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japan's history resemble very ancient chinese, in war period, that was around more than 2200 years ago, shì meant to be similarly samurai, and shì has been abolished by chinese own imperial rule since 2000 years ago, in exchange of confucius and bureaucracy, average climbing social ladder through exam, which just like japan doing now. it was a mystery to rest of asian nations to see japan's success after meiji restoration, and i thought could it be possibly japan has a samurai's heritage, to hold self together, sure that'll be too simple to generalize. anyone has to question self if willing to sacrifice to death for a cause, and it is easy and sure luck to stay peacefully and live to enjoy on work, chosen lifestyle. wars always end and started for some causes. japan's samurai tradition isn't something has to be forgotten, even the war ended and a defeat. german's embracing their own defeat and moving forward really a western approach, not sure it'll work out well in the far east, and sure it isn't wise to do so from japan's own interests. however, japan is a centre of cultural creativity, economy, fashions, etc. now and in the future.

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