes that would dart out in the middle of the street without looking. The laws are 100% against the motorists regardless of the situation.

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Posted in: Miss Hooters Japan Contest 2016 See in context

I remember going to the Hooters in Ginza 3/4 of those girls weren't even japanese. This should be named the miss Hooters Asia contest.

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Posted in: Musician Prince dies at his Minnesota home at 57 See in context

I guess no one cares of Chyna as well. That was yesterday she was only 45. Unfortunately it seems like these death have been happening in pairs. Still RIP Prince.

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Posted in: Win a trip to Japan See in context

"Be able to obtain a Japanese Visa" perhaps this for the people in countries that require it for travel to Japan otherwise it makes no sense being mentioned if it's not specified.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

If you're eating McDonald's in Japan on a regular basis then you are seriously missing out on all the great food that Japan has to offer. I ate McDonald a total of three times in Japan and that was for breakfast. In comparison with the typically restaurants and fast food in America, the most unhealthiest food you could get Japan is probably eating at family restaurants. Damn I wish they had those kinds of restaurants in US with all the amenities and everything.

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Posted in: Man suspected of stealing money from at least 50 unlocked vehicles See in context

"Stealing a bag containing 40,000 yen from an unlocked refrigerated truck in a company parking lot" Seriously!!! Why would anyone ever think this is a good idea!

I don't care how safe a country is when dumb people make dumb decisions, dumb things happen.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor reportedly charged with Okinawa rape See in context

Seriously?? They have to follow procedures down to the letter in Japan. Public service may be fast but the legal system is slow. Convict someone in less than a month on circumstantial evidence. This is ridiculous!! Where's the DNA test to prove he did this? Where is the account from the victim? Where are the possible witnesses and lastly where is the jury?

I'm not condoning this but honestly this could have been some random girl that he wanted to make sure she was okay, then all the sudden he is charged with rape.

Yes we need justice but this is a Damn witch hunt!! They are looking for a reason to charge this guy if it weren't for thus then something else.

The crime is stl alleged at this point!

"The Naha district public prosecutors office on the island charged Justin Castellanos, 24, stationed at the US Marine Corps Camp Schwab base on the island, with the alleged crime, Jiji Press and other media reported."

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Posted in: Man arrested after doing yoga, meditating on Japan-bound plane See in context

Asian airlines may be tolerant to some of this behavior but he was still within the US when he did this. Guess who's going to jail in US now?

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