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Posted in: Okayama ninja video credited with drastically improving traffic manners See in context

There are 2 diamonds on the road just before a pedestrian crossing to warn you to look out for people crossing. It's not like drivers in Japan don't notice the crossing before it's too late. Thankfully most people in Nagoya stop, they're just not very good at signalling before a lane change. This is not much fun when you're on a motorcycle.

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Or how about stand on the left only while people who want to move faster walk on the right?

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Posted in: Pelé, Brazil’s mighty king of ‘beautiful game,’ dies at 82 See in context

Escape to Victory!

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Posted in: Video game hub Japan confronts problem of addiction See in context

I'd rather my child be addicted to games than pachinko, tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

a lack of action by the government and the gaming industry

This is simply not true when it comes to the gaming industry. Many online games have features that increase items/experience or provide other benefits if you go offline for 24 hours. Nintendo has a parental control app that allows you to set up schedules. Even if there is no app a parent can just go to their router and make some settings to disable their kid's phone/PC during certain times.

It's not the games that are at faults, it's simply a lack of knowledge or lazy parenting.

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Posted in: Japan's last-16 exit reflects highs and lows under Moriyasu See in context

The fact that they knocked Germany out of the World Cup was enough for me to say they did their job! The Japanese national team has really come a long way since the first World Cup I ever watched back in 1982 in Spain, where they were a non-entity.

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Posted in: Got a bucket? Speed up the composting process with bokashi See in context

I wouldn't recommend composting indoors. Guaranteed you will get flies in it laying eggs and it will start to smell quite bad if you just keep adding green wet items. The ratio of dry to wet can be difficult to maintain. However, there are beneficial flies such as black soldier fly if you are lucky enough to get them though but their larvae are huge and will put most people off. I've never used Bokashi but it probably isn't cheap to buy (composting should cost nothing).

I built a composter in my garden from one of those blue barrels that usually holds animal feed. From that compost I've grown figs, grapes and blackberries. When I see other households throw away food scraps, it makes me sad that they could be reducing the amount of garbage they throw away while growing some amazing plants.

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Posted in: Maskless World Cup scenes spark anger in zero-Covid China See in context

Well people of China, expect either (1) no more World Cup coverage or (2) mosaic being placed over match spectators. Xi Jiping is slipping when his cronies let this one slip through the censorship.

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Posted in: Japan has stopped printing its current yen bills; Mt Fuji only element to be retained in new set See in context

I like the Hokusai wave on the new 1000 bill but I agree that the font, especially for the numbers, look pretty bad and make the bills look old fashioned.

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Posted in: U.S. keeps Japan, 6 other economies on currency watch list See in context

The US is gorging on its over-inflated dollar without a care for how it affects other nations. Maybe it's time we stop using the dollar as the World's Reserve Currency.

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Posted in: Japan aims to revive inbound tourism to pre-pandemic levels by 2025 See in context

The government seems to magically think they can conjure up millions of tourists to help bring money into Japan without very little substance to their plan. While on the other hand, they place hurdles for people to travel here such as the vaccination requirement and registration with Visit Japan Website.

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Posted in: Two Taros See in context

This goes beyond the uncanny valley.

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Posted in: Kishida appoints ex-health minister Goto as next economy minister See in context

Mask and hair dye = fresh faced

But seriously, this guy has his work cut out for him as economy minister.

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Posted in: UK inflation accelerates to 40-year-high amid food cost rise See in context

I was in the UK in September. Despite the inflation stated in this article food was generally much cheaper than here in Japan. A pack of pears cost just under 2 GBP. Here it easily costs 800 yen for 2 pears. Petrol was ridiculously expensive though at 2x that of Japan per litre.

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Posted in: ¥30 tril new stimulus eyed as Japan fights inflation, weak yen See in context

So they're just going to print more money and give it to businesses? Who saw that coming?

Cut consumption tax for food at the least. That would help the average Joe immensely.

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Posted in: Emirates to upgrade Tokyo-Narita capacity with A380 See in context

I just flew with Emirates last month. OsakaDubaiManchester. Heard lots of stories about how bad their service was. It's the first airline where I've enjoyed the food! The flight was very smooth traveling from Osaka to Dubai, probably as a result of how good their pilots and planes are. Economy was expensive but I had no choice but to fly right now. I'd definitely recommend this airline but wait for the prices to drop.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral cost ¥1.2 bil, less than ¥1.66 bil initial estimate, gov't says See in context

This works out to be 81 yen per child in Japan. Should have put it towards the school meals.

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Posted in: Japan reopens to tourists with shuttered souvenir shops, hotel staff shortage See in context

They need to scrap the 3 shot vaccination and mySoS app requirement. It was a pain in the backside last month when I flew back here. The app is awful. When checking in, I even saw a Japanese lady next to me at the counter struggle with the app. She had no idea that it was needed to fly back to her own country!

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Posted in: N Korea confirms nuclear missile launches were tests to 'wipe out' enemies See in context

tests to 'wipe out' enemies

That's like the kid who throws punches in the air and shouts out that his punches would have knocked you out if they had landed.

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Posted in: After Russia-Ukraine plan, Musk offers proposal to resolve China-Taiwan tensions See in context

Musk now occupies a seat in the John Cena CCP-lovers club.

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Posted in: New UK coins featuring image of King Charles revealed See in context

Why bother? Everything in the UK is paid by debit card now. While spending 3 weeks back home, I used cash once to buy a sausage and bacon butty at a biker hut.

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Posted in: Slain ex-PM Abe honored at divisive state funeral See in context

About 1.7 billion yen ($11.8 million) is needed for the venue, security, transportation and accommodation for the guests, the government said.

This money should be spent on the living, not the dead.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

I'll bet the vaccinated dose stays at 3 doses and mySOS is still required. Japan is a snail when it comes to change.

I just got back from the UK, arriving at Osaka. The procedure at the airport was a farce, teams of people waiting to usher only a few passengers to each stage to check we had used mySOS correctly and our health was good. The only consolation to this is that it took just 10 minutes from leaving the plane to reach the arrival lobby.

Japan should open up like the UK and have no restrictions. These current limitations are simply pandering to the elderly population here who tend to carry the votes.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap pre-entry COVID test for triple-vaccinated travelers; cap on entrants remains See in context

I was hoping they would abolish the restrictions entirely as has most of the world. But no, to appease the voting masses (i.e. the older generation) in Japan they keep the restriction of 3 does of vaccine or go get a test. I love many things about Japan but not how their politics work.

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Posted in: Stars Coffee, anyone? Starbucks successor opening in Russia See in context

Russia is taking a page out of the CCP bible. The chapter on Intellectual Property and Trademarks.

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Posted in: Pot-smoking tourists not welcome in Thailand, says health minister See in context

I wish Japan would let us use it for medical purposes or grow a few plants in our house for recreational use. We have all been brainwashed into thinking this plant is terrible for society.

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Posted in: Putin blasts U.S. 'hegemony,' predicts end to 'unipolar' world See in context

Putler invades a country, killing thousands, yet has the audacity to criticize a politician for flying peacefully to visit the head of another country.

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Posted in: Kishida shaken as list of lawmakers linked to Unification Church grows to 20 See in context

Some people will do anything to accumulate wealth.

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Posted in: 1,000 peaches stolen from Fukushima orchard See in context

As a novice gardener who grows kyoho and figs, I know how much effort goes into growing such a large crop of fruit. It must be heart-breaking for the farmer. It does happen a lot during picking season and farmers really should employ things like farm dogs, electric fences, and sensor alarms. Despite the fact that the thieves are never found, the news always reports foreigners as being the culprits. I wonder what this theory is based on. It's pear season now, so watch out for those in the news next week.

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Posted in: Japan swelters as temperatures climb over 30 C See in context

39 C in Nagoya in central Japan

I cycled to central Nagoya today in this heat. About 90% of people were wearing masks outside. It's the first time I've ever sought out shelter in the shadows of buildings and trees during summer. The heat and sun were relentless. Can't wait for autumn so I can get back out on my motorbike!

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Posted in: Sony sees profit rise despite waning interest in video games See in context

Sony dropped the ball with the PS5. Making it more available outside of Japan than within their own country. My son who was an avid PS4 fan has now moved onto PC games and won't buy a PS5, because he can't get one and has lost interest now. They forgot the fanbase that supported them in the beginning.

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