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Posted in: IndyCar star Dixon to try skills on 'American Ninja Warrior' See in context

One of NZs great sportsmen!

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Posted in: Folau ready to walk away from Australian rugby over beliefs See in context

Fee speech first and foremost. Just as we are free to ridicule his beliefs and religion.

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Posted in: Fiji crushes NZ 50-7 to roll into Hong Kong Sevens quarterfinals See in context

Can we just add that NZ's FIRST team are all in Australia for the commonwealth games. So NZ's 2nd team have done remarkably well to make the quarters actually...

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Posted in: Du Preez to the fore as Sharks thrash Blues despite yellow See in context

Blues were pathetic - the Sharks hardly looked that good either to be frank. Two very poor teams running up big scores....

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Posted in: Ireland rugby internationals found not guilty of rape See in context

a counter civil suit to sue for damages is what should follow a debacle like this

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Posted in: Cheika happy with strong Super Rugby start for Australian teams See in context

He may be wise to wait until they have faced the NZ conference - there has been little to suggest this year will be much different to 2017 when they lost all games against their mighty neighbours

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Posted in: Andrew urges England to put Six Nations pain to good use See in context

england will again struggle to get out of their pool. It would be best if English rugby started using English players and got themselves an english coach. Their reliance on SH-born players and coaches needs to be revised.

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Posted in: Sunwolves urged to tighten defense ahead of Chiefs onslaught See in context

Chiefs are missing something like 15 players to injury... but I still expect them win with a bonus point

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Posted in: For England coach Jones, winning beats being entertaining See in context

Lolz...waking up today is a great day for world rugby. Well done Scotland... you shut tbe mouth up for a while at least

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Posted in: For England coach Jones, winning beats being entertaining See in context

Eddie Jones losing and having his mouth shut for a while - beats anything in Rugby

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Posted in: Japan to let more clinics conduct prenatal tests See in context

There should be zero restrictions and the price should be considerably lower

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Posted in: Banned England prop Marler to miss opening Six Nations matches See in context

Marler is one of the most overrated props in int'l rugby. He was brutally exposed on the BIL tour

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Posted in: Japanese dinner party recipe: Teriyaki beef mince canapé See in context

This is something I would have eaten as a student when I was too hard up for anything decent....

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Posted in: Emperor Akihito to abdicate on April 30, 2019 See in context

well that's got to be good news for the Japanese tax payer who funds the whole circus right?

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Posted in: Nice shot See in context

well played Japan Today... well played

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Posted in: Prime cuts: Talk of lifting Japan’s ban on British beef gives hope to UK firms See in context

The best beef is grass-fed. Best tasting and certainly the healthiest.

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Posted in: Wagyu Olympics held amid growing demand for luxury beef See in context

Wagyu is probably the biggest food scam of all time. Grass fed beef is both healthier and tastier.

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Posted in: Japan aims to more than quadruple rice exports in 2019 See in context

you'll want to drop the prices... overseas prices for rice are not inflated with such outrageous and inefficient subsidies to farmers...

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Posted in: Opposition lawmaker Yamao quits party over extramarital affair report See in context

who cares? people's private lives should be private -

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Posted in: Japan says U.S. has assured it of nuclear deterrent protection See in context

US assurances?? I wonder how much they are worth these days...?

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Posted in: 'Outing' by teachers puts LGBT students at risk in Japan See in context

Teachers certainly have a duty to inform parents of emotional and pastoral incidents and changes in their wards. If the child claims a risk of harm from the parent then they should use their discretion. But look, we teachers (trained and experienced ones anyway) are not social workers whatever society may think. I wouldn't betray a student's trust unless I thought their 'issue' had the potential to cause them har,.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

Certainly a debatable point. But no, Japan made it quite clear that they weren't a party to the Geneva convention... they can't really have it both ways. The rough treatment of POWs and the massacre of civilians in Japanese occupied territories deserved a brutal response.

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Posted in: Try this creamy tomato soup for lunch See in context

Metrics please.... only one country hasn't shifted on....

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Posted in: Contrast of styles in Lions against All Blacks in 1st test See in context

It is vital in so many ways that running rugby, based on skill and athleticism emerge victorious. To imagine that rugby could return to a stodgy forward-based, penalty oriented game is too much to bear.

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Posted in: Gatland rues mistakes as losses mount for British and Irish Lions See in context

smashing game - free flowing and helped immensely by the correct scrum rulings and the offside line being policed correctly for once.

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Posted in: Crown prince says he will devote himself 'body and soul' to job as emperor See in context

I wonder what the cost to the taxpayer for all this will be?

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Posted in: Oracle goes 2-1 to take lead in America's Cup qualifiers See in context

Barely matters what happens... Oracle will just change the rules to suit them and win the whole thing anyway. It is more about the courtroom than sportsmanship since Russell Coutts did the dirty on his old team.

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Posted in: Crusaders stretch unbeaten run as Kiwis dominate Super Rugby See in context

Kiwis dominating rugby is hardly news... more par for the course

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Posted in: England looking at All Blacks clash in November See in context

There is no upside for NZ in this fixture. The season is busy and they already face a bigger challenge than just England in the Lions. If England pay fr the privilege then NZ should just run the B team out and save any full game for the future.

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Posted in: Gatland eyes English riches for Lions rugby tour See in context

3-0 to New Zealand. The reality of how good NZ are is being kissed with the gap between England and other 6Ns teams.

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