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Posted in: Cocaine production hit new record in 2017: U.N. report See in context

well I hope this means a price drop as well....

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Posted in: Facebook bans white nationalism, white separatism on its platforms See in context

Still the Nation of Islam and Black panthers are still up I see - I guess it's only towards white people... isn't it always the way

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Posted in: Axing Sunwolves will damage Asian rugby: team CEO See in context

It was a failed experiment. SR needs to return to a round robin and means fewer teams. Last in, first out. Plus the sunwolves are like a foreign entity with some token Japanese players... who is it actually helping?

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Posted in: In the aftermath of the mosque killings in New Zealand, there have been suggestions that the Canterbury Crusaders rugby union team change its name, in view of its historical religious connotations. What do you think? See in context

Under no circumstances at all should they change. NZ is a secular country (by majority) and pandering to religious beliefs is not called for

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Posted in: Big Oscar win by 'Green Book' leaves many frustrated See in context

Black Panther is possibly the most overrated movie of all time. Frankly Aquaman was considerably better

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Posted in: Balance of intelligence factors makes Japan the world’s smartest country, according to this list See in context

Actually, according to science, Ashkenazi Jewish population have the highest average IQ. Of course just mentioning this biological fact is enough to get people booted out of tenured positions in universities. But it remains a fact.

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Posted in: Composure on big stage fuels Osaka's rise to top See in context

maybe one day she delight Japanese crowds by learning to speak Japanese?

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Posted in: Crotty only change in strong All Blacks side to face Ireland See in context

All Blacks by 13+... you read it here first!

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Posted in: Trailer for 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' promises a show filled with unforgettable turbocharged battles See in context

possibly the most stupid thing I have ever seen...

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo strongly back single-sex transport amid security fears: global poll See in context

what about for men that 'identify' as women? or Trannies?

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Posted in: All Blacks hold on for 16-15 comeback win over England See in context

England were offside all day (as usual) - but they played well for 25 minutes, The ABs adjusted (as they are want to do) and the points came, just as England's point scoring ground to a halt.

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Posted in: All Blacks' games against England, Ireland headline November rugby series See in context

NZ will steamroll both England and Ireland. Ireland are not quite the team they think they are... without Conor Murray they lose their only real player who could potentially start for the ABs

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Posted in: Farrell escapes ban over Twickenham tackle; free to face All Blacks See in context

Definitely worth a sanction in game. Agree not red card, probably yellow, certainly a penalty.

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Posted in: Farrell kicks England to victory over Springboks See in context

As usual World Rugby completely drop the ball when sanctioning a star NH player. A shoulder charge like that cost a clean sweep in the Lions series last year for NZ

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Posted in: British woman sues Japanese university over power harassment See in context

Perhaps she is all that? And perhaps she did forge her PhD thesis... none of things are explored in the article at all. As usual the story is: "Woman claims, such and such...men to blame". Typical one-sided feminazi nonsense

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Posted in: Second-string All Blacks crush Japan 69-31 See in context

Jaan is playing better than they ever have now. The all kiwi coaching team are light years ahead of Eddie Jones' team. I'm not sure if any "japanese" players actually scored, but their imports all seem pretty good players and added to a real spectacle. It's good that NZ choose a hugely experimental team as their lack of cohesion allowed Japan to score some really nice tries and create a festival-style game with 100 points scored by both teams.

Whilst it is obvious that against a full strength NZ team the scoreline would have been vastly different - this was a great advertisement for RWC2019

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Posted in: Japan makes 3 changes for New Zealand test See in context

Even with 11 starting non-Japanese players an a bunch of 'never will play again' in the All Blacks - Japan has zero chance of winning.

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

how insufferably and unutterably stupid. How predictably Japanese....

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Posted in: 1st shipment of this year's Beaujolais Nouveau arrives in Japan See in context

The biggest con in the wine world. This insipid waste of money... lapped up by those who don't understand wine.

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Posted in: Ex-Wallaby Cooper joins Melbourne; takes swipe at ex-coach See in context

Quade should learn that taking a swipe at GOAT Richie McGod has lasting consequences.

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Posted in: Grain pain: Japan's aging rice farmers face uncertain future See in context

"Competitive edge"? What on earth is the author writing about. Japanese rice farmers are protected by the taxpayer who is shafted three times by the government. Once in subsidies, twice with tariffs and a third time by the undemocratic weighted voting system. Let inefficiencies die where ever they are found.

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Posted in: England can be All Blacks' main World Cup threat: Fitzpatrick See in context

Unlikely - they look a rabble right now

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Posted in: Beatles album 'Sgt. Pepper' named most popular in UK See in context

A great album for sure. Possibly my 2nd or 3rd favourite from the Beatles. Unlike places 2 and 3 it is likely to continue being streamed and purchased well into the future.

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Posted in: World Rugby backs test shake-up: report See in context

Great - another cup for NZ to dominate.....

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Posted in: New Zealand snatch dramatic win over Boks See in context

Amazing and utterly deserved win from the Black Machine!!

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Posted in: All Blacks expected to win every test, says coach Hansen See in context

It's just the truth - with a win ratio close to 90% in the professional age they the world sports marvel team.

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Posted in: Hurting All Blacks must learn lesson, says Crotty See in context

Just respect the ball and back your territorial plan. Don't let the Bok their tails up and hope for a ref that knows the Laws properly

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Posted in: Sonny Bill Williams returns as All Blacks make seven changes for Pumas See in context

a wee bit concerned about the ABs playing a B team against an on fire Argie team away..... still should be too good and win by 10-20 points

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Posted in: All Blacks' defeat offers World Cup hope for other teams See in context

More likely just the opposite. The ABs were the masters of their own demise in this game - the issues that arose all look eminently fixable and this will have helped them shed any complacency.

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Posted in: Rubella infection spikes in Japan See in context

Vaccinate.... and refuse school and care to children not vaccinated. The science is conclusive on saftey

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