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Posted in: Ruling parties to start debate on conspiracy bill Thursday See in context

Dango bong A lot of laws and societal changes just for a two week event. I am starting to think getting the Olympics is actually a bad thing for countries... The Olympics is USUALLY a terribly thing for countries to get involved in.


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Posted in: LDP panel calls for capability to strike enemy bases See in context


Japan already has an adequate retaliatory arsenal in place.

Such as what? Nothing they have has the range to reach North Korea or China. And China is the greater danger (and growing ever greater, too).

The Japanese and US navies have all the capabilities needed to swiftly retaliate to any strike from NK.

What? You think Trump is going to give a damn if another country is attacked? He'll blame Japan for being attacked because they didn't listen to him and build their own nuclear missiles.

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Posted in: China waits to hear why Japanese warship going to South China Sea See in context

Why should Japan tell China anything about why or where they are going to travel in legally established international waters?

KMA China.

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Posted in: Japan says no barriers to auto imports after U.S. fires trade salvo See in context

Trumpsie is making no friends with his "America First" in most places, including here. If he is putting the US first, why shouldn't every other country put themselves first? And if he keeps it up, they should, too.

I live in Japan, and appreciate our food being protected from the crap quality food made in the US! http://www.mercola.com/infographics/10-banned-foods.htm

This doesn't even include cheese with cardboard in it to make it cheaper, foods that are very nearly not inspected at all for safety (or "self-inspected" by the food producing companies themselves). Companies that don't care about anything but profit are running the show 100% in the US and paying the politicians to let them do it.

Maybe they should think about improving US quality and safety as a way to get other countries' people to buy their products? They can strip the outrageously high salaries of US executives to pay for it. https://hbr.org/2016/12/if-the-sec-measured-ceo-pay-packages-properly-they-would-look-even-more-outrageous

Please protect Japan from agreeing to anything called "Free Trade" by Trumpsie and his band!

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Posted in: For driverless cars, a moral dilemma: Who lives or dies? See in context

Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics" were designed by Asimov to be error-prone, so that he could write stories about their failures... They were not meant as a serious guide to creating good robotic thinking. His stories were great examples of how the laws could fail, in many situations! You should read his stories before you say we should use such simplistic laws!

The other problem is that, merely making a robot understand many of the terms in the "Three Laws" is nearly impossible. Even humans disagree how they should be interpreted, and it makes for great arguments...

But they served Asimov's purpose well, by giving him a structure to write within.

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Posted in: How do Japanese people feel about kissing in public? See in context

several interviewees said they’d be more likely to smooch with a foreign partner in public if that person were exceptionally attractive.

Almost certainly Japanese ladies. Because they are showing off to other women: "Look, I've got me a good-looking gaijin!"

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Posted in: Body of suicide jumper hurled by train into woman on platform See in context

I have a friend here in Kobe who is a Japanese policeman. He says that train jumper suicides "often" (his word choice, not mine) leave suicide notes telling the world they are choosing to punish their family by causing JR to bill them for the damages. Why? Because their family has not been supportive during their troubles. True or not, I don't know.

This is the opposite of financial suicides (killing yourself to leave insurance money for your family), which often happens in late spring as people are fired/replaced at the start of April. (And Yes, most life insurance in Japan will pay for your suicide death, as long as you pay for at least two years after getting the policy.) Most financial suicides don't jump, unless they are sure their insurance will cover the bill AND leave money behind.

Morbid, but there you are.

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Posted in: Trump populism comes to Canada See in context

Canada really does act like America, Jr. sometimes. Wish they could be smarter than we are.

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Posted in: Trump: U.S. must greatly strengthen nuclear capability See in context

Cold War II starts next month. Or maybe it has already started. Last time, there were NUMEROUS TIMES that nuclear war almost happened by accident, or sheer stupidity. See the link below...

Under Trump, a nuclear war is almost certainly going to happen due to stupidity.


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Posted in: Too big to fail: China maps out its Trump strategy See in context

Such a trade war with China might be all to the benefit of Trump, as he seeks to restore US manufacturing and restructure domestic economics. Becoming less-dependent on outside political factors seems to be one of his major aims, and China had better not ignore that issue. Whether or not there is a trade war, a Trump America will begin to wean itself away from their manufacturing. (Although it can be hard to be certain exactly WHAT his aims are at times! ;)

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Posted in: Woman cut by blade on train in Tokyo See in context

2 cm deep and only three weeks to heal? sjeesh 2 cm is almost nearing the bone, id imagine that take longer to heal.

How thin are YOUR thighs? You must be what I call a "toothpick leg" person.

A slash 2 cm deep is nowhere near the bone at the upper back of the thigh. Could be painful to sit down if you're not careful, though.

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Posted in: Voting begins for 'moe' global warming prevention campaign characters See in context

Why bother with a mascot? The actual data had been "adjusted" to show this warming, anyhow. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2016/09/will-2016-be-the-hottest-year-on-record.php

It depends on how much you trust the US government to tell you the truth. Judging by statements made recently by our newest President-elect, I personally don't think you should trust them too much...

But let's get a cute new character to distract everyone from looking too closely. The Japanese government has to do their part to support the US line!

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Posted in: Trump risks China rift with Taiwan call See in context


The USA fought the original US Civil War about 160 years ago because the Southern states tried to secede over a difference of opinions on policy regarding several things, including slavery. the Northern States (who were still called the United States) would not accept their secession and formation of another country, the Confederate States of America. It was our bloodiest war ever, not least because BOTH sides were from the USA. If some states tried to secede today, seriously that is, I'm not sure what would happen. Another Civil War is possible, however, and some would see it as a good thing.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. officials let in illegal immigrants to vote See in context

Obviously, Trump and his people people have no understanding of how the immigration of the US is currently handled--and you want to put them in CHARGE of handing it?!?

The US immigration officers who are doing naturalization of legal immigrants are called "Immigration Examiners" and they don't have anything to do with stopping illegal immigrants from crossing. Intercepting, excluding and returning illegal border crossers is handled by the "Border Patrol" --officers from a totally different office, and it's a totally different job (and often a thankless one). There are various other jobs in there, too, including "inspectors" who check your documents at the airport, on ships and at the land crossings, and "investigators", who look into allegations of illegals hiding in the US and attempt to locate and return them.

Even if there WERE "fast-tracking" of naturalizations by immigration examiners (which I don't believe for a minute), it would have ZERO effect on stopping/allowing more illegals to cross by the Border Patrol.

As usual, Trump is blustering and obfuscating when he is not just plain prevaricating.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

Breaking News! International Pirates develop new weapons and find way to circumvent court orders by moving their headquarters elsewhere!

Definitely these idiots are going at stopping whaling in the wrong way. Their activities have made them legally pirates for years. If the Japanese ships should kill some of them in self-defense in international waters, I won't cry.

Minke whales are not endangered, they are just cute, and that is why most people defend them. Many spiders (an essential species) are endangered, and I haven's seen a "Save the Spiders" campaign yet! http://www.earthsendangered.com/search-groups2.asp?search=1&sgroup=AR

Whale meat does sell in Japan. I've seen it here myself in Kobe. Although most Japanese don't eat it, it forms an important part of a regional subculture here in Japan, just like for Iceland, or eating seals for Canadian Inuits. (But I suppose they are next on the list.) The government could cut the whaling, though, as they harvest too much meat for that subculture, IMO, and there is no reason to try and spread it.

Piracy is part of the heritage of the Sea Shepherds, too! We should allow them to mount heavy weapons and tell the Japanese fishing boats to bring a navy along to protect them.

Which is the next step, if these Sea Shepherd idiots keep ratcheting things up. Because of their threats and new weapons (tools, if you prefer), the Japanese government will now be able to legally justify sending "protective patrols" along in international waters. Happy now? Just the kind of thing to get Abe-san's juices flowing. And armed Japanese vessels sailing near Australia ought to make Aussies happy, too, right?


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Posted in: China warns Japan not to 'play with fire' in South China Sea See in context

The Philippines have already decided to have a dialogue with China and clearly stated that they don't want joint sea patrols in the disputed area.

Excuse me? This means the area that the Phillipines claims, NOT the area that other countries claim. You are blending together entirely different areas of the ocean (all of which have been stupidly and without justification claimed by bully China, I'll grant you that).

Are you a completely China-brainwashed idiot? Oh. Yes, you are.

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Posted in: Contested waters remain thorny issue for Japan and China See in context

LOL Talk about rewriting history!

There WAS no "tacit agreement" until 2012. Both countries simply had other things to do. Japan was going through a bubble, then trying to recover. China was trying to pretend to become capitalist, building up its economy, and using Japan and the other countries in the area to do it.

And since WHEN aren't Chinese Coast Guard vessels considered "official"? Armed vessels ready to fight for their country aren't considered "official" by whose standards?

To the Reporter: You do read other news, right? You DID know that Chinese military aircraft (including fighters and bombers) have in the past 5 years or so increasingly been making provocative overflights into Japanese airspace, did you not? Nice of you NOT to put that in this "peace-making" article!

BTW, do they pay you extra on the side? Or are you just a sloppy reporter? Of course, your name is Shen Dingli, so you could be Chinese yourself. And just doing your nationalistic best to push the Chinese government agenda. Good job, in that case!

Now that China feels powerful, off come the gloves and they are ready to fight anyone about any disagreement, even though a World Court determined they have NO valid claims in the "South China" Sea.

Typical Communist BS thinking. They think the name "South China" Sea makes it theirs. We should change the name right now. Maybe "Shared Peaceful Sea of Everyone" would do.

Since the name China means "Center Country" that's probably what they think about that, too. That they are central and necessary to the world. We should rename their country the "Unimportant Blip-on-the-Map" right away. Their people can

If they ever dump their idiotic Communist government, then we can reinstate the old names.

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Posted in: Tokyo restaurant refuses service to all-male groups of customers See in context

I imagine my Japanese friends who are gay will be quite disappointed by this policy. My lesbian friend will probably agree that this is discriminatory against men, however.

Oh, excuse me. I forgot for a moment that there ARE no gay or lesbian Japanese! (So many people in Japan think that.)

I could understand barring a rowdy group of any kind, but don't they have the balls to decide that case-by-case? I guess not.

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Posted in: Snow falls on Mt Fuji summit 16 days earlier than last year See in context

"Global warming"?

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Posted in: Japanese love hotel makes plans to apply for Guinness World Record See in context

LOL This hotel is only about a 10-minute walk from our apartment!

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Posted in: Japan move shows limit of central bank powers See in context

Article says: "stagnant or falling prices for much of the last quarter of a century." Such Bullshit. I've lived here more than 10 of those years. Sure, the price index (that the government prepares) says there is no inflation. Prices have been slowly increasing the whole time I've been here. When prices are stable, the quality and/or quantity of the product is decreased instead!

I say again: There IS and HAS BEEN recent price inflation within Japan; it's just not enough to make the government happy picking our pockets with monetary trickery (which is all that inflation is). Prices on food, clothing, housing and other necessities have gone up every year; but not salaries! When Central Bank-run Governments REALLY need more of our money, why can't they just honestly raise visible taxes, instead?

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Posted in: Man uses karate skills to fight off bear in Gunma See in context

Love that quote:

"Some people want to live in world where nature is always trying to kill them with bears, drought, hornets, earthquakes, etc."

It shows your position clearly: Humans are anti-nature. (No, but humans are a part of nature, like us or not. Something you guys forget.)

Excuse me, but Japan IS a country where nature IS always trying to kill you with earthquakes, typhoons, bears, etc. This is NOT the first bear attack, even this year. There have been several such attacks, and at least FOUR deaths in 2016. (See http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/japan-bears-four-people-killed-in-bear-attacks-in-japan-as-sightings-doubles-in-one-year-a7079041.html)

Regardless of WHY the bear attacked the fisherman, it did attack him. By saying it was just hungry, and implying it would instantly have responded to the "gift" of a fish, YOU are the one "ascribing human motivations" to the bear.

But I'm sure you're above actually fighting to protect your life from warm and fuzzy animals, anyhow. YOU would have just gone and hugged the cute little cuddly bear, and I'm sure it would have happily hugged you back. For a moment. Until it killed you. By killing you, it would have a much bigger meal than the fish! So if it was REALLY hungry, why would it prefer a little fish over a larger person (who was distracted, and made a good target for attack)?

Or did that occur to you? I'm certain it occurred to the bear--AND the fisherman. Oh, excuse me, I could be "attributing human motivations" by implying that a bear is smart enough to think that intelligently!

Your thoughts remind me of that total idiot grizzly bear researcher "Grizzly Man" Timothy Treadwell, who got himself and a girlfriend killed on October 6th, 2003 by anthropomorphizing that the grizzly bears actually liked him! There's an audio of his death-by-bear here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9lCkFygaaQ

The Japanese man didn't choose to join him and his girlfriend. Go for the eyes. I would. Good Going, Ojii-san!

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