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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

Please stop buying Nestle. Nestle just recently were sued for killing tonnes of fish in French river due to pollution spill. Support smaller companies who use real ingredients.

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Posted in: Fishing crews arriving in New Zealand have coronavirus See in context

I wonder how popular these quarantine hotels will be for regular guests in the future?

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Posted in: Ardern wins landslide victory in New Zealand See in context

All elections are. She got re-elected on how popular her policies and actions have been.

She did a great job of offering wage subsidies right up the election. Supporting that of 470,000 jobs.

Really wish the best for NZ, a great place.

Would have voted ACT myself, the only one making sense.

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Posted in: Ardern wins landslide victory in New Zealand See in context

It's a popularity contest, congrats 'Aunty Jacinda' had it in the bag, let's keep the country closed to outsiders forever!

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Posted in: Japan to give some travel agencies more subsidies for Go To Travel program See in context

Some of these tourist destination are on the verge of bankruptcy, how much tax payer money will be needed to bail out entire towns?

Better to support them now while they are still running and keep them going.

Travel with precaution. Those who are afraid of Covid or have savings can easily close their business and re-open at a later date when they feel safe.

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Posted in: Ardern set to win in New Zealand's 'COVID election' See in context

New Zealanders still living in true fear of Covid. There is still strong belief that she is doing the right thing by shutting down the country.

NZers watch too much tv and follow click bait news to see mass graves in Brazil and India, when the reality in these countries, people are happy and mostly going about normal life (I live in one of these places).

There is a fear in NZ that their small nation in the middle of nowhere will become a mass grave, it's just not true.

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context

There are entire towns whose economy rely on tourism from Tokyo. If the local councils or businesses in these tourist towns are worried about Covid-19 from visitors, they can easily close their doors until there is a vaccine. Those who would like to open can profit from the campaign, maybe survive bankruptcy.

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Posted in: Rescued crewman dies; records reveal defects with cattle ship sunk off Japan See in context

Those who buy Meat/dairy product openly support the destruction of forest around the world. You only need to look at New Zealand as a prime example. Those 'beautiful' green rolling hills used to be native forest before the Europeans arrived. Very sad and nobody seems to care as long as they can eat rotting flesh, their god given right.

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Posted in: U.N. chief urges Japan, others to meet goals on climate change See in context

The needless business travel should be the first to stop. Had a guy travel across the country to suggest I become a reseller for his product. I could have just told him no over the phone/skype/zoom.

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Posted in: 48.1% feel healthier due to coronavirus outbreak See in context

Far less people will die this year in Japan thanks to Covid. The elderly especially taking much more care.

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Posted in: Pandemic derails Abe's strategy to revive regional Japan with tourism See in context

"Some hotels increase prices during the peak season and it's annoying but it's how they stay afloat to counter the quieter times during the year without letting staff go (and be sure that's it's not the hotel booking platform you're using that is doing that based on cookies and not the hotel itself).

Either way the hotel needs to paying 12% minimum of the total to the booking website as a fee. I would be very surprised if the hotel can not do at least 10% discount on the price you see on these booking websites, if anyone takes the time to check the actual hotel website.

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Posted in: Int'l school teachers in Japan exempted from entry ban See in context

should I leave for any reason, I'd be banned from returning to all that. Please explain to me why that is.

People are completely against domestic travel because of the virus, but are outraged when they can't head off on a holiday overseas because of the virus. Insanity.

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Posted in: Int'l school teachers in Japan exempted from entry ban See in context

I finally received my Japanese visa this year after years of applying, however I accept responsibility for leaving and understand why I am not allowed back. I could have stayed but chose not to.

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Posted in: Massive blast rips through Beirut, killing 78 and injuring thousands See in context

"2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were stored in a warehouse for six years without safety measures" - Aljazeera

Crazy considering there have been previous bombings in the area.

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Posted in: Gov't will not ask people to forgo summer travel due to virus, Suga says See in context

Many tourism areas are on their last legs and need domestic visitors to survive. It's wise of the government to support these places. Who will support them after bankruptcy?

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Posted in: Latin America see coronavirus records tumble as cases near 5 million See in context

I'm living in Latin America currently. There are many many cases, however life goes on here as the people have bigger problems. Everyone is happy, all the businesses are open. There are precautions in place and that's it.

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Posted in: Trump floats idea of election delay See in context

The Environment, the planet, our home should be top priority for any politician, any person voting. How is it not?

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Posted in: Gov't persists with 'Abenomask' giveaway, reigniting social media outcry See in context

If the weirdos didn't horde all the facemasks in the beginning, there would be no need for the Abenomasks.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 266 new cases of coronavirus See in context

Japan has the model in which the world should follow. Even before Covid-19 arrived, the cleanliness of public spaces is the best in the world. With such populated areas and packed trains (Tokyo), death rate is very low, yet the livelihood of most people is not effected too badly. Restaurants and hotels, tourist destination are another story, hopefully the "Go to" travel plan helps them get through this, along with the "Go Eat" campaign coming soon to help restaurants.

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Posted in: Tokyoites leaving bustle behind as pandemic proves catalyst for change See in context

AntiquesavingJuly 27  09:05 am JST

It all sounds so nice, that is until one realises that living in most of these areas requires personal transportation to do the tiniest of things.

Want to go get a drink at the convenience store, get on your bicycle ride for 10 to 20 min or get in the car and drive there.

Rain, show etc...will make taking the bicycle a pain so more cars, then the small suburb roads will be even more fun to drive (yes sarcasm).

If your idea of a good life is being able to walk to buy a sugar drink from a kombini, the countryside is definitely not for you.

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Posted in: Australia suffers its deadliest day of pandemic See in context

C'mon Australia, It's time to accept the truth. The virus will not be eliminated. The sooner this is accepted the better.

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Posted in: Australian state reports 357 new coronavirus cases, 5 deaths See in context

In Australia, masks are touched frequently and often worn poorly. You can wear a mask all day, then rub your eyes by accident. Eyes exposed to droplets are the reason masks were disregarded previously. Is this not a thing any more?

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Posted in: Olympic athletes ponder what might've been in Tokyo See in context

If the virus has been mostly contained and the games are to go ahead, I would suggest spreading the events around the country like they do in the world cup (football, rugby etc). Have a Japan olympics instead of Tokyo olympics to encourage social distancing and avoid mega crowds in an olympic village full of people from every country in the world. Would be good for the smaller towns struggling this year with no tourism.

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Posted in: Travelers cautious of coronavirus as 4-day weekend starts See in context

The reason for the travel promotion is to help the towns and villages on the verge of bankruptcy. I'm not sure if it's common knowledge but many of these places cannot survive without domestic visitors. Imagine an entire village basically having to close up, the death of an entire town. While it is essential all precautions are in place to reduce the spread of the virus, some people have other things to worry about, such as their livelihood.

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Posted in: Gov't decides to pay Go To cancellation fees for Tokyoites See in context

Unsure of the awareness of the many small towns facing an abrupt death directly from the effects of domestic tourism down to 0%. Many places upgraded facilities for Olympic year and essentially will go bankrupt without help. While there are obvious risks of Covid spreading (985 people have died from it in 6 months). There is certain death of entire towns/village without government support.

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Posted in: Australia warns coronavirus outbreak will take weeks to tame See in context

Good luck to Australia. They already attempted to eradicate the virus with lockdowns and look where they are now. Time to accept the truth that the virus is here to stay.

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Posted in: 650 new coronavirus cases reported in Japan; 290 in Tokyo See in context

The virus is here to stay in Japan, how long will it take people to recognise and accept this?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 293 new COVID-19 cases See in context

Zach KuhnJuly 17  04:14 pm JST

It's to the point where most of my Japanese friends are pretty much tired of hearing about the news. They'll mask up and practice social distancing at the stores and stuff but it's evident to me that anything the government says or does will fall on deaf ears at this point. Therefore we really should be focusing our attention on scientific conclusions and medical advancements instead of further trying to restrict citizens. Yes, close the bars and poorly ventilated spaces, however, as that's a pretty solid scientific consensus at this point.

Spot on.

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Posted in: Go To travel campaign thrown into disarray after minister's remarks See in context

This is what I'm hearing from my Japanese friends (more or less):

COVID-19 has been in Japan for 6 months now, it's still here. The fact is that it is here to stay; it will not be eradicated; the new normal is to live with more precaution than before, travel with more precaution than before. Many tourism related business on the brink of bankruptcy due to having recently renovated, upgraded facilities due to the boom in tourism in recent years and to prepare for the olympic influx which was much needed. With precaution such as hospital grade cleaning procedure and extra precaution they should go ahead with this travel campaign. If not now, when? There is no proof of a vaccine. The government is trying to support this industry which really needs it.

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Posted in: Gov't to exclude trips by Tokyo residents from Go To campaign See in context

With the tourism industry in such a bad state, I think a better idea is to leave it up to the accommodation providers etc to decide whether they will accept tourists during the pandemic. They need all the support they can get. The Japanese social distance better than anyone else, with extra precaution in place, I support this program.

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