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Jasper Cole comments

Posted in: China slips into deflation as post-Covid recovery falters See in context

CCP's crackdown on its own people and businessmen is the main reason behind this deflation. We have a living example of Jack Ma. For the new generation of China, Jack Ma was a role model and inspiration to dream big and achieve their goals. His growing popularity and influence among youth were taken as a threat by CCP.

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Posted in: Philippines summons Chinese ambassador over water cannon incident in disputed sea, official says See in context

Throughout the South China Sea region, the aggressor CCP is using military and economic coercion to bully the Philippines and other countries into advancing illegal maritime claims, threatening maritime commercial channels, and destabilizing territories on China's border.

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Posted in: Philippines says China blocked, water-cannoned boat in S. China Sea See in context

The operational actions of the CCP are flagrantly careless and seriously endanger regional peace and security. Furthermore, these actions flagrantly violate the Philippines' basic right to free navigation in the South China Sea, which is protected by international law.

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Posted in: China releases TV documentary showcasing army's ability to attack Taiwan See in context

It seems that China is attempting to intimidate Taiwan. However, China may have learned from the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine that occupying a country is not a simple task.

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Posted in: Organization of Islamic Cooperation mulls proposals to deal with Koran burning at emergency meeting See in context

Isn't it strange that OIC never talks about the Uyghur genocide going on in China? Are Uyghurs not treated as Muslims by OIC?

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Posted in: China says U.S. military aid to Taiwan will not deter its will to unify the island See in context

China is making provocative statements in an attempt to provoke the USA into attacking first. This would enable China to shift the blame for any conflict involving Taiwan onto the US.

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Posted in: Turkey urges Sweden to take steps to stop Koran burnings See in context

Neither Pakistan nor Turkey are willing to join Uyghurs in their fight for freedom from the clutches of the CCP! Though both countries boast about Islam when it comes to counter Western countries!

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Posted in: Military chiefs of Pakistan and Iran agree to work together to stop border attacks by militants See in context

If Pakistan stops promoting terrorism then not only Iran every country will live peacefully

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Posted in: China sends warships and fighter jets near Taiwan during Yellen's Beijing visit See in context

The attitude of China toward peace negotiations with the United States is unfavorable.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police offer bounties for 8 prominent overseas activists See in context

Other than offering bounties In recent years, the CCP has also constructed overseas police stations around the globe to pursue dissidents who oppose its totalitarian rule.

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Posted in: Sri Lanka parliament approves domestic debt restructuring plan See in context

It's better for Lanka to remove China from the bilateral creditors list otherwise you can face more consequences.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader warns of 'resistance' on handover anniversary See in context

It appears that China's actions towards Hong Kong are ongoing. Despite imprisoning pro-democracy activists and implementing a national security law that limits free speech, China has established a political party in Hong Kong consisting of mainland loyalists. This move signifies China's involvement in Hong Kong's political landscape.

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Posted in: Why haven't China and the U.S. agreed to restore military contacts? See in context

Because China does not want to normalize its relationship with the USA, it was just a show-off that China is taking steps towards peace.

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Posted in: China expands nuclear arsenal as global tensions grow: study See in context

The significant amount of money China investing in its military and its increasing aggression towards neighboring countries poses a major threat to global peace. China should be countered immidiately otherwise it will be too late.

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Posted in: Honduras opens embassy in China after cutting ties to Taiwan See in context

It seems that Honduras is seeking financial aid from China, but it is important for them to exercise caution regarding China's debt trap tactics.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia seeks cooperation with China; 'ignores' Western worries See in context

CCP is systematically destroying Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The mass genocide is still going, proving that China’s cruelty and brutal torture is not ending against Uyghurs. So, Saudi will neglect the plight of Uyghurs to seek cooperation.

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Posted in: Almost 80 schoolgirls poisoned, hospitalized in northern Afghanistan See in context

Sad to see Afghan girls living in such appalling conditions. In the Taliban government, they even lack hope for justice.

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Posted in: Chinese warship passed in 'unsafe manner' near US destroyer in Taiwan Strait, military officials say See in context

China's aggressive actions are raising concerns of a third world war among the international community.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police detain more than 20 on Tiananmen anniversary See in context

The only location that permitted a public remembrance of the Tinanmen protests was Hong Kong. After passing a broad national security law, Beijing has continued to stifle all forms of criticism.

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Posted in: There may be more 'Chinese police stations' in Canada, minister says See in context

Through these unlawful police stations and a crackdown on Chinese dissidents, the CCP is attempting to sway elections in other nations.

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Posted in: China sentences 78-year-old U.S. citizen to life in prison on spying charges See in context

And what about the spy police stations that China has opened in different countries? China has an entire team set up for espionage in different countries worldwide.

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Posted in: WHO declares end to COVID global health emergency See in context

WHO never reached the bottom of the investigation of the origin of covid due to China's influence, but now WHO has stamped the end of covid, this too must have been done under the pressure of China.

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Posted in: Eight teachers killed in Pakistan school shootings See in context

Religious minorities in Pakistan still experience violence because authorities don't offer enough protection or prosecute offenders.

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Posted in: Philippines reports 'confrontation' with Chinese vessels in South China Sea See in context

The growing hostility and hegemonic goals of the aggressor CCP in the South China Sea have resulted in a considerable deterioration of relations between the Philippines and the CCP. Many other Southeast Asian coastline states are being intimidated and coerced by China, undermining their efforts to exercise their sovereign rights under international law.

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Posted in: China pushes largest-ever expansion of nuclear arsenal See in context

With such aggressiveness, China is putting worldwide peace in danger. The race for nuclear weapons will endanger the countries with which China has issues in the south china sea.

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Posted in: 12 die in munitions blasts at Pakistan police station See in context

The government says the incident was caused by a short circuit, despite TTP claiming responsibility for it. Apparently, the government is trying to hide its utter powerlessness.

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Posted in: Muslims end Ramadan; begin holiday amid war, reconciliation See in context

Despite evidence of China’s widespread repression of Muslims. It is extremely unfortunate that OIC states would condone China for the detention of millions of Muslims in vocational education and training centers euphemisms for mass concentration camps as counterterrorism measures.

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Posted in: Taiwan civilians train for Chinese invasion See in context

The CCP’s annexation of Taiwan would be a direct attack on the free world, and China’s military invasion of Taiwan would result in an even greater worldwide disaster.

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Posted in: Brazil's Lula condemns invasion of Ukraine, touts peace initiative See in context

Should have spoken a little for Taiwan too, Because Taiwan is a victim of China's aggression.

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Posted in: Taliban close education centers in southern Afghanistan See in context

The Taliban continues to threaten and harass women for demanding their rights! The brutal regime has come back with vengeance and turned Afghanistan into a living hell!

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