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Thanks timorborder! I will give them a call. For anyone else intersted, the Allianz website (in Japanese) for pet insurance (cat and dog only) in Japan is: http://sonpo.allianz.co.jp/pet/index.html

I agree about the pet business in Japan. Took me a over a year to find what I would consider a reputable breeder. Then a few drives all the way to Shiga-ken to visit them, see their setup and their attitude. But well worth the effort I think.

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To timorborder - I seem to have missed you on an earlier thread about dog insurance - so will repeat my post below in hopes you may see this one - tnx:

"To Timorborder. Could I ask you to post the name of the insurance company / policy that provides coverage of 1 milYen per annum, please.

My younger husky was diagnosed with a rare and bad variety of cancer 2 and half years ago (9 yrs old at that time), he defied the prognosis (weeks, to a couple of months) by more than a year. But the bills during that year were well over 2 mill. Sure was sorry not to have had insurance to help us out.

Now have another pup, and want to get the best policy(s) available. The best I've seen so far covers up to 5 man en a month. Certainly OK - but yours sounds more comprehensive.

Thanks in advance."

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