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Japan, sadly is finished, the inability to control the yens rise is killing the last vestiges of Japanese industry, and ther is nothing to replace it.

QE or a law to cancle all debt heal by the BOJ would send the Yen much lower. But alas no.

I assume most of the Gaijin will also lose there jobs, perhaps a few will get jobs in foriegn firms who will sell more to Japan, but that will be temporary as unemployment goes through the roof.

You will likely have little choice but to join me in China.

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Understand your point. Though in the UK education is free to 18, and there are many oportunities for vocational training. Often tradesmen earn better money than most college educated graduates.

The problem starts much earlier and is part of a culture, perhaps to the LA gang culture.

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Posted in: Londoners strike back with 'Operation Riot Clean-up' See in context

Just back this afternoon from London.

I am sure there are many long term social ills which are complex to put it mildly, however Britain has had a segment of its society with a thugish outlook for years, this has undoubtably increased over the last few years. I went to scholl with the past generation of british thugs.

Many are unemployed, their parents are often unemployed or on permanent disablity (which in the UK means free house, car, money etc). Drugs, drink, rarely attend school. A depenance on state handouts often coupled with an unwillingness to work.

The cycle of dependancy needs to be broken, I know not how though. Probably the only things these youngsters understand at the moment is force.

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Indeed a terrible tragedy.

However China's Bragging about its HSR being the best and effectively stealing technology and merging it to produce new trains, along with a rush to be the biggest, fastest etc leads many to wonder in all this rush if saftey has not been compromised.

I regularly ride Chinese trains, Tempory power faliures on HS trains are not that uncommon, I have experienced it. Further as to control issues, as a regular rider of the Shanghai Metro, I am still appalled at the shocking Automatic Control of the trains on the newer lines. Regularly there are emergency stops, sending people flying, we also had a metro train rear end another leading to fatality. This has been going on for nearly 2 years with little or no improvement. The lines were rushed into service for the Shanghai World Expo.

More haste less speed, and likely saftey. I hope some good will come from this sad incident, by taking more time to build, and develope here in China.

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We will have to wait to see the actual cause, but somehow the Automatic train Control system failed to stop the train, loss of power should not prevent a train from stopping.

Considering that similar incendents of power loss due to lightning stikes have occured on the faster and newer Shanghai to Beijing line, A review of Saftey must be immediately implemented.

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Posted in: Asian nations move to defuse tensions in Pacific as U.S. tries to reassert influence See in context

The problem is the Chinese foriegn ministry makes rather nice sounding gestures, but hawks in the party act and continue to claim that China's claim on the entire south china sea is undisputable.

So what room is there to negociate other than a subtle form of intimidation.

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Posted in: NEC, Lenovo finalize deal to become Japan’s No. 1 PC company See in context


Chinese companies are world leaders at stealing technology, backed but Gov policies which discriminate against non Chinese competition.

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Posted in: NEC, Lenovo finalize deal to become Japan’s No. 1 PC company See in context

Or in other words, a sell out to China.

The majority stakeholder,in this case Lenovo,will simply supply all the computers and by doing so gain a hugh access tothe Japanese market. Loss for Japan ,Gain for China.

Will this work the other way round. Bet it won't. From experience, you cannot trust a Chinese company one inch.

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Posted in: Obama addresses Arab world; urges Israel to go back to 1967 borders See in context

Finally some common sense and fairness in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian problem.

Many wrons have been connitted by both sides. Time to leave the past behind and move forward with a reasonably fair solution,

The current Israeli plan is nothing more than limited autonomy for palestinians on land which is marginal, whilst Israel takes the prime land, controls the majority of water recources and leaves the palestinians and second class citizens much akin the the homeland concept in Aparthide South Africa.

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Posted in: $6.1 mil awarded to Tennessee man in Japan child custody battle See in context

This case perhaps highlights weaknesses in both Japan and the USA.

Japanese Child custody law needs updating.

Having just returned from the US for a visit for the first time for many years, I was struct by the vast amount of advertisements for Lawyers wanting to help you sue anyone or anything. TV, vast Billboards, everywhere. I suspect mnny of the current ills in the US systmem (such as the complete mess of health care, where despite spending more per capita on health care, ther situation exist where a large proportion of the population cannot afford access to it) come from the sue happy culture, where much of the resources are syphonied off the the 'legal proffession".

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Posted in: What's your stance on countries using nuclear power for their energy needs? Are there realistic alternatives and if so, what is the most efficient way to phase out nuclear power? Or is it here to stay See in context

Each country will have a different solution. For Japan, exploiting its Geothermal potential along with Solar and Wind could replace new Nuclear plants. However, it is unlikely there is any short term alternative to using the existing Nuclear plants.

Some have mentioned Thorium, it has benefits, but still there are both contamination dangers from an accident and long term storage concerns, further a decade or more of research and testing is required to bring it to commercial usage.

Fusion has the greatest potential for energy generation with few lasting waste products, problem is scientists and engineers have been working on the proble for 50 years and are still decades away.

Maybe the whole world needs to consider what sort of society we should live in, is it one where constant GDP growth can be replaced with something more sustainable and less energy intensive?

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Japan is energy Challenged, hence the optons are few.

However the potential for Geo Thermal is vast and largely untapped.

Long term this could provide a viable alternative to building new nuclear plants.

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World powers by nature are greedy and imperialistic. Britain was, the USA is and China is well on the way to being so.

Extreme nationalism is an extremely divisive and dangerous quality. This situation does not bode well for east asia, or for that matter africa and anywhere else. It seems sad that mankind rarely learns from thousands of years of bitter history, but instead seems destined to repeat them.

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A significant problem arises because of disputed waters. Most countries claim an economic exclusive zone EEZ of 200 nm around their coast. However if 2 countries are closer than 400 nm then surely the midpoint should apply.

With Japan and China this rule should apply, Japan seems happy with this arrangement but China does not, it in fact claims up to the end of the continental shelf.

It is this continued unresolved issue which was at the heart of the chopper incident.

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Posted in: Japan protests over Chinese chopper that neared warship See in context

A quick look at a map of the south China Sea would indicate that the majority of the territory is between Vietnam and the Phillipines. With a bit in the south being close to Malaysia.

Under any sensible arrangement, the south china sea and the east china should simply be carved up based on closest proximity to perminatly inhabited land.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles F-15 as China jets near airspace See in context

I do I also understand that the maintaince on older planes both in terms of cost and hours get more and more prohibitive as the planes get older.

I wonder how many F-4's and F-15's are operational? As a stop gap I am suprised tyhe JSDAF never updaqted the F-4's with F-18 super hornets.

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Posted in: Hayabusa shinkansen offers first class speed and service See in context

Secondly someone quote Manchester - London travel with Tokyo - Okayama. ot sensible as the Manchester London distance is 300 km, whereas the Tokyo -Okayama distance is about 700km

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The Shinkansen is still no. 1 for a lot of reasons.

Cost does need to be more reasonable. As for the UK. Train travel can be cheap if you book well ahead and take certain trains, which are usally not very convienet and often not available (My brother regularily uses Virgin trains). If you have only a few days to spare or need to take a train a convient time. the London - Manchester route Standard Fair is 139.50 UKP

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Costco, Wallmart, etc. are corporate greed gone mad. Both attempt and often succed in destroying Indigenous culture and stores by pricing them out of the market then raising prices.

Moderator: Please reread the last answer in the story.

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Unfortunately this is the risk you take living in tropical queensland. However with a small population, good roads, all can move inland to safety in time. The imporatant point to remember is Life is more important than Property.

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Vietnam was supported principly by the USSR. China and vietnam have rarely had friendly relations.

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Egypt has an unsustainable 80 million population living in a tiny area.(The Nile valley and delta) Add to it, counties upstream are demanding more and more of the nile's water which only adds to Egypt's lack of food security.

Global Food and Comodities inflation has tipped the balance in many developing contries. Poor harvests, land being gobbled up for industry, changes in diet for hundreds of millions, using corn for ethanol, depletion of aquifers does not bode well for the future.

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The sad fact is that a nation as rich as the USA, has a system in which 25% recieve superb medical care, 50% patchy at best and 25% cannot afford hardly any care. Right wing / left wing whatever, this is criminal and needs to change.

Firstly health care is much too expensive, everything else in the US has benifited from reduced prices, not medical care though. Drugs again seem extortionatly expensive.

I was vacationing in Vietnam recently and got into conversation with some Dental students from California, They told me that their tution would come to more than 1 million, but they expected to earn over a million a year when qualified. A little extreme dont you think?

Lack of competition, Big pharma, Vested intrests within the medical field and buying of senators and congressmen by lobbists has sold the average american down the river of corporate greed.

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Because much of the house made obama tone down the bill, Hence the hospital situation in the US borders on the criminal, where the poor and those with poor medical histories are regularily denied proper medical care.

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Good news on a long road to recovery.

I hope and wonder though if the other victims of the shooting are receiving the same level of medical care?

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Most countries are iengaged in competitive devaluations of their currency, Japan seems very weak in not aggresivly doing the same, fearing a backlash.

Well others just ignore the veiled threats and nothing happens, dont quite understand the Japan Government over this issue.

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An important difference between Brisbane and the earlier event in Toowoomba. The anticipated Brisbane floods allow residents time to move to saftey. Hence this is a economic/severe inconvience event. Whilst the flash flooding in Toowoomba and the like is a shear human tragedy. I really hope the Rural communities can recover from this. Cities usually always do.

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Once in a Millenium drought follwed by massive flooding. Very sad. Am I right in saying that the queensland rainy season still has more than 2 months to go. With the debate about is AGW, is it fact or fiction, I wonder if these events have any relevence?

With this amount of waterlogged ground, I fear more sad events like toowoomba.

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Strick gun control saves lives. I grew up for a few years in a part of the US. A large share of the murders were domestic, true you can kill by other means, but the fatality rate and ease of using a gun makes the rate much higher.

If guns are strickly controlled, only the most sofisticated of criminals will have guns, ( I cite the UK as an example of this), meaning your average lunatic would find it nigh on impossible to acquire a gun. Hence making last weeks trajic event much less likely.

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To Seiharinokaze.

Thank you for the the re post.

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