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Jaymann comments

Posted in: Japan beats Scotland 28-21 to advance to Rugby World Cup quarterfinals for first time See in context

Epic and well-deserved. I thought Scotland might get up for this game. But the positive SH-style rugby of Japan was just to good for them. Great work by referee O'Keefe too. The SR refs have been the pick of the lot. World Rugby will likely be too myopic to give them the knock games they deserve... but fingers crossed.

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Posted in: Ireland cruise past Samoa into quarterfinals despite Aki red card See in context

Is he the first NZer to be red carded at a RWC?

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Posted in: O'Shea rues 'horrible' end to Italy's World Cup campaign See in context

Mind you 0 - 100+ is also a horrible way to finish.....

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

This is really sad - and means that the world champions go into a QF (potentially against Ireland) not having played for 2 weeks. That has disaster written all over it. NZ should invite Italy over for a private game in an indoor stadium

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Posted in: Wales reaches quarterfinals after 29-17 win over Fiji See in context

Referee Jerome Garces should be kept as far away from a game of rugby as possible. Easily the worst of the lot.

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Posted in: It's all Greek to Japan star Tamura at Rugby World Cup See in context

Given the coaches, captains, makes sense that English would be the dominant language of this team.

I 'fondly' remember NH types used to point at the ABs and moan and whine about players like Jonah Lomu and Umaga and Michael Jones...all born in NZ, all raised there but with parents from other nations. Making spurious claims of poaching (all proved false). Same such people are incredibly quiet when a team like England picks a player, direct from a NZ competition, never having been to England to play in their international team (Brad Shields). There is no doubt where the real poaching is taking place... no wonder the 6Ns and Japan has improved the quality of its rugby.

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Posted in: Reinach sets World Cup hat-trick record as Springboks thrash Canada 66-7 See in context

14 men, red card. Refs will decide the rwc 2019 champion... rugby's soul is being lost

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Posted in: Experimental All Blacks thrash Namibia 71-9 See in context

Nice little leg-stretcher for the 3x world champions

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Posted in: England back 'kamikaze kids' to smash Pumas at World Cup See in context

without fail - every neutral will be backing Argentina

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Posted in: Leitch returns to starting lineup for Japan's World Cup clash with Samoa See in context

This is a potential banana skin for Japan. They must go out and play their natural past tempo game. Be brutal on defence and attack when it's on. A bonus point should be considered only when the game is won. With Scotland starting to look like they're coming right - this is a very important game. Plus - as a kiwi I'm sure the ABs would rather face Japan than Ireland - and the local crowd obviously wants a QF against the three time winners and two-time defending World Champions.

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Posted in: All Blacks score 9 tries in 63-0 romp over Canada See in context

@Happyhere - Rugby already IS a true international sport

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Posted in: All three Barretts to start for All Blacks against Canada See in context

@Mitoguitarman - I think they're already working on Canada's obituary........

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers warn teams of approaching typhoon See in context

Not even a Typhoon and 11 changes to the All Blacks squad is going to save Canada from a world of pain

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Posted in: Typhoon may approach western Japan on Wednesday See in context

will it affect the rugby?

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Posted in: Wales edge Wallabies in 29-25 thriller See in context

yet again ref Poite shows that is just not up to this level of rugby.

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Posted in: Japan stun world No. 2 Ireland with 19-12 victory at Rugby World Cup See in context

Japan attacked and Ireland crumbled. The running rugby played in the Super Rugby comp was such great preparation for playing the power game. And with Gardener they had the perfect ref to allow it to happen; offsides were dealt with, space was given, attack flourished.

Who must face NZ (and likely elimination) in the QFs is going to be very interesting. Can Japan maintain this form against a wounded Scotland and a heavy hitting Samoa? Can't wait

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Posted in: Eddie Jones smiling as England peaking at Rugby World Cup See in context

mmmm yeah. Tonga and USA - great benchmarks

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Posted in: Sexton to sit out Ireland's clash with Japan See in context

Honestly - I can't see Sexton making it through. He clearly as a groin strain. 6 weeks minimum

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Posted in: Bowing to spectators, a new post-match trend at World Cup See in context

NZ always set the pace and the trend in world rugby

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Posted in: World Rugby admits challenges with refereeing at World Cup See in context

as usual the losers moaned. Ignoring all the questionable plays their losing teams made that also went unnoticed. Kieran Read's marginally and completely non-dangerous over the shoulder tackle of duToit hardly rates a mention. ...The constant neck rolls on ABs and the huge jersey collar pulls on savea...totally unnoticed. Sour grapes. Move on.

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Posted in: All Blacks beat Springboks 23-13 See in context

A monumentous game between the world's 2 heavyweights of rugby. The best game of the tournament by far, (so far) and a wonderful reminder of what attacking rugby can do to the ponderous, defence minded teams when the passes stick.

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Posted in: Ireland see off Scots 27-3 in rainy conditions See in context

That was a truly dreadful game of rugby. Ireland are beyond boring in their ""style"" and Scotland play like a team of amateurs. Just dreadful

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Posted in: Clash of styles as All Blacks, Springboks meet in Rugby World Cup blockbuster See in context

The world's 2 greatest rugby nations and holders of 5 of the 8 world cups between. Some are saying that these two teams will meet in the final - whilst that would be the best result for RWC2019 - I Tend to think the loser of this game will fall away in the QFs or SFs.

On paper the All Blacks should win this - but controversial referee Garce has shown that he has deep bias against them, that with the weather gives SA a great chance. 50/50.

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Posted in: Japan beats Russia 30-10 in Rugby World Cup opener See in context

The football played was a bit too frantic from japan and they were definitely feeling the pressure. There were far too many poor options taken by the 1st5/8. After 2 mins of kicking behind the Russians the job was done and they tired and ready to open up. But Japan kept kicking. I'm sure that Japan will be better for this game - but the reality is that the other teams in their pool will think that Japan respond poorly to pressure now.

Th Japanese number 8 played very well - his hands aren't the greatest, but his will to dominate the contact and drive through the tackle were the best amongst his pack.

Great to see Russia stay in the game for as long as they did

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Posted in: Bars brace for Rugby World Cup surge in beer drinking See in context

something other the usual mass-produced, slop like heineken would make a nice start

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Posted in: Boks call on referee for equal treatment against All Blacks See in context

@Risky Mosaic - Except that neither of them were well deserved...

This is a bit cheeky of Erasmus given the brutal assault by Snyman on Retallic in the RC

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Posted in: Departing Gatland out for perfect end to 12-year Wales reign See in context

If Wales win the world cup I will eat my hat.

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Posted in: All Blacks coach Hansen unruffled by breakdown 'cheats' call See in context

The usual jealousy and lack of understanding from NH commentators....

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Posted in: Japan holds nationwide disaster drills See in context

I tell you a disaster...that colour coordination.... disastrous!

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Posted in: Ireland wreck Gatland's Welsh farewell with 22-17 win See in context

As a NZ fan...t's been hard dropping to #2 these last 2 weeks.... after a decade at the very pinnacle, #2 was bitter pill

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