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Posted in: U.S. Senate committee concludes Russia used Manafort, WikiLeaks to boost Trump in 2016 See in context

Manafort should be charged for treason as he has colluded with a foreign power to undermine the 2016 elections. Yet he is out of prison because of COVID, what a stupid Justice system.

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Posted in: Japan's re-entry ban to contain virus unfair, Western business lobbies say See in context

Travel ban should remain in place till the situation is stabilized. Japan hardly needs any foreign investment as the Government prints money at will, deficits be damned. If exports are seriously threatened they may open the borders, until then they will just whistle in the dark!

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Posted in: Frenchman killed in crash at Fuji speedway See in context

Speed kills....................

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Posted in: Hokkaido town considers signing up for nuclear waste disposal site survey See in context

Drill under the Kasumigaseki in Tokyo or under the Diet and put the nuclear garbage there. the politicians in cahoots with the likes of TEPCO created this monster. Hokkaido will be very foolish to accept these bribes, the lives of future generations and the environment is at stake.

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Posted in: Osaka dominant on return to action in Japan See in context

The press has been reporting that Naomi Osaka is a dual-citizen which is false because Japan does not allow dual-citizenship.

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Posted in: Threat of typhoons, earthquakes reality for 2020 Olympic planning See in context

I hope nobody volunteers for the Olympics. Can you imagine going to Tokyo from across the country and spending two weeks at one's own expense while the top honchos rip the people with their astronomical salaries, perks, travel as well as their arrogance.

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Posted in: Arguing, booing overshadow Osaka's U.S. Open final win over Williams See in context

Terrible behaviour during a Grand Slam Final! The Grand Slam committee as well as the WTA should take some serious action against Serena, not a pat on the wrist with a mere fine. Serena has done this quite often, but calling the Umpire a "thief" and a "liar" is a bridge too far. She has crossed a red-line. Suspend her for the next FOUR Grand Slams, and perhaps she may change her horrible personality.

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Posted in: Phone service providers to be required to unlock used smartphones See in context


I did unlock an Iphone on the carrier's (AU) website after the six month period and while traveling to New York, I did insert a local SIM card and it worked flawlessly. If the Ministry can force the carrier's to unlock all phone it would save consumers a lot of time and money.

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Posted in: Native speakers in demand as Japanese schools step up English lessons See in context

English has to be taught from kindergarten, the Japanese Education Ministry has no clue, they have been dragging their feet for years and the standard of text books in the schools are pathetic!

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Posted in: Nadal back as No. 1, after three-year absence See in context

Congratulations to Nadal, a great comeback.

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Posted in: Struggling Singapore Airlines offers crew unpaid leave See in context

I flew on Singapore regularly until their Japanese office treated me poorly and then I vowed never to fly with them again! Glad to see them squirming.

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Posted in: Sony to launch high-speed, silent mirrorless camera See in context

All smoke and mirrors! Nobody in their right mind will cough up close to 5 grand for a Sony camera body! No professional will shift from either Nikon or Canon, I dont care how "silent" the Sony is, they are bound to bite the dust.

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Posted in: Tiny house by Muji finally goes on sale in Japan See in context

A misnomer, this simply cannot be called a "house" as it lacks a kitchen and a bathroom, call it a garden shed! A very costly shed I might add!

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Posted in: Sumitomo Electric to release compact residential Li-ion battery system See in context

Sounds very interesting, whats the price?

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Posted in: Kimiko Date returns to tennis at 46 See in context

Welcome back to the tour! As long as you enjoy the game keep playing, wishing you the very best.

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Posted in: Honda begins sales in Japan of all-new Freed and Freed+ compact minivan See in context

" any customer can use anytime, anywhere, in any way they want, and on any day of the week", pathetic to say the least. Why dont they change the name of this model to "ANY" ?

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Posted in: Gov't sets fines for vehicle mileage cheats See in context

Yes, I agree with gogogo, money to the people who were mis-led by Mitsubishi and not to the Ministry as they were sleeping at the wheel by allowing auto manufacturers to set their own economy/mileage tests.

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Posted in: Daihatsu targets new light car at single women See in context

In my opinion, this company makes the lousiest looking cars in Japan, their kei cars wobble all over the place with their high ground clearance and skinny tires. Do they ever undergo any safety tests at all?

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Posted in: 225 attacks on conductors, other staff reported by 16 train companies in 2015 See in context

@jalapeno I guess you just missed being on the list as #226! You are lucky!

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Posted in: Japan to cut emphasis on nuclear power in next energy plan See in context

I see photo voltaic panels wherever I drive in Mie. Several huge arrays even in my tiny village. Even though the feed-in-tariff is coming down, several entities including homeowners are installing these panels to bring down their annual electric costs. If products like TESLA's Powerwall and recently introduced battery storage products from Mercedes are introduced in Japan, this will further boost the expansion of photo voltaic sector. Japan is yet to tap it's underground thermal energy as the nuclear lobby is so powerful with many politicians with vested interests in the industry who have thwarted all attempts to make Japan nuclear-free.

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Posted in: As a G-7 summit venue, Mie sucks, magazine says See in context

Mie is a beautiful prefecture once you get out of the cities. The greenery, rice fields, persimmons, plums, grape orchards, tea plantations, lakes, rivers take your breath away. The Miyagawa river is probably the cleanest river in Japan and Mie has a wonderful coast of Ise Shima. And while visiting Ise shi, remember to visit the town of Tamaki just outside Ise, a charming town with historical significance.

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Posted in: Canon downgrades full-year profit, sales forecasts on China, yen See in context

All their lenses are far too expensive besides the fact that only serious hobbyists and professionals buy their DSLR cameras, the majority are happy with their mobile phone cameras!

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Posted in: Yen surges as global market rout continues See in context

All the gamblers are losing!

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Posted in: Little League champs See in context

Congratulation on winning this title. Is this a team from Tokyo or do they have players from all over Japan?

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Posted in: AirAsia to restart Japan flights early next year See in context

I think basing the airline in Chubu is a good idea as it is centrally located and away from the saturated markets of Tokyo and Osaka.

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Posted in: Aussie tennis star Tomic arrested after hotel party See in context

This guy is heading downhill, he has issues on many fronts- speeding in Australia, Australian Tennis Federation and with Miami police. He will surely ruin his budding career. Many 'nouveau riche' have gone down this path before . Not a good role model in any sport.

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Posted in: A look at the teams in the quarterfinals at the Women's World Cup See in context

You can see all the matches on the internet, check out the streaming sites.

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Posted in: Next year's G-7 summit in Mie to be held May 26-27 See in context

I visited this hotel a week ago, it was poorly designed and looked run-down, but I guess it is enough for the guys who live off the tax-payers in their respective countries.

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Posted in: Diet passes revision to Road Traffic Law to deal with elderly drivers See in context

Still a dumb system. Impose a mandatory cognitive as well a reflex/reaction tests on seniors from 70 onwards. In the countryside there are seniors aged 80 plus who are crawling at 15 kph holding up traffic which could lead to accidents as people try to pass them illegally! Many do not turn their light at dusk, they think it has to be pitch black before using their headlights, same issue during fog.

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Posted in: Driver struck by another vehicle in the wrong lane ordered to pay Y40 million See in context

"What was the judge thinking", my question is " What was he smoking" ?

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