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JayTok comments

Posted in: Japan donates more than 1 million AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

They donated astrazeneca and not the once from phizer or moderna. Maybe because astrazeneca won't be used in Japan?

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Posted in: Disney's 'Mulan' to skip big screen with September streaming launch See in context

$30 rental amount for 2k video and stereo sound (disney plus limitation in Japan) is too much. Better wait for bluray release.

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Posted in: Pair of Hokkaido melons fetch record ¥5 mil at season's 1st auction See in context

Exactly HBJ.

Now that farmer will sell at higher rate at supermarket. Ordinary person might think if someone paid 5 millions then it must be very good and worth to pay few thousand extra.

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Posted in: 99% of Pacific megaquake predictions likely to prove wrong: survey See in context

And in that 99% this particular prediction is also included or not?

Maybe 1% correct prediction was because of software bug :)

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Posted in: Ghosn granted release on ¥500 mil bail but can't contact wife See in context

They mention below in almost every news regarding Ghosn's case. Don't understand what's the relation between company ownership and allegation against Ghosn?

Renault owns 43 percent of Yokohama-based Nissan, while Nissan owns 15 percent of Renault.

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Posted in: Frappuccino and macchiato celebrate Tokyo Reserve Roastery opening See in context

No news about the price hike at starbucks. They increased 10 yen before tax for all drinks from 15 Feb.

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Posted in: Nissan's second thoughts on UK-made SUV add to Brexit worry See in context

As always big companies (Japanese or non-Japanese) don't say the actual reason.

I think it's becuase of the recent Japan-EU trade deal (tax reduction in agriculture produce and also in made in Japan automobile). So no benefit in capital expenditure in UK plant.

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Posted in: New station on Tokyo's Yamanote line to be named Takanawa Gateway See in context

Takanawa was voted as number one by public but still it was not selected.

As usual public's opinion was ignored ;)

So why they even conducted voting?

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Posted in: Scarecrows outnumber people in dying Tokushima town See in context

There is an excellent documentary and interview about this (7 months old):


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