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Posted in: Biden says China must take steps to reduce tension in region See in context

Utter rubbish china had been sailing fishing boats and other patrol boats into his area prior to that, do you not recall Japanese coast guard boats being rammed by Chinese fishing boats?**<>

Get your facts straight, "fishing boats", yes, but no "other patrol boats" have been sailing in the dispute area before all the shxt hit the fan, can you back up your assertion with facts?

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Posted in: Biden urges Japan, China to lower tensions over air defense zone See in context

US has thrown its long-time ally Saudi Arabia under a bus over Iran, abe, you will be next

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context


Thank you, Mitch

It all makes sense now after reading the article

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Posted in: Chinese frigate locked radar on Japanese navy vessel See in context

I don't want my tax dollars spent on defending the right wing abe government and people putting him there

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Posted in: Abe open to summit with China to help economic ties See in context

"One third of China's government is under direct control of the military"

source please

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Posted in: Taiwanese boat leaves disputed islands after water cannon duel See in context

If not careful enough, it might turn into a pillow fight

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Posted in: Abe to become Japan's 7th PM in 6 years after landslide LDP win See in context

I just want to say to the Japanese voters by quoting the former Arizona Cardinals’ coach Dennis Green “They (You) are who we thought they(you) were”

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Sometimes I just can't understand Tokyo The thinking of voters here has far more akin to some backwoods right wing center where people still long for a victory in a war that was lost before it began. Where outsiders (read as foreigners) are suitable for labor and hanging. Where women should be barefoot and in the home where they belong. And where politicians blinded by outdated ideas and backwards thinking win over otherwise competent contenders.

You have a perfectly valid understanding of Tokyo and the majority of people living here.

By quoting the former Arizona Cardinals’ coach Dennis Green “They are who we thought they were”

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Posted in: Abe pledges no compromise over disputed islands See in context

China says “ the islands are mine but its sovereignty is in dispute” Japan says “ the islands are mine which is not in dispute”

Chia says” the whole issue needs to be shelved and let the future generations have the final say on how to solve the problem” Japan says “ no compromise, end of story”

Who is more rational and flexible?

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Posted in: Abe pledges no compromise over disputed islands See in context

_But he also struck a slightly more conciliatory note, saying he wanted to “deepen dialogue” with China. “We need to have wisdom not to turn political issues into economic issues,” he said.

Take a step back, you'll see a wide open sea and the vastness of the sky

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Posted in: Abe to become Japan's 7th PM in 6 years after landslide LDP win See in context

"also improve relations with China"

Please spell out exactly how you would improve Japan-China relations. Oh I forgot, you did say you would build a lighthouse or something on the Senkaku Islands, that will be a good start

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Posted in: Obama congratulates Abe on election win See in context

Obama’s advice to abe: keep the money-printing machine at full capacity, crank it up a notch or two, pray hard things’ll turn out alright

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Posted in: Abe to become Japan's 7th PM in 6 years after landslide LDP win See in context

it''ll buy Abe some time with the policies of printing money and building roads to nowhere, my crystal ball tells me that he will stay in power for 18 months barring another stomach ache episode, he will be the the longest serving PM in the recent history when he steps down, not a small feat if you think about it

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Posted in: 8 fighter jets scrambled after Chinese plane flies over disputed islands See in context

"dispute to be shelved until a later date"

hit it on the nail on this one , don't see any way out for the both countries unless they want to go to a war, then you say goodbye to the Asian Century

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Posted in: 8 fighter jets scrambled after Chinese plane flies over disputed islands See in context

If Japan were willing to say these six magic words the island's sovereignty is in dispute the most of brouhaha could go away in a New York second. Just don’t see it happening though. Japanese would rather die than lose face.

BTW, China really don’t mind Japan going the route of rearmament , it would only accelerate the process of J’s bankruptcy

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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

"Shinzo Abe said there was no evidence that Japan directly forced women to work as sex slaves"

what would happen if the German chancellor denied that the Holocaust had ever happened ? and this guy is going to be the next PM, that is all you need to know about japan

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Posted in: Japanese automakers' China output tumbles See in context

"Would you want to have a Chinese made car by Geely? Maybe you do."

Chinese may choose to purchase German or US made Cars instead, maybe you've never heard of them before

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Posted in: U.S. Senate OKs amendment backing Japan in Senkaku dispute See in context

"Many countries are transferring their biz to other country cuz they thought Chinese are dangerous , unstable to do business with "

I just have a good chuckle whenever I see folks say things like this

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Posted in: Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan dragged into Petraeus sex scandal See in context

Why we are losing the war in Afghanistan? Generals have been taking orders from their “privates”

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Posted in: Japan says 4 more Chinese ships in disputed waters See in context

J better get used to it for stirring up the trouble in the first place

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Posted in: As China tensions simmer, Japan pulls back from 'world's factory' See in context

@ JoeBigs "Remember when one leaves others follow, believe it or not a trend is forming and it's called companies not wanting to invest in the PRC."

China overtook the U.S. as the world's top destination for foreign direct investment in the first half of 2012, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


Your perception is not reality

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Posted in: Japan’s first 'cuddle cafe' lets you sleep with a stranger for Y6,000 an hour See in context

Customer and girl stare at each other (1 min) – 1,000 yen

is there any extra charge for the peeping part?

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Posted in: Philippines hopes to lure Japanese investment from China See in context

If the J- companies could take their operations somewhere else, wouldn’t they have done so already? There is a reason why they are business-pros and you are the average-joes

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Democrats pamper the freeloaders, Republicans kowtow to the rich and corporations, working middle class Americans like myself are getting tired of carrying the burden, both for those who pay none, and for those who pay too little, we have no one to turn to represent us

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if Japan is willing to do it on Senkaku/ Diaoyu., and set a precedent ,then korea may follow suit on Dokdo/Takeshima some day, in the name of the late Rodney King – can we all get along?

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The common sense tells me that the best solution is to set aside the sovereignty claims aside and share the resources , but hey, the common sense is not so common these days

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The sky might not be falling, but it seems to be crumbling. Japan is certainly feeling the economic pinch, so who is going to have the last laugh? Look around you all the headlines

Toyota, Nissan cut China output over island row

Sharp to cut 11,000 jobs, sell assets

Standard & Poor's cuts ratings on Sony

JAL shares plunge 8.73% on China worries

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Posted in: Taiwan president backs protesters in disputed islands See in context

Someone said this in yahoo, it is kind of hilarious "We need to be very careful..This could escalate into a pillow fight!"

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Posted in: Pressure on Japan for stronger laws on child pornography See in context

It is not enough just making it illegal to possess child pornography materials, it is one small step in the right direction nevertheless, Japan should also enact the law of sex offender registration as the rest of western countries, and that make the identities of sex offenders public, especially these pedophiles

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Posted in: Nationalism may rise under Japan's next gov't See in context


Sorry, You totally lost me halfway through

t"nearly impossible for the ones who did not have gain access to natural resources and export products beyond their own border."

Is this how you Justify Japan’s invasion of other Asian countries during World War 2

I assume you’re Japanese, would you please tell me where I could find a Japanese textbook in English online? I am curious about what has been taught in school regarding ww2, thank you in advance

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