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'A mistake is a mistake' concept may not be familiar in China, imho.

Twice, I purchased an item on Ebay by mistake. When I contacted them, sellers in China, said I had bought that by mistake and asked cancellation, but they never cancelled nor refunded even though they had plenty of time. Their response were it was MY mistake and not theirs. You would not get favourable response from them if you say you have a genuine mistake, because again it was YOUR mistake not theirs and you should take any consequences from YOUR mistake, that is what I felt from Chinese sellers.

I might be wrong but this 'A mistake is a mistake' should not apply to China.

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I have seen a photo of a street seller fallen to the ground in China. That could have been me or anyone who would need to support family. Without financial support, people would go to work to support their family despite Abe's plea. The government would need to do much more than sending out 2 masks to every family.

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New Zealand with 4 million population has already tested more than 74,000 of its people. Japan has just passed 100,000. Why not asking South Korea to help Japan out? They must have test kits available.

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It seems too late, but I hope people in Japan get through this difficult time with minimum loss. Japan Government, you need to act as soon and as much as possible

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It is sensible approach. Japan might need more rooms around cluster area. Everyone should get involved especially corporations!

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You are very lucky, however, are there enough jobs that foreigners can work in New Zealand ?

I am a resident here. My wife's business has employees including a student visa holder who could work 20 hours a week. That student visa holder is also being paid during current lockdown. Any employee, who is legally able to work in New Zealand regardless of resident status, is being paid.

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Bad luck for foreigners working in Japan.

It has entered the second week of a four week lockdown here in New Zealand. But, foreign workers are being paid through Covid19 Wage Subsidy just like New Zealand residents.

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Government isn’t necessarily the problem. Incompetent government is clearly a problem.

I couldn't agree with you more Jimizo

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