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Jaybee Moriyama comments

Posted in: Model Moe Oshikiri to publish new book See in context

tough crowd huh

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Posted in: Wife, 4 others held over murder of Japanese man in Philippines See in context

2004, masashi matsuura's case, still not solved, even though the cops know who the mastermind is, the brains behind it is still living a lavish lifestyle, already with her 7th 'husband'

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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

dafuq?! can't get over about something that happened even before he was born? get a life.

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Posted in: Japan eyes electricity deregulation to boost competition See in context

well, specifically, when it comes to utility rates like electricity, i'd rather have it regulated. deregulation is just the perfect excuse to raise power rates. if a certain power company invested in newer technology, deregulation is just the perfect excuse to recoup their investments many times over faster. in the long run, power companies together with private power distribution companies will just realize they don't have to compete with each other, they'd just form a cartel and raise power rates all together.

in a speaking engagement a few months ago, the president of the Philippines addressed folks in the southern region of Mindanao where energy demands are not being met sufficiently, told the people literally "if you want more power, you have to pay more!" in Mindanao where various Muslim rebel groups abound, everyone was surprised he came out of there still alive and unscathed!

if the JGov wants to lower electricity rates, they should regulate prices and set it lower. period. nothing wrong with learning from developing nations where oligarchy and imperialism is at it's height right now, right?

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Posted in: Japan eyes electricity deregulation to boost competition See in context

deregulation = prices would go up if anything, governments should have more TEETH when it comes to utility rates like electricity. deregulation is a move backwards, just look at the Philippines, everything is deregulated, previous presidents sold government owned companies to private investors and now utility rates are higher than ever. present politicians now removed the iron hand that kept everything in check during the 80's, and now everything is run by crooks and crocodiles.

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Posted in: Customs officials say pens need weapons import license See in context

“How could you kill someone with a pen?” asked company president Toshio Yamada. “It is hard to understand.”

if a person stabs you straight through the eye into your brain with a pencil, most probably you'll die. how can you kill someone with a necktie? most probably you know the answer to this one.

i think the point was, those items were made by "U.S. firearms and knife manufacturers, including Smith and Wesson" in prison, pens and toothbrushes with long handles are also forbidden, because they can be shaped into something lethal. if these pens were shaped like bullets on it's non-writing side and made of a mixture of metals, most probably in the wrong hands, these can be cut, shaped and fashioned to fit bullet cases. get it?

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Posted in: Runaway penguin 'No. 337' to be named See in context

Double Oh Seven! haha, unfortunately he got captured again!

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