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Posted in: Hayashi points to U.S. forces over COVID surge in parts of Japan See in context

He’s actually right. There is partial blame there.

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Posted in: U.S. talk show host Megyn Kelly off air after blackface comment See in context

For all you that say this is no big deal and she shouldn’t be fired, very easy for you to say when you haven’t walked in a black persons shoes. For all those ignorant of the fact, blackface was and is used to denigrate people of color.

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Posted in: 'Me and Mrs. Jones' singer Billy Paul dead at age 80 See in context

Me and Ms Jones! RIP

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Posted in: Ichiro so close to 3,000 hits - if he can get enough at-bats See in context

He's been playing stateside 15 years and still needs an interpreter??

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Posted in: Former baseball star Kiyohara arrested over drug possession See in context

This guy needs help. He's been crying out for help for the last few years. After hearing about his blog post, it's obvious.

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Posted in: Filmmaker tries to rebut dolphin hunt documentary 'Cove' See in context

This broad has a lot of nerve. Does she have Twitter?

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Posted in: Dr. Dre ready with 'final' album after 16 years See in context

NWA As a kid growing up in LA. I loved these guys telling the world how is was really was/is for young blacks in urban areas. Can't wait to see this film! Gonna be EPIC!

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Posted in: 'Lolicon' teachers a growing concern See in context


Yup! Well said.

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Posted in: Williams routs Sharapova to reach Wimbledon final See in context

^ another veiled attempt at petty racism. Yes she is THAT good. Greatest woman player in the history of tennis.

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Posted in: JR West executive accused of molesting schoolgirl commits suicide in park toilet See in context


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Posted in: Kameda beats Ruiz to keep WBA bantamweight title See in context

^^^ very very true. have 0 respect for japanese boxers who stay in country and "defend" their titles.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being 'restrained' by police See in context

it took 3 keystones to restrain 1 woman?! sounds like manslaughter.

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Posted in: 14 suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning at indoor barbecue See in context

you've got to be kiddin me. unreal.

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Posted in: Austrian daredevil breaks sound barrier during freefall from stratosphere See in context

Redbull uses a significant amount of its profits towards promotional stunt like these.

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Posted in: Softbank iPhone trade-in system in violation of trade law, police say See in context

^^^^ true. nail in the head. AU=KDDI=JPN government.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai to make comeback in December See in context

so you think someone who who did a couple of years for smoking weed shouldn't be able to re asimilate back into society? what would you have them do then? and you question my morals and values because I happen to know them? sounds like you need a job in Japanese government, you would fit right in.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai to make comeback in December See in context

@smith it's not the fact that she's a celebrity. I personally know 3Japanese guys and one foreigner that were cought, convicted and jailed for drugs here. they did their time and are now re asimilated back into society. my point is whether you are a fan of nori p, (I'm not I could care less about her) or not. why isn't she able to get back to doing what she does to earn a living? she was crucified by the media, her industry shunned her for three years, and blowhards like some folks above have completely written her off. isn't that enough?? what else do y'all want? ppl make mistakes celebs and 'regular' ppl like us.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai to make comeback in December See in context

you guys with your holier than thou narrow minded attitudes. smh. she got caught, paid her "debt to society". now she wants to move on. why can't you?? get over yourselves.

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Posted in: Panda born at Tokyo zoo for 1st time in 24 years See in context

be prepared to hear about this birth for months!

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Posted in: Suspect in train groping case escapes from police 'koban' by back door See in context

LOL! Classic! Keystones in their finest hour!

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Posted in: Japanese woman hit by NY police bullet gets escort to airport See in context

lol at oikiwa! great!

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Posted in: Dodgers reach deal with Magic Johnson group See in context

tv deal will be worth billions! largest market in US. 'the Magic touch!'

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Posted in: Dodgers reach deal with Magic Johnson group See in context

^^^ McCourt and his wife were co-owners of the dodgers. then divorced. therefore she is entitled to half? or something like that. Go Magic!

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Posted in: Chiba police ignored stalker report and went on trip to Hokkaido See in context

keystones at their finest!

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Posted in: Rangers manager advises Darvish: Just be Yu See in context

fair enough. mod erased my post. I'm not sure what we are supposed to be discussing. maybe mod can give us an example?

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Posted in: Rangers manager advises Darvish: Just be Yu See in context

oginome: you obviously lack any type of athletic ability. to criticize Darvish for not giving enough credit to a guy for getting a hit off of him is ignorant. to play any type of sport and be successful at it you need to have a bit of arrogance. to be an elite athlete you have to truly believe that you are the best at what you are doing? heard of tiger woods? Michael Jordan? Rafael nasal? Kobe Bryant? think those guys don't believe they are the best? think they would concede an inch? Darvish simply stated the guy didn't get that good of a shot off of him. What about Rory Mcilroy? think he got to be #1 in the world by conceding to Tiger?

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Posted in: Rangers manager advises Darvish: Just be Yu See in context

oginome: it has nothing to do with being 'American' to know who Nolan Ryan is. you are posting in a baseball topic, so you shouldn't be so incredulous just because someone ask 'you don't know Nolan Ryan'?

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Posted in: 2 bodies found in wreck of burned car in Nagano See in context

u ever played golf? no cameras in parking lot. for what?

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Posted in: 3 people found dead apparently from starvation in Saitama apartment See in context

death by poverty?? the 30 yr old could have gotten a JOB! I'm sure any local convinience store was hiring.

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Posted in: Olympus executive in India dead in apparent suicide See in context


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