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Reading a story like this you really get to feel for the people in this disaster of a situation. Would you return? Would you risk your family to low-levels of radiation and get back to your old home - with all it's memories and meaningness. Or do you opt to continue to struggle in temporary accommodation, struggling to make a living where no one will buy your food wares or want to hire you. I feel for em I really do and I'm sad that with all the money poured into the country after the disaster, they couldn't buy these people a house to live in or just something better. Shame on the government for making this such a difficult decision.

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Most of the problems are stemming from rediculous import taxes. When there is such a markup it isn't feasible to import cheaper good and then subsequently allow for export. By having such a big tax barrier it creates a micro market which just simply doesnt have the population to sustain. They just need to take less tax from imports/exports and open up trade to the world economies. And help Aus Post stay a bit cheaper too.

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Smoking needs to be banned from inside all establishments with more than 10 seats.


A a way better rail ticket system. The fact I have to pay more money to get to my destination if I take a JR and a subway compared to just subway is absolutely absurd.

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Posted in: Australian PM Rudd heads for election wipe-out: poll See in context

The bigger issue is not who gets elected, but rather how the media influence has swung the vote in it's preferred favour. Murdoch and his biased newspapers should be banned and kicked out of the country. Abott will win this one, not because his policies are better, not because people want him, but because the large percentage of uninformed voters go by what they've heard and seen. And when a media mogul controls what they've heard and seen then his agenda is imposed on them without a say in it. A far more serious issue for the freedom of Australia and it's people than which clown gets voted into the seat.

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Posted in: Japan puts troops on display; says SDF role to grow See in context

Oh man, I live near here and would have loved to have seen this. Is it just me, or is it really hard to find out about local events? :(

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