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Posted in: The popularity of Japan vintages is astonishing. I believe prices will further go up. See in context

Not only the so-called 'Japanese lawsuit guitars' of the 1970s; several of which (at that time) were better than the US produced ones. But also many of the local acoustic brands at the time are exquisite guitars. Kohno, Yairi are world-class and many from the era feature Brazillian Rosewood as the tone woods. Tokai and Orville are stand outs for the electrics. The 1970s Ibanez 335 copy is as good as the original Gibson.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel to propose another record minimum-wage hike See in context

are they aware that min wage rises are inflationary?

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Posted in: Abortion laws spark profound changes in other medical care See in context

So pressure your legislators to do their jobs. Abortion should never have been to SCOTUS to decide upon in the first place. In this, at least, they have made a sensible decision. Respect that both sides of the debate have equal validity; debate the issues, pass laws.

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Posted in: LDP scores big victory in upper house election See in context

How sad for Japan

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Posted in: Rugby woes: Things look black in All Black land after loss See in context

There's no doubt about it - Ireland were much better than the 13 ABs they had to face ..or is that farce? Rugby has lost its way with the amount of cards dished out. We no longer know which is the better team - just who is unluckiest in under the subjective whims of World Rugby and the referees.

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Posted in: All Blacks start season with 42-19 win over Ireland in 1st test See in context

The game of the weekend. I suspect this ABs team have a lot more left in them yet

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Posted in: Cycling sets stricter rules for transgender athletes See in context

Woman (noun) Meaning: Adult human female

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Posted in: Disney's 'Lightyear' banned in 14 markets after same-sex kiss controversy See in context

If Disney wanna go woke - the expect to go broke

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

Only a fool would expect Justice from a Japanese court

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Posted in: Gov't to fight damages suit filed by family of dead Sri Lankan See in context

Let's hope the government are forced to pay even more

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Posted in: U.S. to host Rugby World Cup for 1st time; Australia gets 2027, 2029 events See in context

Ah, no it isn’t. The Olympics and the World Cup are way bigger

ahhhh, so that's 2 - did they not say #3?

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Posted in: New ‘Doctor Who’ star is ‘Sex Education’ actor Ncuti Gatwa See in context

I'm out

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Posted in: Elon Musk reaches deal to buy Twitter for $44 bil See in context

A great day for proponents of free speech and a slap in the face of the woke left. All in all - a beautiful day to be a Twitter user.

and b y the way Hiro: He overpaid for that garbage. It not even worth half that amount. Is literally just a app for people to post a quick picture, video and text. With that kind of money, he could literally pull several nations out of their economic woes.

You clearly don't use Twitter at all if that is what you believe.

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Posted in: Don't call him CEO: Jack Dorsey says he's 'Block Head' now See in context

Looking forward to him leaving the board when Elon Musk takes over Twitter and restores freedom of speech to the platform

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Posted in: France beat England 25-13 to seal Grand Slam in style See in context

England looked very poor. They seem to have no real attacking ideas. France were strong in set-piece facets but their skill-level was average. Both these teams are quite beatable.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia puts 81 to death in its largest mass execution See in context

Capital punishment is utterly barbaric, in any country. It is a mark of a civilised country not to use on its citizens

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Posted in: 3D printing a house in less than 24 hours — Japanese company meets its goal See in context

The concept is great - but they still sound too expensive. You'd need 5 or 6 of them at least in a modular grouping to be useful for a family.

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Posted in: Sadako now has her own YouTube channel See in context

This is almost funny.. It needs a touch of the Taika Waititi and it could work

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Posted in: Air New Zealand unveils huge loss, warns worse to come See in context

If only they still had Christopher Luxon in charge. Mind you, as he clearly odds-on favourite to be Prime Minister in 2023 - in some ways he will be in charge of Air NZ again.

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Posted in: More protesters expected at thinning New Zealand blockade See in context

It certainly is interesting watching the media arm of the Labour party trying and failing to paint these freedom protesters as white supremacists and whatever else kind of boogeymen the left are currently obsessing over. Yes, there are some 'crazies' in the crowd for sure. Anyone who has taken time to go down and walk through the protest can quickly see it is mostly concerned, happy people (overwhelmingly left-wing themselves) tired and upset over government overreach in NZ. And now that the high court have ruled that mandates are illegal; and now that the measures of the Ardern government are so clearly failing - well, it is only a matter of time before many of the measures are abandoned for good. Sadly, the horrendous cost to NZ will endure for many years to come.

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Posted in: Japan to push controversial mine for UNESCO World Heritage See in context

This is in extremely poor taste.

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Posted in: Sexton calls on Irish to avenge All Blacks World Cup thumping See in context

It was such a stunning display of power by NZ that day - more of the same please :)

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Posted in: All Blacks rack up records in 47-9 win over Italy See in context

Hard to decide who was worse. The utterly uninspiring Italians, the error-ridden second-stream AB side, or the appalling officials? All conspired to make this a dog of a game.

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Posted in: Ireland thrash below-par Japan 60-5 See in context

Great play by Ireland's kiwis. Three tries to their imports

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Posted in: Alec Baldwin says fatal shooting was 'one in a trillion': TMZ See in context

Immediately showing that baldwin has a poor understanding of statistics

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Posted in: All Blacks run in 7 tries in 54-16 rugby rout of Wales See in context

NZ are certainly the best team in world rugby right now

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Posted in: 'Growing' Springboks on a roll heading into European tour See in context

Oh please, they've lost 4 of their last 9 tests. NZ remains the team to beat

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Posted in: New Zealand drops 'COVID zero' goal after Delta outbreak See in context

Ardern thereby confirming that she no idea what she is doing. The country has printed itself to a standstill, inflation is rising, democratic process is calmly disregarded by the labour government while the media (bailed out by the same government) keeps telling everyone the situation is all roses.

Just like her now infamous: "eliminate child poverty" promise/lie, so goes her elimination of covid 'strategy'.

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Posted in: New Zealand’s largest city to remain locked down See in context

This has been disastrous for NZ. The economy has been wrecked and despite our naturally small, isolated islands managing to delay the inevitable the endemic nature of the virus means this has been nothing more than an expensive exercise in futility. Ardern must be called to account for her incompetence.

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Posted in: All Blacks beat Argentina 36-13 See in context

Same as it ever was. I had predicted that NZ would return to #1 after their first meeting with SA post-RWC. It would have been in 2020 if not for covid. Who would have guessed it would happen before they even played.

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