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sorry a tab expensive.

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Interesting, but a tab expensive. It's had to get good piano and organ sounds out of a keyboard. I tried Rolands Juno series but they just don't cut it.

Nord makes a good one but again, expensive.

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Not only that he's still being used after death! Though that's bad enough in itself. More a sign that record companies would rather milk a past star for all he's worth than try and find anything new. MJ was a genius, a freak, but a genius (in his time). But he's dead and it's time to move on.

The fact the MJ hype has lasted this long just shows how unwilling the media really are to look for anything new that isn't a manufactured pop-idol, boring emo band or "bang bang, bing bing" hip-hip artist. (I actually like hip-hop, just not the boring mediocre crap they pump out now).

The death throes of giants.

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The old and general understanding of copy write is that it stands 50 years after the composers death. Then it becomes public property. This I agree with.

However in practice this doesn't always hold true. Trent Reznor (again) doesn't own the rights for his first album, Pretty Hate Machine. Not sure how that happens, but it does.

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Good points. I will address a few of them. Firstly, I actually make kind of concept albums. I would like people to listen to albums all the way through and check out the art work. Can I force people? No, of course not. But I would rather sell less albums and maybe have the chance for people to experience the music the way I think it should. That may sound pompous to some people, but I don't see it that way. For me, to a person to get the whole picture is more important than selling a catchy single. And if someone steals it, I hope they steal all of it and steal the artwork too, if they are so inclined. I'd rather they payed though.

Duty to fans? Well, this is a tough one. I'm of the opinion it should go in this order 1) the artist 2) the fan (or consumer) 3) money and the company. Fans are important to an artist, but unless an artist is true to themselves, artistically they will produce crap (in my opinion).

Regarding IT laws. Well I might even agree with you there. IT laws for music are a MESS as they stand now. Completely outdated. I've had a lot of frustrations with them myself. For example, I realized a free EP, for promotion, but my coming album won't be free. For my EP, I wanted people to be able to download it for personal use, for free, but still receive royalties for public performance. The truth is this is no law for this. You either have to give it away or demand people pay. Artists choices for how to sell (or give away) their work is very limited. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is famously on the record (as Radiohead is) for his frustration that he couldn't set the pricing and method of his releases (to the point that he encouraged fans to "steal" his albums, to Innerscope Records alarm)

But my main point is artists, in a free democractic market, should be able to sell their work as they see fit. Your George Lucus example is a good. one. I seriously doubt he would sell as many DVDs if he made all six a box set. His sales would suffer. But if that's his wish, then that's his wish. Personally though, I agree, that would be stupid.

I think maybe people like me are behind the times and stubborn. I love the Floyd, and Tool, Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead. I've always thought of an album as one piece of work. If people want their three good singles and a whole rest of an album as a filler, that's fine. But that's not what I'm about. For my coming album, I've had some problems with iTunes, because I want some tracks to be free, but the album as a whole to be one complete download. Again, such an opinion doesn't exist.

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Triumvere, while I agree in some ways, I do still think that the artist, right or wrong, should have full control over their intellectual property, not corporations. Record companies are distributors and bank rollers, nothing more. And increasing musicians (such as myself) are deciding to do away with them all together.

I like playing Pink Floyd albums out of order sometimes too, but I've always felt like they had a clear idea how their albums should be experienced. On top of that, some tracks are "fillers" in the overall album and selling them individually is a bit of a rip off for consumers, I fell anyway.

Whether we agree or not, hopefully we can agree that it is the artists choice had to sell their product. And in a free market, don't like it, don't buy it.

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correction, NOT giving women equal working rights.

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Japan has many issues that sorely need addressing and to list them all would make me a "Japan Basher". But of all of them, this has to be the most urgent.

That over 30,000 people take their lives, mostly working tax players, is WAY to big of an issue to ignore. It may be taboo, but it is the elephant in the room. The lack of reaction from the Japanese public and government is mind boggling. I've seen more than a few in the last two years, had friends stuck down with mental illness and had a few brushes with it myself.

Last I checked, Japan was 6th in the world in suicide rates though I think South Korea might be up there too now. On the stats I saw, Russia and ex-Soviet Bloc countries were at the top then, bam, Japan.

My wife when to a union meeting about life insurance for her company. Another stat, cause of death for Japanese men between the ages of 20-50. 3) Heart attack, 2) Cancer, 1) SUICIDE!

And if Japanese politicians are so dead set on limiting the number of foreigners or giving women equal working rights, with an aging population, they're going to find their tax income and workforce falling short very soon.

No matter if you're left or right, conservative or liberal, socialist or capitalist, this situation is a crisis any which way you look at it.

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Each to their own, the philosophy lost on some. If she truly has GID then good for her. I personally don't understand, but that doesn't make her immoral by any means.

And it is a HER. If she's legally a woman and she fine with what she's become, so be it. Personally though, I feel the hype of "new half" in Japan subtracts from those just wanted to live "under the radar" as perfectly normal humans. I do dislike the showcasing of "new halves" not because I'm against them being who they are, I'm just against the media (especially J-media) making celebs out of anyone they can.

And she is hot. But I am married.

ps a lot of homophobia here, but thankfully not too much.

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Regarding Japanese schools, it is really school by school. I teach two and one is way above the other in every way. So what is the difference? Well I think environment is a big thing, one school had an environment where kids want to learn, in the other they just want to play cards in class and throw s*&t at the teacher. Why? I have no clue. They are in the same area so social economics are out.

So if it's the environment, it comes down to the teachers and the PTA. I've figured out, at least in Japan, that relationship is the key to everything.

But even school by school it is not hard to see Japan kids are on a downward slide. Even at my "good" school, I had a few kids ask "Where is Tokyo?" during a weather game on a map. They aren't dumb as such just, I dunno, ignorant is maybe the word I would choose.

But the bottom line is it's not their fault. The older generation of Japan needs to have a long look at what it's doing to their young.

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Met the guy. He's alright, but funnily enough pretty quiet. He doesn't come across as "yeah, I'm famous" type at all.

As for making it in America, I have my doubts, but he should take a shot at it in my opinion.

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And yes, I know less THAN 50%. It's been a long day.

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Today, I was at school marking my first year JHS students final tests in English. More than half got less the 50%. One even got 0. I know my school is pretty bad and the other school I go to is pretty good but even then, I'm spending all day crossing answers feeling pretty bad for them. I was thinking of this article.

Apparently, their other subjects aren't much better. And yes, discipline is a big issue at this school. Quite frankly I'm amazed that the teachers, principle, parents and above all, the BOE aren't more concerned about this.

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diggerdog, maybe you've heard of John Taylor Gatto. In which case, I agree although not unique to Japan. Maybe anyone who's been in public schools here notice it more.

For anyone who teaches public schools, I have a little thing I noticed. Notice how many teachers are there and teaching which subjects. There are right brain and left brain subjects. I won't go into a lecture about what that means, but in Japan (but maybe elsewhere) I've noticed left brain far outways right brain (ie Math over Music). Language is actually a bit of both, which you notice in the Japanese school system. Some things, they're good at, others, they aren't.

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This is what frustrates me about martial artists who talk it up and non martial artists who put it down. And I've been doing it for a while.

Martial Arts being some "magic weapon" that makes you able to take down ten guys if pure fiction. Martial Arts can and have lost street fights to ordinary people. I for one have disdain for any "Martial Artist" who is referred to as a "tough guy".

Martial Arts (if you practice the more practical ones) can improve your chances in a fight, but there is NEVER any garantee. For someone like myself, not partically strong or big, it does make a difference. But I hate the "macho" attitude some people have on both sides. MA or not, get into a fight, you risk getting hurt. Most smart people I know avoid it.

Futhermore, Black Belt (1st degree) isn't actually that high. There is a misunderstanding that a Black Belt makes you "bad arse". No, it doesn't. It only means you are good enough to being to understand you to use it.

Also, if you don't see the attack coming or you are too drunk to think straight, all the MA training in the world means f*&k all.

Best method of self defense, don't get into fights. Simple.

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A footnote, the way I see it any extremely religious people seem to be more prone to being "crazy" than others (ie cults). To have faith, yet be moderate and think for yourself is the key, in my opinion.

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People need to stop bashing Islam (and no, I am no a Muslim). I know plenty of Muslims and they are all nice and reasonable people. Recently went to Turkey, same thing.

Sure there are crazy Muslims but there are crazy Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists or whatever too.

Maybe some people are just CRAZY.

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Agreed with many people.

Japanese movies are a few beautiful gems in a sea of crap.

Kurosawa and Miyasaki come to mind as the greats but there are others.

I enjoyed Battle Royal, Shall we Dance? wasn't my thing but was good none the less, Sore demo boku ha yatte nai was really good because it actually bought up something dark and real in Japan.

Plus all the sci-fi/cyberpunk and demon/vampire anime and horror movies.

I'm of the opinion that Japan makes some of the best horror movies in the world.

But them you have stuff like Opai Volley and a number of other boring cliche sports movies, horrible comic book remakes and more cliche tear jerkers.

But regarding comic book remakes, I'm wondering if anyone's seen 20th Century boys. I liked the comic and my students say it's pretty good.

And agreed, often the ideas are good but acting and production (especially soundtracks) are crap. I think they could do better.

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They are violating EEZ so there is a chance that they could be kicked out if they did not get a permission from the government beforehand. However, if they properly requested, I can see the Japanese government issuing permits to these fishermen limiting their catch quotas. I can also see the Japanese government issuing permits to Japanese fishermen to grab the sea creatures so that they could sell it to Australians to satisfy their "barbeque culture".

But I don't see the Australian government giving the same blessing. So let's dispense this overused lame analogy for good, shall we?

But they don't and rules or not, they don't even come near. There may be even issues as to how far the EEZ goes but Australia doesn't make issues with Japan, only the other way around. Plus there's the whole Tuna thing which is another issue.

Point is Japan will step on anyones' toes to get their "ooishi" seafood and don't care where or who else cares.

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NihonRyu- not the point. You completely missed the point. Whether Oz or NZ have a good track record (which they don't but Japan sure as hell doesn't either) is completely irrelevent and like all Japanese arguments, mearly shifting the point to "you do bad stuff too".

Again, like I've said twice now, the issue is nations protecting their national interests. I'll say it again, nations protecting their national interest. I hope I don't need to say it a fifth time.

Australia culls kangaroos. Some people think this is outright wrong. Maybe, but it happens in Australian terriory so it's a Australian issue. I'm not an Australian and neither are you so whether we disagree means nothing.

Like wise I feel the same about the movie "The Cove". I think it's sick but it's Japanese territory so Japan's business and Japan's animals right activists job to sort out (hahahaha!)

We're talking about one nation stepping on anothers toes regardless of who's right.

How much will it take for the point to get through without these defections of blame?

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NihonRyu- I agree it is an emotional issue, on both sides. I blame the media for that, Japanese people have no idea where it's being done and it's it's only mentioned in the news when Sea Shepeads involved. It's funny how many Japanese people are amazed when I point on a map to where these incidents are all happening. Most think it's all being done around Japan (which is fine in my opinion). That's were this "bullying" idea you have comes from, you have to look at ALL the facts.

On the other hand many people in Australia and New Zealand think that Japanese people eat whale all the time and don't care about us. Most Japanese people I know don't eat whale and couldn't care less about the whole issue. So both are mislead views.

Regarding economic zones one problem is Australia claims an exclusive economic zone that Japan doesn't recognize. And two years ago Japan did indeed go inside this. Whether Japan broke the rules is disputed but they got close enough it rubbed people the wrong way. Secondly these whales migrate in and out of both countries waters. Regarding your numbers you may or may not be correct but that's not the point. I've never seen such figure so I can't argue either way.

The point is Japanese people act all surprised when Australia and New Zealand get all upset and then claim "bullied". Take a look at a map and it's not hard to see why it's an issue, regardless of whether it's within the rules or not. I've seen your posts on Japan's Northern Islands. Similar issue.

Regarding the morality of eating whale, I don't have a problem with it if that's what you like. Don't care.

You NEVER hear of issues between Aus and NZ and countries like Norway and Iceland. Why? Because it's nowhere near us. Japan should do the same or at least do it where opinion is not against it. Australia and New Zealand are NOT bullying Japan, only looking after their resources in and around their waters. Why they would get upset is basic logic.

To explain the logic of "protecting national interests, it's a lot like this. No matter how much you need to go, take a dump in your neighbors garden or even outside his property on the street, he's bound to come out and give you a neighborly greeting with a cricket bat. Simple.

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@Nihon Ryu, you think Japan is being bullied do you? Well you're welcome to your opinion.

Just remember Japan killing whales just outside of Australian and New Zealand waters, whales which are important for our tourism industries, and we can't stop it makes Aussies and Kiwis feel "bullied" too.

How would you feel if another country fished around your islands. Oh that's right, Russia does and as I recall Japanese are exactly happy about that.

Remember it's all about national interest.

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At least this time the didn't do it in the backyard of two of the most anti-whaling countries in the world. What some pro-whalers don't seem to understand that for Australians and New Zealanders, it's as much about national interest and sovereignty as about the "poor whales"

I don't like whaling but Japanese waters, Japanese business. International waters, everyone's business. And Australian or New Zealand waters, be ready for some really pissed off Aussies and Kiwis.

So this time, Japan was within it's rights, in opinion. This time.

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Some of us are married and have children here. That's what the fuss is about.

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I've been away from my country for a while, and I'm not American but Japanese youth are different. I can't put my finger on how, they just are.

I mean drugs are more common in my country, as is theft and bar brawls are not unheard of, so to say Japan is more dangerous is absurd.

But it is different. I live in Kawasaki and you see this shit all the time. I don't mean that it's bad, it's just has no point. Mugging a guy for cash I understand, of course I don't support. But burning a homeless guys shack because he told you off.

It's not that these kids are bad, it's that they're bad for a reason I don't understand. And that makes me worried.

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Many businesses already use Twitter to feed people to their websites. Musicians do the same. Recently Trent Reznors words of wisdom to musos was to "get a Twitter account".

Personally I can't get my head around or see the point in Twitter otherwise. But if Trent says it works, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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IchyaWarFare, I am a gamer but I have other issues to address right now. No doubt when all this insanity has died down, I'll fire up the games again. If there is a boom in October and I'm not too busy, I look forward to it.

You're right, games do help keep you sane and in the long run, better than smoke or alcohol, but I also find them distracting sometimes. Each to their own I guess, but I like to think I can pull myself out of them when I need to (though I could be wrong).

womanforwoman, well said. There are gamers and there are "gamers".

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When Fallout 3 and Mass Effect came out we had news that the video game market was holding out. I guess people are bored of those games now.

Don't get me wrong, I played both games and loved them, but I myself am more worried about things in the real world now than video games.

Maybe rajakumar is right, which is a lot coming from a gamer....

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Just for the record, there is a big difference between "retards" and "nutters" (I'm not going to bother being PC).

"Retards" have a handicap of the brain and are either born with it or acquire it through injury. They have impaired brain function but are usually relatively mentally stable.

"Nutters" can be normal people, with no damage psychically to their brain, but for some reason, their minds cease to function in a normal manner.

Some people can be both and are referred to as "dual diagnosis" in the business. This is often because of the hardships and stress of being "retarded" can later lead to mental illness.

The guy in this article definitely comes across as a nutter and while families can look after a "retard" on their own, "nutters" do need outside help, which Japan lacks. This guy needed to see a doctor or be looked after in a mental institution, especially if he was showing violent tendencies. It's a tragedy for both him and his parents that nobody considered it, and so it led to this. What really ticks me off is doctors HAVE to know the difference between the two, but whether this was incompetence on the medical professionals part, or a typical Japanese "skeletons in the closet" family problem, or both, I don't know.

I used to be a caregiver for mentally handicapped people so I know what I'm talking about. It's sad that the two get lumped together (especially in Japan), both because "retards" are not crazy and just need a little extra care, while "nutters" are mentally ill but do have the chance to get better, which "retarded" people rarely do.

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A good link.


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