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Yes don’t listen to the governor. And see what happens from this week to next and so on. Goodluck preventing the virus JP government. You’re going kamikaze on this pandemic.

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I bet this will back fire after 1-2 weeks. I’m no expert, but I can somehow see the obvious. Work is still there, our company is treating the corona virus like a joke and almost every japanese. Even after Abe declared the state of emergency, there are still tons of people still interacting with each other. People going out. Especially metro trains. All the pictures you see that looks like there’s no people? Well I suggest going there early and in the afternoon and you’ll be suprised.

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If Japanese people think for the better of their country and not the “shoganai” thinking, this could start a revolution against its government. It’s painfully obvious that the gover Is hiding the true data from its citizens.

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It’s just sad to see this ahole doing his thing when the world is fixing itself. If this fatpig wants peace, instead of lunching missiles, why not lunch some kind of medical supplies to your neighboring countries so that the virus won’t get to you? Oh I forgot this pig is a spoiled kid.

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OH BOY. Just wait until Abe gets the virus and then he will take it seriously. Right now everyone in Japan is not taking this virus seriously, it seems normal for them. In my company there is this one guy who looks sick, coughing but no one tries to tell him to stay home. Sure Japan has its bad things too, any government isn’t perfect, but with this pandemic thing going on and other countries are taking it seriously, why Japan isn’t?! Because Olympics is their priority more then the health of its people? Japanese people are so blinded to look at the wrong doings of their government. They need to open up more, also to show compassion and freedom and to stop saying “shoganai” it’s so old school. It’s 2020 and it’s time to feel FREE. If you’ve lived in Japan you’ll feel like your freedom is taken away from you not like in other countries such as American etc. But I still have hope, hopefully Abe will take this matter seriously within days. Because I fear that if they don’t act quickly then the virus will punch Japan really hard, so hard that it’s economy will go down.

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It's Japan, what do you expect?

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I believe Japan is not reporting the real number of positive patients.

I know it will cause panic, but the people has the right to know.

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@Kurisupisu. Giving money directly to poor people won't solve poverty, It will actually make it worst in the long run, just think of it deeply. It's about giving those people an opportunity to provide something for themselves, families and for the country. Abe should be creating programs or something to support them. If you give someone money they will just use you until you can't give anymore. But if you teach them how to make money or feed themselves or their families, then it will be much more different.

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I told you, Japan is all about "image" they don't want their reputation to be in the line, so why not find someone who they can blame? Like a foreigner....Ghosn, Good thing he wasn't stupid and weak. So Nissan suffered the Karma.

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This is the downside of Working hard in Japan, they almost give everything to their Company.

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Remember boys, In Japan, "image" is important no matter what. So this situation made me think that Ghosn knows something about Japan that can destroy Japan's image. That's why they are doing there best to knockdown Ghosn

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Best decision ever, people will never understand the decisions that Abe did, but Abe has professional, scientist s, experts etc that surrounds him. He is doing his best guys. Just look on the positive side.

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@Burning bush, not entirely true. Some don't have time, and some do not want to do an effort going out just to meet someone.

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