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Posted in: Biden announces sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans See in context

I'm kinda surprised by these comments. I thought authoritarian-esque behaviours exhibited by governments were usually condemned by people around here.

I've been vaccinated myself but I'm definitely not cool with anyone being forced to inject something into their bodies against their will.

Test them, and test them often. It's the only way to really know if anyone is carrying the virus anyway, since it's known that vaccinated people can in some cases also catch and spread it. And perhaps the inconvenience of being constantly tested might encourage people still on the fence to get the vaccine.

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Posted in: Which is more popular in Japan: British English or American English? See in context

I'm not an English teacher but as a Brit living here, whenever I speak English here it's more of a generalised 'international' English in terms of word choice, slang etc. Definitely not the same English I speak back in London. A good tip I've discovered is to listen out for the words that the non-native speaker is already using and use those same words back to keep the conversation going smoothly

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Posted in: British women's soccer team will take a knee at Olympics See in context

It's probably the least attention-seeking, intrusive, or offensive way to make their point, that I can think of at least. I can't see any problem with it.

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Posted in: Workers express frustration as Tokyo enters 4th COVID-19 emergency See in context

緊急事態宣言 / state of emergency... what do these words even mean when a huge, completely not essential global event such as the Olympics is allowed to go ahead, meanwhile my local Dotour coffee shop is deemed a danger and forced to close at 8pm. Sigh.

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Posted in: What's your favorite coffee shop chain in Japan? See in context

Dotour and Cafe de Crie have the smoothest coffee for my taste.

And Sarutahiko Coffee is great too. Tully's is a little too bitter for me. Same with St Marc Cafe

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Crazy idea, but I wonder if vaccination priority have gone to younger people... 20s 30s and 40s receive the highest infection numbers every day, these are the people having to get on the train every day, heading to a crowded office space every day, (maybe also) hanging out with coworkers after work, anywhere they can find.

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Posted in: VIPs allowed at Olympic opening ceremony, but no fans: report See in context

"Some people in government are concerned that the public won't accept them being given special treatment"

True. For what reason should they be allowed to attend over the public, who are the ones actually footing the bill for this event?

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Posted in: Plans to sell alcohol at Olympic venues draw criticism from thirsty Tokyo residents See in context

This hypocrisy is reaching a whole new level. 

Meanwhile we're being told please watch the games on TV, definitely don't hang out and drink in wide open-air spaces like parks. Heck we just got done being banned from a single glass of wine with a meal at a family restaurant. No wonder even the usually reserved and overly-tolerant Japanese public are noticeably losing patience

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Posted in: Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa step up anti-virus measures See in context

Recently I noticed the small park in my local area is full of salarymen and women drinking combini-bought beer and chu-hi after 8/9pm. So the bars and pubs closing isn't even sending people home early.

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