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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

The best is Trumps face when Putin comes in, says it all!

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Posted in: Trump accuses critics of 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' as Putin summit fallout continues See in context

Yeah, Super, it's so embarrassing to have a president who is much tougher on Russia than Obama was, yet be gracious in his meeting with their president.

Umm. . to be perfectly clear, the administration has been tougher, if one looks at actions. However, Trump's behaviour often seems totally disconnected from the administration. Time and time again, it becomes painfully obvious that Trump and the administration are not on the same page.

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Posted in: Trump accuses critics of 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' as Putin summit fallout continues See in context

I,d say thats a bit of an over the top statement....

Nope. It's spot on. Russians meddled in the US democratic process and will continue to do so. Even though it's a direct attack, the US appears to be bending over and taking it. Not only that, but the same hackers now appear to have targeted US (and others) infrastructure. I would imagine most other governments are pretty alarmed right now.

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Posted in: White House calls Trudeau back-stabber unworthy of Trump's time See in context

NAFTA reduced barriers; and yet Trump is against it while saying he's against barriers. He's trying to talk on both sides of his mouth


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Posted in: Trump attacks Trudeau over 'false statements' See in context


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Posted in: Trump attacks Trudeau over 'false statements' See in context

So Trudeau is a jingoistic nationalist now? Where is the international outrage over Canada’s defense of its self interest over the global collective? Seems Trudeau is attempting to ‘Keep Canada Great’ by screwing over American farmers.

For the love of God, do a little research. the usa literally has stockpiles of dairy because it is not only overproduced, it is subsided. Canada has quotes to stop them from flooding the market. Do you even know what a quota is?

Do you believe just any garbage that spews out of Trumps mouth?

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Posted in: Trump threatens U.S. allies on trade before leaving G7 summit See in context


That remains to be seen, winning would imply he has accomplished something would it not? Like maybe working out a mutually beneficial trade deal?

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Posted in: Trump threatens U.S. allies on trade before leaving G7 summit See in context

So much whining from Trump. I thought he promised winning not whining. Is this the secret skill of the master deal maker?

If Canada didn't have a quota on dairy, the US would flood the market with subsidized, stockpiled dairy the next day. Oh, and just how many manufacturing jobs were lost to the nefarious, dastardly Canadian dairy industry anyways? But those Canadians, soooo cruel and unfair! Hilarious!

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to China tariffs; EU, S Korea exempted but not Japan See in context

Whether you think he's doing it for personal gain or not, one thing is sure, companies are going to have to change and consumers in the US are probably going to benefit from it.

Can you elaborate on how consumers in the USA will benefit from tariffs? Do you think importers will just absorb this cost? Or perhaps you predict competitive manufacturing will somehow suddenly sprout up in the USA rendering imports from China obsolete?

I'm not a big fan of Trump but I do think his economic ideas are interesting. We'll see if he achieves what he's aiming to with all this tariff talk.

I for one would love to hear about these interesting ideas, when will they be revealed?

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Posted in: Trump edges closer to China tariffs; EU, S Korea exempted but not Japan See in context

Trump is implementing what he promised in his campaign for president.


But the general consensus is that tariffs don't end well for consumers everywhere especially those in the USA. Of course, if you're a billionaire, these taxes (let's call them what they really are) have a much smaller impact.

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I cannot understand why it is only in Japan, that people seem to have so many problems and issues with American products.

BS. Plenty of great American products and services, cars are just not one of them.

But back to the main issue. Good to see a President with a sense of humour.

He's a clown and now you've got a circus.

FYI there are Japanese cars that can't be sold in the USA due to crash testing too.

And having experienced the product and service at both Ford and Toyota, I can tell you I would never by a Ford again.

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Posted in: Training kids to safeguard them from abductions See in context

A sad story indeed, but aren't we getting a little carried away? I mean, if you consider the actual statistics and the fact that only a rather small percentage of child victimizers in violent crimes are strangers. It might just be more harmful to children to 'drill' or simulate such things. And by the way, Secom employs researchers? They are most certainly in the business of fear, I wouldn't take one ounce of advise about raising my kids from a corporation that benefits from creating a sense of fear so that people install more security systems and buy more property insurance.

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Posted in: Parents attending job seminars on behalf of their children See in context

I don't understand why universities encourage this behaviour. Companies and universities desire people whose parents make all the tough decisions in life? Stupid.

I run a company in Japan and was hiring last year. One candidate wanted to bring his parents to the interview. I was like thanks but no thanks.

And unfortunately, the government's solution to companies that don't follow labor laws, overwork employees, and don't give holidays? Just create more national holidays.

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Posted in: Minivan hits group of children, killing 6-year-old boy in Chiba See in context

I don't think there are enough school zones. If there are school zones, I've never seen them enforced like in other places. In my area, vehicles often pass the nearby school at 70 or 80km/h on a 50 km/h local road.

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Posted in: Japan looking to sell 'smart' cities to the world See in context

There's not much news worthy or notable here. Is this an attempt to export nuclear technology under the guise of alternative energy?

As with, kyoken, I'd like to see something innovative in terms of energy sources, but it won't come from Japan unfortunately.

Now, the means of power generation in Iceland is truly remarkable.

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Posted in: Newest iPods get it right, as expected See in context

yes, and the itunes store is the same. I won't buy anything from the itunes store until they fix their pricing.

I think with exchange rates the way they are, many will wait until they go overseas to buy.

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Posted in: Nissan to mass produce electric cars in 2012 See in context

And where will hydrogen come from smarty pants?

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cleo, very good point. Local food systems need to more attention. I agree that importing organic food from other counties negates the positive impacts that organic farming provides. If this entrepreneur was serious about ecology, he'd be working with local growers and developing local systems. It's too easy to look outside Japan for suppliers and make a profit by importing and selling for 2 or 3 times the price, but this sort of nonsense cannot continue forever.

pawatan, you are mistaken. Organic does not neccessarily mean lower yields. I highly doubt you have reputable data to back that up. In fact, small organic farms actually have greater yields. The dominance of industrial agriculture has everything to do with reducing labor, selling farm chemicals and machinery, and very little to do with yields.

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They don't make a bad shot of espresso - but it's not great either. The problem is that you are stuck buying their proprietary 'espresso capsules'. If you get your hands on some freshly roasted espresso beans, you can't use them. The fact that you also have to dispose of these small plastic capsules after brewing every shot is not exactly environmentally friendly either. I'm sure it will be a hit in Japan though, where excess packaging seems to be a requirement and espresso coffee is sold in cans.

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Posted in: Human-looking robot smiles in Japan classroom See in context

waste of time and money.

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Posted in: Mottainai Campaign enjoying new relevance See in context

How a about some serious lobbying to end shakken? One of the top sources of waste. Such controls deliberately encourage the purchase of new automobiles as frequently as possible using massive amounts of resources and energy to sustain.

Next, how about some strong campaigning to educate consumers that each individual produce item does not need to be packaged in plastic? What's the point of using a cloth bag to carry your groceries home, when every single item in your bag is individually packaged?

Moderator: Readers, "shakken" is not relevant to this discussion.

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Betzee - is this a rule you made up? Probably depends on the airline, but JAL, as of last month, still allows infants under 2 on the parents lap.

TJrandom - what are you talking about? Happens in English as well, probably with other languages too. Maybe you'd recognize one that's been all over the news of late, "gitmo".

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No doubt there are some industrial processes, such as automakers, that could use this type of technology. The way things are heading though, in terms of the economy, I wouldn't be investing in this technology. Far better to be investing in and developing clean tech.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan injects Y2.5 tril into markets as Lehman Japan also files for bankruptcy See in context

Could we please cut the crap with this ridiculous US election commentary. It's totally irrelevant who gets elected.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan injects Y2.5 tril into markets as Lehman Japan also files for bankruptcy See in context

helloklitty, fascist might be a more accurate description.

'Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.' -Benito Mussolini

motytrah, the blame rests equally on those people who bought into the delusion. I have no pity for greedy people - be that the CEO or the McMansion owner.

MPNiea, smoke and mirrors my friend.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan injects Y2.5 tril into markets as Lehman Japan also files for bankruptcy See in context

Well done ReikiZen. I couldn't agree more.

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Posted in: Obama accuses Republican rivals of dishonesty See in context

This debate and the presidency in general will change nothing. Merely a distraction from the real issues and current events. It reminds me of an episode of American Idol that I regrettably saw one time.

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Posted in: Monsanto to promote GM soybeans in Japan See in context

I agree with escape_artist. A company with such a dubious history cannot be trusted.

The documentary mentioned is also on youtube here: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=CMleWZXhi6s

Someone should get this translated into Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan Post opens 1st directly run convenience store See in context

Agreed. Couldn't they have come up with something... new?

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Posted in: Citing effects on U.S. economy, Bush passes global warming problem to next administration See in context

@frontandcentre - There are no alternatives to oil for the forseeable future. The other energy sources you mention (hydrogen fuel cells are energy carriers) do not have an adequate EROI to replace oil at our current level of industrialization.


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