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Jaswinder Sandhu comments

Posted in: Biden blames China, Japan and India's economic woes on 'xenophobia' See in context

I think, it is more of Cheno/Chinophobia for Americans than "Xenophobia"!

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Posted in: Nara considers increasing number of deer that can be killed each year See in context

This should be alright if it is decided by the wildlife conservationists, as they would weigh the pros & cons of culling the overpopulation of the deer in the area. Where natural predation is not doing its job, we have to take care of the situation. This is for the good of the deer poplution in future there.

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Posted in: Grassroots revolution: the road to legal cannabis See in context

If the government's intention is as mentioned in the news "... had also hoped to cash in on cannabis", then where is the thinking of the goodwill of the government for people of the country?

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Posted in: Major Japanese companies offer large pay hikes, fueling hope of beating deflation See in context

It is interesting to know that Japan has a "deflation" problem. I heard that first time in my life of almost 70 years. I think that's interesting and have to salute the people of Japan/Nippon including its governments.

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Posted in: Scientists develop mathematical model to optimise elite athletes' performance See in context

Good study, that's how we should monitor the nature too, not enhancing the abilities of the athletes artificially with steroid and other stuff.

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Posted in: S Korea to take steps to suspend the licenses of striking trainee doctors See in context

That decision would be a disaster for the country as those doctors would move to other countries for their living which is not even difficult these days as technically trained people are in demand in the west.

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Posted in: Former Japan Self-Defense Forces member given U.S. award for her fight against sexual harassment See in context

Bravo Ms. Gonoi! You girls have to speak up when something like that happens. Nobody else gives you respect and freedom but for yourself.

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Posted in: U.S. records confirm 12 U.S. soldiers died from Hiroshima A-bomb See in context

USA is a bully, Japan/Nippon should not support them.

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Posted in: Transcripts of fatal aircraft collision reveal coast guard plane not cleared for take-off See in context

Hats off to the crew members who have laid down their lives for saving the passengers! I love them, they are the model workers for the inudstry and us commoners. I wish their love ones at their homes also get enough of company, government and public support for their lives to be comfortable. Salute to the martyr-savious!

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Posted in: China's defense ministry blasts Pentagon's annual report See in context

US reaction is to provoke othes to continue their own production of nuclear weapons that too by the Multinational corporations' lobby. They suck on American public money and give it to the these ammunition making corporations and then use it for creating terrorism & faking to control it exercises. Thus WTO and their ammunition lobby's business keeps up their boom. Public is kept in lull by religious stuff and life problems duly created by their long term plans.

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Posted in: Asian Games official suffers leg fracture after being hit by hammer See in context

That's so unsportsmanlike! Sports are thought to teach us to bear the pain (including the pain of loss) and a teamsmanship,, not the the animosity shown by this if this wasn't an accident.

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Posted in: Kishida, in U.N. speech, vows to spend ¥3 bil to help achieve world without nuclear weapons See in context

I believe that Japanese/Nipponese sisters & brothers can do this as they have been the most affected till date with nuclear fall outs. Mr. Kishida, please keep your promise of doing this, at least I am with you with my voice.

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Posted in: Centenarians in Japan hit record 92,139; women account for 88% See in context

Bravo! Japanese/Nipponese friends you guys especially girls are leading the world by showing how to live!

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Posted in: Afghanistan fastest-growing maker of methamphetamine, U.N. drug agency says See in context

And who gave them all this technology? Any guess? The USA itself, when occupying Afghanistan and the army officers were making money out of the controlled production of opium from there. Now they have to cry otherwise.

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Posted in: Spain's Bonmati named Women's World Cup player of the tournament See in context

It was a delight to watch the Women's Football World Cup. I think they are equally good when compared to men's football. Many of them were kicking the ball beyond half of the ground easily.

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Posted in: Taliban leader claims women are provided with a 'comfortable and prosperous life' in Afghanistan See in context

It is a gross violation of human rights. Even the statement of the Afghani government itself is demeaning. ."women are provided with a 'comfortable and prosperous life' in Afghanistan" this statement shows the women are being "provided" but are not allowed to live and provide for themselves. By shutting them from schools and putting them in prison like homes or in burqas when outside (that too only with a male assort) they can claim to have "given" the women what they need! It is just a mockery of 21st century ethics.

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Posted in: Japanese firms invest ¥10 bil in British floating nuclear plant project See in context

It is interesting development though it also has risks if they depend on nuclear power generation.

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Posted in: Liverpool fans boo anthem to honor King Charles III See in context

Kings and queens in 21st century! These so called royals should be ashamed of themselves as their familiies have been the cause of misery all over the world. Right now their role in the society is just of a burden. They don't contribute in any way other obstructing public's normal day to day activities. They also suck u our tax dollars/pounds without even doing anything. Shame on their royalness!

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Posted in: The Japanese ex-soldier who declared war on sexual abuse See in context

This stupidity is world over, but I did not expect this from a cultured nation like Japan who set an example where ever they go. I still remember about clean stadium news after football matches in Brazil world cup. How could you do such horrible stuff to your own ladies? I know the young armymen anywhere are desperate for sex, but forcing your wishes on somebody is not even going to be enjoyed by the perpetrators themselves. Please, start a programme in their training for teaching that rules for sexual advancement in the army are no different than outside society.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines to set up unit on Okinawa for remote island defense See in context

What are USA forces doing in Japan? Why are they supposed to defend Japan/Nippon? Why can't Japanese defend their country themselves? I have always been awe struck with Japanese contributions to the world. Even illiterate Indian people used to know Japan as some sort of a shining jewel in the world. Still we are having exceptional developments coming out from Japanese. Then why defence is not in their own hands? It is really apalling and upsetting.

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