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Posted in: Abe expresses outrage at IS video purportedly showing Goto being beheaded See in context

My condolences to Mr. Goto's family and to the Japanese people. We haven't seen pure evil like ISIS in a long time. I hope Japan will double down on its aid to the coalition opposing ISIS in response. If it had not been for the coalition that was started to fight ISIS these barbarians would be in control of Iraq and Syria now, the Kurds and other minorities would have been wiped out. We have no choice but to actively oppose evil.

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France was quite clear in its response - defiance. And that is the best reaction for Japan. Double down on aid to the victims of ISIS. Show the world that Japan has strong principles. With China rising militarily Japan is going to have to revise its Constitution in order to defend itself and the allies it needs. Better do it now, before it is too late.

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Posted in: Japan mourns Goto as caring and courageous reporter See in context

Condolences to Mr. Goto's family and to Japan. Evil exists in this world and ISIS embodies it. Japan should not back away from its role as a responsible opponent of terrorism and suffering as a result. The only response to this horrible act should be to double down on its humanitarian aid to the victims of ISIS. Do not flinch.

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Posted in: Bulbous Cell media group to launch China Daily Asia Weekly in Tokyo See in context

China Daily is published by a PRC state-owned enterprise - in other words the government. I'm curious whether China would let Japan or anyone else distribute government "information" in China? The answer is obvious.

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Posted in: Bin Laden's sons say U.S. broke international law by killing their father See in context

I can't blame the children for being sad about their fathers death but others cannot forget the thousands of children whose innocent parents were murdered by OBL. And the possibly thousands more people that he could have killed yet - as he repeatedly said he and his terrorist gang would do. And isn't it ironic to say the US violated international law? What do they think their father did? Having been attacked and thus at war, the US had every right to kill OBL in that war.

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Posted in: Long, polite briefings reflect Japanese crisis style See in context

Japanese in general, don't get to the point as quickly as Westerners do, but Japanese politicians are at the extreme end of equivocation. This drives me crazy but do Japanese find it grating as well? But Japanese newspaper editorials are just as bad about discussing a problem without coming to a conclusion with concrete solutions proposed.

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Posted in: Homeless getting younger and younger See in context

If you doubt that this story is true then go to the front of the history museum in Ueno Park on Fridays at noon.

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