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Posted in: I think that more and more people, including those spending more time at their homes, are eager to enjoy analog sound, not being satisfied with listening to the music on smartphones and other devices. See in context

Digital produces a purer sound. That is just a fact. People like analogue because of the imperfections in the recording medium

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Posted in: Do you think climate change could lead to a greater crisis for humanity than COVID-19 or any other pandemic that might occur in the future? See in context

The climate is always changing. The extent to which humans can effect it is contentious at best. Our ability to change in ways we deem positive is almost entirely conjecture

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Posted in: Another state of emergency would impact Tokyo Olympics See in context

Surely we all realise that this is not going ahead in 2021?

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Posted in: Japan 'extremely behind' in promoting gender equality, gov't admits See in context

Why must we be equal? What does that even mean? Humans are different: the two genders are different, cultures are different, races are different. These are facts, confirmed by research and biology. Men are better at some things women are better at others. I haven't seen anyone complain or worry that women far outweigh men as nurses or school teachers. In western countries women far outnumber men in law and veterinary studies.... no one seems to want to""equalise"" those areas. This is just more neo-marxist, woke nonsense.

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Posted in: Most in Japan oppose holding Olympics in 2021: polls See in context

Time to let it go

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Posted in: All Blacks beat Pumas 38-0 to take grip on Tri-Nations See in context

whilst this was a masterclass in discipline and patience - really NZ should have scored 60 points. Argentina being prevented from their litany of cheap shots and off the ball play from the 1st test were too busy tackling to ever fire a shot.

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Posted in: New Zealand leader Ardern offers virus know-how to Joe Biden See in context

She probably told Joe. "Well first you need a tiny country of 5 million people at the end of the world surrounded by a giant moat. Then, no public transport to speak of and an aversion to taking trains for travel. NZ was as much a beneficiary of its own isolation as anything else.

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Posted in: Japan, New Zealand press for open markets to boost recovery See in context

I really do enjoy how Cindy Ardern talks like a progressive and acts like a neo-liberal conservative. How long before her sycophantic followers wise-up. Japan of course are the exact opposite; free Trade is fine.... so long as all our major industries are protected with tariffs and subsidies.

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Posted in: Beaujolais Nouveau released See in context

It is hard to fathom why anyone would be interested in this insipid tasting wine.

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Posted in: 4-nation Rugby Championship to be played as 6 doubleheaders See in context

NZ should just withdraw - they would have won it with ease anyway

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Posted in: New Zealand's ruling party plans higher tax for top earners if re-elected See in context

Jacinda is nothing more than a populist. This, like so many of her colation's failed policies, is little more than a virtue signal. Having now now wasted billions of dollars, this meaningless little bit of fiscal adjustment has the effect of creating some schadenfreude amongst the left whilst accomplishing effectively nothing for the government books. Cindy the PR princess strikes again

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

Hilarious - I won't be bothering with a shot UNLESS it is free. simple as

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Posted in: Christchurch mosque gunman gets New Zealand's 1st life without parole sentence See in context

As a new zealander I am so proud that we do not have a death sentence in NZ. Despite the heinous nature of his crimes, Brenton Tarrant has been served justice, and not just revenge. Well done on this civilised decision.

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Posted in: Scientists revive microbes from 100 million years ago See in context

what could possibly go wrong??

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Posted in: Full crowds, rule tweaks and Dan Carter as Super Rugby returns in New Zealand See in context

The best players, the best coaches and the best refs... perfect!

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Posted in: Pandemic a major blow for Airbnb See in context

@robert maes Air BnB should never have been allowed to do business. It is completely unfair and unsafe competition for hotels

Utter rubbish. It's called the free market. If hotels are struggling to compete with Air BnBs then they need to adjust their prices.

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Posted in: Australia's biggest states hold off relaxing COVID-19 lockdowns See in context

Australia have moved ahead of NZ in their response now. Well done Oz

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to boost protection of wagyu genetic materials See in context

wagyu - the biggest scam in global beef. NZ Grass fed Angus any day of the week

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

it was just a couple of weeks ago that Japan was patting itself on the back and humble-bragging to the world. This is heading towards a big ugly mess in Japan

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Posted in: NZ's Ardern says many restrictions to be kept in place when lockdown ends See in context

Ardern was late to grasp the extent of the crisis and eventually moved as public and expert advice glamouring for action forced her hand. The media here (and abroad) have painted her as some kind of messiah figure but the truth is that she little more than a mouthpiece for the technocracy that actually runs NZ.

The OECD now state that NZ's economy will be the hardest hit in the developed world. Had the borders been closed earlier and the lockdown begun a week prior things may have been different. Luckily NZ is isolated and small and those are the main reasons NZ has not had a huge outbreak.

The cost will be vast though - both to our civil liberties (which have already suffered greatly under socialist Ardern's 'stewardship' and also to our economy.

When this minority coalition was formed (against the prevalent will of the country in 2017) - it was clear that Ardern and her cabinet were not ready or equipped to lead. Multiple failures in enacting policy and an unstable cabinet, at the mercy of the tiny NZ First party who have carte blanche to act despite only enjoying 3% support nationwide, had actually had Ardern sliding towards defeat in this year's general election. Crisis polls have approval ratings quite high, but they drop in the months following the lockdown. Given the pending devastation of the NZ economy...one can only hope this woman is thrown out of office sooner rather than later.

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Posted in: 'Friends' reunion delayed by coronavirus See in context

well...small mercies

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO hints Games could be in doubt even in 2021 See in context

totally not going to happen within 18 months. International travel is all but done until a vaccine is mass-produced.

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Posted in: Japan records 503 coronavirus infections on Wednesday; biggest daily jump since start of pandemic See in context

This is just the start. Japan did not move quickly enough and the peak is still weeks away.

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Posted in: Entertainer Tashiro found guilty over drug use, possession See in context

what a pathetic and archaic over reaction to this non-event

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Posted in: Olympic makeover: All aboard for new sports lighting up Tokyo 2020 See in context

The problem with baseball is the outside of the states and japan there is essentially zero interest in tis interminably dull pastime. Once the Olympics moves to the next host the stadiums will e empty again; which is why they were rightfully dropped for more dynamic, crowd pleasing sports like Rugby 7s

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Posted in: NZ rugby star Sonny Bill Williams follows Ozil in China criticism See in context

SBW should be encouraged to keep talking about Islam. He is an ultra moderate who doesn't accept the conservative muslim interpretation of the quran. Whilst Islam is a religion with deep problems of violence and zealotry - his position is one of peace. We should encourage hearing from Muslims like SBW

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Posted in: Space race: How 'Star Wars' became a battleground for diversity See in context

Unfortunately the woke silliness of the movie is not even its worst aspect. The terrible acting is.... so sad to end with such a poor movie

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Posted in: Tokyo court to allow Ghosn to talk with wife via videoconference See in context

how disgusting, degrading and dehumanizing the Japanese justice system is... How appalling that the Japanese justice department has prevented a man on financial charges from talking with his family. It's moments like this that I understand how Japan has not been invited to the Sc on the UN and how it's neighbours continue to push for war apologies etc... it is these uncivilised moments that speak volumes about Japan's character.

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Posted in: Music by the numbers: Scientists reveal a secret to great song writing See in context

The progression being written about is the I VI IV V7; probably the most dominant chord progression in pop music. As for the uncertainty of jazz - classic jazz is every bit as structured as pop. Improvisation largely occurs under a set of known rules, with even the most 'outside' licks generally resolving to the expected. Also, Neil Diamond wrote Red, Red, Wine (Not UB40).

One wonders where modern hip hop fits into all of this? The melodic content is quite restricted now and the progressions are often as simple as a I V or just a I IV.

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Posted in: South Africa beat England 32-12 to win 3rd World Cup See in context

England slumped to 3rd in world rankings as well.... to be fair any of NZ, Eng, SA could have won this RWC. Bt the Boks join NZ on 3 and England remain on their sole win back in 2003.

Having watched NZ dismantle Wales for 3rd... they'll be kicking themselves they didn't turn up against england last week.

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