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You all are missing the point with this story, they know people will still travel. They are making decisions that show the virus isn’t a serious threat except for elderly with pre existing conditions. They knew people would crowd the stations and it shows us that they aren’t concerned at all. If it was a very serious virus they would control the people going into stations. It’s okay for us to be crowded in a train but we can’t go shopping in a mall? Please someone try to explain this logic to me. Don’t tell me the train system is the life blood of the economy either. Consumer spending is just as important as riding a train is it not?

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Mass vaccinations? You believe it’ll go back to normal after getting a vaccine? Why do they tell people to keep wearing masks even after getting vaccinated? Why do people keep getting sick after being inoculated? It will never go back to normal, don’t believe that this so called vaccine will be the ticket back. It won’t, and you will be signing your own death warrant if you take it. Really research the vaccine. Check out the arguments against MRNA gene therapies. Why are they pushing this gene therapy on people so hard for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate? It makes no sense, plus it’s not even approved except under emergency use. It’s experimental, and you want to chance your life on an experimental drug?

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You are proving our point, the ones who are telling the truth are being suppressed that’s why you haven’t heard about them. When has there never been some kind of disagreement in any issue? You expect us to believe that everyone is on the same page? Conspiracy theory though? How is it a conspiracy theory when they talk about vaccine passports that are currently in development? How is a theory when they are developing digital currencies in Japan? Are you that oblivious to the things occurring? Klaus Schwab openly wrote a book about the great reset and the UN Agenda 2030 is their playbook. It’s all there to be read.

So you believe every single one of the recognized scientific and medical institutions of the whole world are being coerced, controlled or have an agenda and that is why none of them agrees with your conspiracy theory? Sorry but that is not realistic, once you begin to think the whole world is wrong and you are right, reason and logic are no longer with you. Specially when you produce exactly zero evidence to prove your opinion and the whole scientific consensus provide plenty of proof that it is false.

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I would be concerned about their funding, where does it come from? What can they say if they get it from certain people or organizations? You’re right, they aren’t being suppressed, they are being coerced. Scientists and academics alike, I don’t believe anyone is neutral.

Watch the interview and realize that honest opinions of scientific experts are being suppressed and why they are.

How many scientific or medical recognized institutions are being suppressed? 

Answer: zero. Sorry but outliers do not represent the sicentific experts, specially when they simply state what they think without any data to sustain their personal opinions as the sources you keep bringing.

I'm sorry but what are you talking about? You haven't even watched the interview to justify what you are saying.

Nothing in the interview contradicts the fact that he has been wrong multiple times, everything in the criticism against him is well sustained and you have not been able to excuse or explain anything used against him, because it is valid and correct to criticize someone for false information. Lots of people are wrong without having to benefit from it, not that he is not getting a lot of recognition from a lot of people that can't simply accept scientific knowledge, people have done even worse things for this.

It is not important how he calls himself but how many times he has been wrong and found using false information, that is what disqualifies him as a valid source for anybody that wants to be honest.

Sorry if you don't like effective measures that have been used to reduce the spread of infection, you could replace them with a vaccine but unfortunately that is an option only for rational people.

And again, you have presented absolutely zero evidence that any kind of booster will be even necessary, right now your only argument is to contradict yourself and say that vaccine developers should be trusted completely when they say people will need it, even if they have produced no data to prove it and the scientific consensus is that immunity against COVID can be sufficiently protective against all variants that have appeared until now and can be long lasting. So, what is your excuse to present no data against the argument of that data not existing?

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The question most people need to ask themselves is why do they trust the government. They lie about hospitals being full when we all know that most hospitals don’t accept Covid patients. They are lying about the variants of this virus, they lied about the PCR tests, they lie about efficacy of masks and people still don’t research it for themselves. No one is thinking for themselves anymore. Perhaps we deserve the future they are planning.

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Exactly the same interview I saw. We know this isn’t just about a virus.

Agreed. No need to fear the "mutant" strains as the media would want you to fear them. 

Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer (where he worked for 16 years) discusses the 0.3% variance of the mutant strains his interview and how similar SARS-COV2 is to SARS-COV1


Pharma friendly Reuters has written hit pieces on him for having differing views of the narrative they want to present to the public but there is no need to worry about these "mutant" strains....basically the same virus.

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Please explain how the PCR tests work....

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Well, the lies continue. Seeing how these “mutant strains” are 99.7% similar to the original virus, it’s not of concern. Stop excepting their lies people. Masks don’t work, vaccine passports are only about control of movement, and the vaccines are experimental. Those medical workers who took the vaccines should sue since it breaks international law. Nuremberg code if anyone was wondering.

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