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Posted in: 68-yr-old woman killed in hit-and-run at pedestrian crossing in Yamanashi See in context

Saw a semi-trailer truck hit a K-car head on during the snowstorms in Kansai. The car had its front end almost ripped off, but luckily the driver inside was fine. The truck had pulled into the opposing lane of traffic to get past a stalled car and it was totally the truck driver's fault, so he just kept on driving after the totalling the car.

Actually, it was kind of amazing that he could keep momentum while going uphill, during a snowstorm, after a head-on collision. Watch out for those trucks, many of them do not care at all for other drivers and their cars.

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Posted in: 71-yr-old man arrested for beating 32-yr-old son to death See in context

When I'm 71, I hope to have the strength to beat my 32-year old son to death. Not saying that I will do it, it's just nice to be able to.

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Posted in: Young people sign up as SDF's image soars in disaster aftermath See in context

It's all glory until you get deployed in the next war.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo DisneySea become vibrant again? See in context

DisneySea realtalk: "We are sad because you are not giving us money. Please come and give us money."

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Posted in: Fukushima tsunami plan based on single page See in context

Another reason the executive body of TEPCO should be put on trial and punished.

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Posted in: 9-month-old seriously injured after falling from baby changing table in dept store See in context

There are many documented cases of toddlers and children falling several stories without injury, yet this poor baby drops 70cm and cracks his head open. Life is random.

And for baby bed designers: how bout putting some guards around the edges?

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Posted in: Burger King to open 1st Kansai store in Osaka in July See in context

YAY!! Every time I went to Tokyo, the first place I went to fill up after the long bus ride was BK. It tastes better than McDonald's, possibly cuz I miss that true barbecued meat smell.

And for all the haters out there, if you don't like it just don't patronize them. Everybody makes a choice of what they put into their own bodies and how much they exercise.

Anyways, Japanese food isn't all that healthy either, mayo on everything anybody? How about pork fat and loads of salt in ramen? A bowl of empty calorie rice?

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Posted in: Japanese singer Yui eyes bigger foreign fan base See in context

Imagine taking a trip to HK and seeing Yui sing in the streets, relatively free of the mobs of fans she would have attracted here. Lucky!

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Posted in: Massacre in northern Guatemala leaves 29 dead See in context

Only when the US stops the war on drugs and (heaven forbid) admits that prohibition is impossible will Latin America be free of this scourge.

That's a little oversimplistic in regards to this situation. The Zetas are operating with a paramilitary mindset and their objectives are both to dominate the international drug trade around that region and to cow the authorities through terror tactics. They started a new front in the war on rivals (not drugs) and will not stop until their enemies or themselves are exterminated.

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Posted in: How one Japanese village defied the tsunami See in context

wanderlust at 08:55 AM JST - 16th May An example of the Japanese concrete coastline, while it saved the village, it just doesn't get much uglier than this. Looks like they'll soon be proposing a 20m concrete wall around the whole of Japan, to keep the tsunamis out.

sengoku38 at 09:34 AM JST - 16th May At the same time, you have to learn to live with nature, not just dominate by building huge concrete walls everywhere.

One gets the feeling that these people are the kind who don't wear seatbelts because it makes them uncomfortable.

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Posted in: Parents charged over death of 3-month-old baby in January See in context

His life was short and torturous, RIP little baby. Let us hope that the parents receive the punishment they deserve (and I'm not talking about jail time).

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Posted in: Sony unveils tablet to compete with Apple offerings See in context

Do you also get the feeling that this product is already a failure before Sony launches it? I don't want to bash Sony, if only because I want them to keep on producing Playstations for a long time, but their strategies need to be rethought from scratch. Proprietary formats and inflexible IP protection schemes are strangling any advantages they get through hardware innovations, which leaves them playing catch-up with other electronics companies who don't have such a handicap.

Plus, if one looks back 10 years from now, this period of time might possibly be the beginning of the end for the company. Think about it: Japan's pre-existing economic problems, exacerbated by the disasters, their electronics divisions slowly being eaten by better competition, and now a profit center (PSN) is being threatened along with the hardware PS3.

Remember Atari. Remember Sega.

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Posted in: Sony PlayStation disconnects 77 million user accounts after massive data breach See in context

Microsoft is holding a celebration as we speak. It could happen to them too, but this this time it is Sony that happens to be pwned and Xbox360+network is looking good.

The Ponemon Institute, a data-security research firm,

Ponemon? A combination of Pokemon and pwn?

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Posted in: 'Hikikomori' disorder could complicate Japan quake recovery See in context

Has anyone highlighted internet addiction as being a possible cause? It's only starting to be recognized as a major problem in most countries..

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Posted in: Some comforted, some cramped in evacuee shelters See in context

Time for some further relocation. I know I'd be trying to hitch rides down south closer if I found out about the much better conditions that evacuees are living in near Tokyo. Why stay when all of one's belongings are ruined anyways?

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Posted in: Careful search for mementos slows rebuilding See in context


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Posted in: End to Japan's nuclear crisis is years, a fortune away See in context

If the tsunami had been bigger, the mess they have up there would have been dragged into the ocean, then the clean up would have been much easier.

Right, and then Japan (plus neighbors) would have to deal with a sea-mobile Chernobyl.

This could be an opportunity for invention: robots that could withstand high radiation levels and could do the job of decontamination much better than humans. Sounds like a Japanese manga already!

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Posted in: Microsoft attacks Google over security See in context

Microsoft attacks Google over security

Didn't Micro$oft just release their biggest patch to Windows ever? Fixing around 46 known security flaws that affect ALL versions of their operating systems.. Kinda hypocritical to complain about security when they have none!

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Posted in: Worried about a radioactive ocean? A reality check See in context

Experts say animals very near the plant may face problems like higher rates of genetic mutations, but that this would probably happen within only maybe a half a mile or so.

Life imitates art! Blinky the 3-eyed fish from the Simpsons comes true! Except the name will probably be more like Pacchiri-pacchiri-pacchiriko.

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Posted in: Wishing well boom attracts legions of ladies—and commercial opportunism See in context

methinks those people need to lay off the videogames for a while. they're confusing it with reality.

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Posted in: M-3DI standard to create compatibility among 3D TVs, 3D projectors, 3D cinema See in context

Agree with ebisen. How long will it take before Sony tries to begin another standards war over 3D video? Maybe this time it'll finally bankrupt those clowns.

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Posted in: Radioactive substance exceeding limit found in beef in Fukushima See in context

Mad cow, rad cow, time to lay off the beef!

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Posted in: How have the earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear crisis affected your lifestyle? See in context

Snowboarding is a little worrisome because everybody keeps wondering about radioactive snow. Seriously!

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Posted in: Japan withdraws all teams from ice hockey worlds See in context

Makes sense, it's not a big loss to world hockey either.

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Posted in: All's not well at Tokyo Disneyland after quake See in context

Glad I went to both places beforehand!

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Posted in: Tokyo's cherry blossoms officially in bloom See in context

Come hell or high (radioactive) water, I am doing hanami.

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Posted in: Merkel's party suffers historic defeat in German state over nuclear power See in context

Yay global warming is back baby!

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Posted in: Doctors warn about Facebook use and teen depression See in context

Teenagers are always depressed. They blamed it on music. They blamed it on personal diaries. And now they blame it on Facebook.

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Posted in: Unceremonious burials in quake-hit towns deepen tragedy See in context

Knowing the media here, microphones and cameras would be shoved in the faces of mourners and they would be asked "How do you feel RIGHT NOW??". I really really hope no jackass news cameramen were here to record this sad event.

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Posted in: Uneasy tourists shun Japan amid radiation fears See in context

paulinusa: Japanese travellers did just that regarding New Zealand and its recent earthquake in Christchurch.

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