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Jason Stiles comments

Posted in: Actor-comedian Robin Williams found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Oh Captain, My Captain salute

RIP Mr. Williams you will always be the greatest.

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Posted in: Tokyo zoo stages escape drill with keeper in gorilla costume See in context

Gone bananas with this training

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Posted in: No guns See in context

what a waste of good toilet paper, cool poster though :P

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Posted in: N Korea calls Abe 'Asian Hitler' See in context

the pot calling the kettle black :P

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Posted in: Ohio killer takes 25 minutes to die with new drug cocktail See in context

Good that bastard deserved it. Personally I think we should go back to public hangings.

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Posted in: AKB48's new adults See in context

Bottom row, third from the left...that black and red Kimono is beautiful also the girl in it too.

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Posted in: Woman arrested on harassment charges after using 'proxy stalker' See in context

yea stalker girls can be just as crazy as guys >_>

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Posted in: Flexing his muscles See in context

you may say there is no muscles there but there is still a lot of mass.

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Posted in: Robot chats with astronaut on space station See in context

"I'm sorry, I can't do that Dave" Sorry for this but, I couldn't help it :P

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Posted in: School girls commended for rescuing wheelchair-bound woman stranded on train tracks See in context

These girls deserve a medal and a one day pass from school.

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Posted in: Children among 21 victims in Congo attack See in context

The Congo is in Africa

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Posted in: Iwate tries to crack down on upskirt photos taken with cell phones See in context

What will they do if a girl takes her own up-skirt photo of herself? Arrest her for sexual harassment to herself?

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Posted in: Vocaloid’s new automated composer set to simplify songwriting See in context

when we getting a English version?!

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Posted in: 4 nightclub operators arrested for allowing dancing See in context

And I thought this country couldn't get any weirder O_o Can't believe you need a License for Dancing of all thing...what does that mean I need a license to dance down the street when i'm wearing my headphones?

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Posted in: World watches American TV, not always legally See in context

Fun TV fact: “Desperate Housewives” is a cult hit in North Korea.

say what?! that's crazy.

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Posted in: Civil warriors See in context

Talk about playing Shogun 2 Total War in real life :D

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Posted in: Bird's-eye See in context

When birds Attack!! The Horror, The Horror!

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Posted in: China bird flu mutates; might infect mammals See in context

That picture is funny: When Birds go Foal, You are all Flocked!

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Posted in: Mating pandas off to good start at Ueno zoo See in context

Picture = Boarderline Erotic Furry

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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 6-month-old daughter to death See in context

Give him Life in prison or the Death Penalty. If you think that is too harsh then to bad, I'm not sorry for saying that. If an individual causes bodily harm to a human being that is incapable of defending themselfs (especially infant) then the punishment must be severe.

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Posted in: Russian scientists recover meteor fragments See in context

It wasn't a Meteor! It was really a spaceship filled with Cyborg Dinosaurs! Just kidding :P like that would ever happen.

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Posted in: Former PM Hatoyama's mother dies at 90 See in context

May she have everlasting happyness and peace.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling group takes battle to U.S. Supreme Court See in context

EigenFeb. 12, 2013 - 08:59AM JST

I think Sea Shep can really go out to prove that they're the better people if they can interrupt and prevent whale killing while still maintaining the 500 yard distance. They can show that you don't have to resort to extreme sea-tactics or acts of aggression and still accomplish your goal. I think if they can do that, they'd have a lot more backers behind them, including me!

hmmm 500 yard you say? Simmons! Yes captian? Ready the 105 Howitzers, I'm feeling lucky today. Yes Sir!

Sorry I been playing waaay too much Company of Heros, but in all seriousness it is possible for them to do so in a non-aggressional act.

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Posted in: Cop arrested for stealing woman's bike in Kawasaki See in context

Never a dull moment with Japanese Police sigh

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Posted in: Sony faces challenge with new PlayStation See in context

I agree with you Papigiulio, plus if they really want to sell the next gen they need to find that balance with the software and hardware.

Another thing that I'm sure alot of us will agree on is that it needs PS3 compatibility, seriously alot of people were not happy that you couldn't play PS2 games on the PS3. Granted the first gen PS3s were able to do so but after sony realize it they quickly made it so it can't....those jerks (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯ ︵ ┻━┻

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Posted in: 5 dead as 8.0 quake off Solomons sparks Pacific tsunami See in context

You see the areas on the Island and the Mag. here: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/

There is 11 total earthquakes record on the same day on that Island...thats just crazy O_o

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Posted in: Hide and seek See in context

WeaselJan. 14, 2013 - 11:28AM JST

B to T.

It's a bolt-action Remington M24 sniper rifle.

Yes sir you are correct and the one on the left is a Sig-522.

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Posted in: Snake on a plane: Qantas passengers amazed as python clings to wing during flight See in context

Well thats one way to not have to pay for a plane ticket. I hope the snake is ok though.

They should call him "Dragon" because he is a reptile and he flew, granted he may have cheated by using a human made machine, but hey who could blame him.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to push 9-year-old girl off platform at train station See in context

Crazy people doing crazy things. Thank god the little girl is ok and good job that those commuters helped its nice to see good people in this crazy world.

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Posted in: S Korean man stabs himself at airport to protest arrival of Japan envoy See in context

Theres always that one crazy person in a group, were it be a peaceful protest or not.

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