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Posted in: Japan working out details of missile deployment ahead of N Korea launch See in context

The deciding factor whether to shoot it down or not will depend on the trajectory. And by trajectory, they mean will the missle/rocket attain orbit or will it fall short and penetrate Japan's air space. Satellites in orbit are not deemed to be in a counties airspace, as ever minute almost all countries have satellites pass above them, but at several 100 kilometers above them in orbit..

The Aegis cruiser are equipped with sophisicated trajectory tracking systems. This decision of whether to shoot or not has probaly all ready been taken, the final decision is dependent on the above criteria.

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Posted in: China, Taiwan slam Japan for naming disputed islands See in context

The issue is not really the Islands, as in the end, no part is really concerened about these barren rocks, it is a dispute about EEZ and mineral rights.

China and Japan have overlapping EEZ's and to Japan's credit they have suggested a mid way point, which incedently put the island within Japan's Contol, But the Chinese are not willing to compromise at all. It is the same in the south China sea, Where they claim control to within 12 miles of different countries coasts.

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Posted in: Noda urges Israel not to attack Iran See in context

Israel and Iran and for that matter most of its Arab neighbours are both Guilty of agression and when it comes to attacks, who really knows who are behind them ( Iran, Mossad, CIA, China)

But the long and short of it is, an attack on Iran will be likely terrible for the middle east and the chance of disruption to Gulf Oil supplies high. The Area with the greatest dependency on Gulf oil is East Asia.

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Posted in: Workers mass at Shanghai factory in latest unrest See in context

In answer to a previous question, yes there is a statutory redundancy pay, which is usually rigorusly enforced for foriegn companies such as this, so I am a bit suprised, By the way I currently live in Shanghai, and this is the first I have heard of the troubles.

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Posted in: China plays down Japan's arrest of fishing boat captain See in context

Itis a non event as it happened in uncontested waters, but it is potentially inflamatory in parts of Nationalist Chinese society, so much so that the Chinese version of the Hardline Global Times ran an article with a front page picture of the Arrest. Page 3had the story where it clearly stated that this is unlike last year and in so many words said don't protest.

Chinese society is not harmonious in its thinking, there are many factions just asin any country, some wanted better relations with Japan et al and some which are far morre reactionary.

As a former resident of Japan and currently a resident of China, it is interestingtowatch the ebbsand flowsofpublic opinion.

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Posted in: Japan unlikely to win currency 'war of nerves' against speculators: analysts See in context

Actually, I belive Japan should print and sell as much yen as possible at the moment. The long term dynamic for the Yen is downwards by a massive amount once debt situation becomes the world's focus. At that point Japan will need all its foriegn currency reseves. So at present Japan can cheaply build up several trillions in Foregn currency, industrila minerals, gold reserves whilst it controls the overvalued yen and burns the speculators.

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Posted in: Japan's public debt to hit record Y1,024 trillion See in context

Hence it makes a joke of the high Yen. The only way out is for the BOJto begin to moneterize part of the debt by cancelling all debt held by the BOJ. This will cause the Yen to fall big time, it will also cause inflation.

The only way out is by inflating out of the situation. Either wait until industry is hollowed out and the Market forces the Devaluation,ortake the initative and lower debt, devalue the Yen and save the industrial base.

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Posted in: EU bail-out fund chief says 'no deal' with China; Japan visit next See in context

The Europeans were unwilling to put up money to save the euro. Why then would any else want to invest in a fund which buys distressed bonds.

China may end up buying some to park someof its money and to suppress the value of the RMB, but I suspect like Japan,they would prefer to buy European Companies.

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Posted in: Philippines president to raise China sea dispute with Japan See in context

Comments from some poster indicates both the nationality of the Posters. CHINESE. and the ultranationalist stance. If anyone is pushing Asia into war it is the Ultranationalist elements of the Chinese government amply supported by paid Internet posters and trolls.

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Posted in: Japan says Russian military conducting drills near its airspace See in context

!! Bad BessonovYanSep. 10, 2011 - 05:47AM JST

!! Because for Russia Kuril islands is non-freezable gateway to Pacific Ocean. We have only two non- !! freezable sea ports to oceans: Murmansk and Vladivostok.

Not true, Rostov on the black sea has ice free access to the med and to the Atlantic.

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Posted in: Japan urges Russia to stop bomber flights See in context

I find these ultra nationist comments by our russian and Chinese friend above strange.

Yes Japanese ultranationalism is wrong, but your ultra russian and Chinese nationalism is even greater.

I contend that if either of you had been Japanese in the 1930's etc you would have both relished the opportunity to kill/ rape etc in either China or Russia.

My point being ultranationlism of any kind, (including both just a guy and Bessanov) leads to the same inhumanity which mankind has suffered for milleniums

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Posted in: Japan says Russian military conducting drills near its airspace See in context

Japan history pre 1945 was shocking, however the same ultranationist / facist attitude has been taken up by both China and Russia since then.

Both at present form a loose but increasingly agressive alliance.

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Posted in: China's Wen pledges to improve ties with Japan See in context

The main problem with China, is that it's foriegn policy and for that matter domestic policy is subject to infighting between 2 factions. The Moderates, led by Wen and others want good ties with their neighbours. And Hardliners.

However Hardliners in Both the military and within the party, are not so keen on cooperation. As 2012 approaches, when the the new leadership is installed, there is a tug of war going on.

For instance if you consider the south China sea, you get one person from the foriegn minisrty saying that the Phillipines and China have a growing relationship, then someone from the military send some "fishing bioats" in to Phillipine controlled waters to harass oil exploration etc.

I still feel last years Sengoku/Diaoyu islands incedent was a setup by hardliners trying to derail an agreement on sharing resources in the east China sea. Once an emotional issue is raised, even moderates have to toe the line.

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Posted in: Noda says he, ministers will not visit Yasukuni while in office See in context


And for the record how many Japanese did Mao kill? Yes he killed millions of Chinese, he was the Chinese leader though (not that makes it ok). How many Chinese did the Japanese kill? There is a big difference there

IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. further he was responsible(full and part) for the deaths of millions in Cambodia, India and Korea.

Think of Stalin, he killed millions, many were his own countrymen, but does that make any difference?

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Posted in: Noda says he, ministers will not visit Yasukuni while in office See in context

Paying homage to war criminals is reckless, but so is the Homage given to Mao, one of the greatest Mass Murders of All time.

Could the A class war criminals have different shrine fromYasukuni. Don't know but seperation or removal of the War criminals would be a good thing.

As to Mao, he continues to be immortalised by the China, despit killing 10s of millions, some by idiotic policies (the great leap backwards) and some by pure evil (Cultural revolution, direct support for the khmer rouge). So Japan needs to make changes as to Hounoring War Criminals, But so does China

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Posted in: China sea power concerns new Japan foreign minister See in context

just-a-gay Sep. 03, 2011 - 12:55PM JST

China shall never being as foolish like Japan signing the 'Washington naval treaty 1922' and has no obligations to limits her 'natural growth' of ships'! By the way, Japan has learned a lesson after the trwler incident last year,Japan needs China's 'rare earh' !

Cooperation is a 2 way street, China needs to show that it is a partner 2 all its east and south eastern nieghbours by reaching a fair agreement on sea boundaries. It currently has territory disputes with South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, India, Bhutan, pakistan and Tajikistan.

Claiming all the sea to within 12 miles of the coast with many countries and all the continental shelf is not reasonable.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

My wife does it all the time. I suppose it is partly a lack of interest in my outgoing things. But I suppose each to his or her own.

@sf2k - are you saying you are a womam, or just androgynous?

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Posted in: Three arrested over murder of Japanese jeweler in Malaysia See in context

Having lived in Malaysia and by and large enjoying it, I would have to say that many parts of Malaysia, and in particular many parts of the Klang Valley (which Kuala Lumpur is part of) are not safe. Many friends of mine were robbed at machette point and a couple of years back a associate of mine was murdered and robbed by knife welding robbers.

Also my experiece in Malaysia is to blame foriegners for most crime, so maybe it was africans but I wouldn't be so sure.

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Posted in: Japan-China trade sets record in first half of 2011 See in context

IWorld wrote

"pad, Iphone, Computers, and Shoes, Clothes, Underwear and socks you have on,etc? Maybe you don't buy anything that is Made in China but most of the people in the world does and that is why China is the largest trading nation in the world."

Ipads are assembled in China, but designed in USA with most components coming from other countries. Clothing is more often made in vietnam, India etc. as rising costs have pushed most clothing manufaturing out of China.

But the points is Japan has a trade deficit with China, partly because China gets away with Currency manipulation on a massive scale. Something will eventually have to give in the world wide race to the bottom for currencies.

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Posted in: Moody's cuts Japan debt rating by one notch to Aa3 See in context

Japan needs to devalue the currency and encourage inflation. This is the historically route out of debt and the only long term solution.

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Posted in: Japan ready to act over yen's historic rise See in context

@ Global watcher

The BOJ holds japanese government bonds, it has done so by QE, the same as the FED has done QE1 and QE2, so ina sense part of the government debt is owned to the Bank of Japan (BOJ) just at part of the the US government debt is owed to the FED.

However the FED and The BOJ are not commercial banks, they might resale the bonds on at a certain date but do not need to. The US also considered the same just before the debt limit waqs reached.

In normal circumstances you would not declare bonds null and void as it is default, but when you in effect owe the debt to yourself, you can do so if you enact a new law.

The trick is by QE the government is monetrizing its debt, and then by canceling the QE debt, you can get a loss of confidence in the currency. To much and the currency plunges but enough and you get some devaluation.

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Posted in: Japan ready to act over yen's historic rise See in context

By declaring null and void BOJ holdingd of JGB, it in effect says to the world that the yen is not such a good bet, along with new QE, would likely see the yen devalued by 20%. The QE would also keep JGB yields from spiking.

Make no mistake, all counties at present are in a race to the bottom as far as currency is concerned. Of course you do not want pre WWII german hyperinflation, but Japan is along way from that.

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Posted in: Lexus unveils next-generation GS 350 in Calif See in context

A servey in the UK this week discussing the 10 most reliable brands and least reliable, found the top 7 to all be Japanese brands including Lexus. Whilst Mercedes was in the bottom 10. BMW made neither list.

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Posted in: Japan ready to act over yen's historic rise See in context

QE is not taking on more debt, but the central bank buying Japan's debt, it does not have to borrow to do this. Infact is Japan enacted a law which nullified all JGB held by the BOJ, it would do 2 things, lessen the national debt and devalue the Yen.

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Posted in: Vice finance minister describes yen's recent moves as 'violent' See in context

The best way for Japan to weaken the yen, encourage exports and at the same time lessen the Debt of the Government is the pass a law in which all JGB held by the BOJ are null and void and do not need to be repaid.

This reduces the debt, slightly debases th currency, lowers the Yen.

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Posted in: Two jailed for inciting British riots on Facebook See in context


I fail to see how being jailed for inciting a riot which would likely damage property, terrorize people and endanger lives could have anything to do with a LACK OF HUMAN RIGHTS?

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Posted in: Two jailed for inciting British riots on Facebook See in context

These are cowards who attempt to hide behind a facade whilst wreaking havoc on people's lives.

A bit like the drug pusher compared with a drug user, the sentence deserves to be harsher for the instigator.

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Posted in: Roux-Dessarps See in context

Visiting tokyo in Ocober, the wife really wants to stay at the park Hyatt.

Sadly, My wallet won't allow it.

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Posted in: Japan's largest solar power facility commences operations See in context

TimTak, Thanks for the detailed calculations.

Just perhaps 2 points of refinement

1 We will still need to find night time supplies . this could be done to some extent by pumped water storage etc, however you would need greater capacity in which to drive the storage pumps during the day.

This is for household consumption only, and does not include industrial, commercial, street lighting etc.

I would imagine you would need to at least double the size of the area under solar panels.

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Posted in: Japan's largest solar power facility commences operations See in context

A step in the right direction.

But as many mention, it can only be part of an energy policy. The sun doesn't always shine, the materials needed to make the panels in most cases are not cheap or easy to extract.

For Japan, Geothermal must be the way forward. Some technology advances will be needed to increase the efficiency and allow the utilization of hotter sources closer to volanic areas.

Under current technology many studies belive Japan can generate 15% of its electricity by Geothermal. With tech advances, the % could be much higher.

The other advantage is that Geothermal is a 24 hour 7 day a week operation.

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