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Posted in: As Wajima city digs out from quake, hopes fade for tourism recovery See in context

Tourists are cancelling bookings of places that barley felt the quake, just because it's in the vicinity on the map.

There are tourists cancelling or postponing their entire trip to Japan because of this quake.

Source: I work in tourism, Japan.

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes central Japan; tsunami reach Japan Sea Coast See in context

Luckily it is a low snow year, so the houses in this area do not have a lot of snow on the roof.

Snow on the roof causes buildings to collapse more often during an earthquake due to the heavy load on the roof swaying side to side.

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Posted in: Japan reports 233,094 coronavirus cases; record high 40,406 for Tokyo See in context

Let's be honest, covid articles get clicks and comments, the more cases, deaths, doom and gloom, the more engaged we are. From my experience in the real world, on the ground in Tokyo during the worst phase of the pandemic, everything felt exactly the same as pre covid, I would not know there is a pandemic if I didn't read the news. A headline/story "everything is normal in Japan" does not really get clicks/comments.

It's up to us really to decide if we are triggered by the news or just get on with our lives as everyone else is.

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Posted in: Unvaccinated Olympic snowboarder defends choice after quarantine See in context

Massive respect to her. The only person she could put at risk is herself, which is her decision. Good to see China let her compete.

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Posted in: Spotify CEO to employees: Canceling Rogan not 'the answer' See in context

I am not a Rogan "supporter", but I like his podcast because his guests often offer compelling thoughts and ideas, It can be entertaining and even scary to hear whats happening in front of our eyes.

Cancelling Rogan or anyone who just asks honest questions is not right. I can't believe anyone would support that unless there is financial incentive.

Some people will watch their local news channel or trust government messages and anything that questions that narrative must be evil or lies.

I am a happy subscriber to Spotify and will continue to be.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

Just hope they don't mandate it for kids to go to school like they are doing in New Zealand.

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Posted in: Japanese parents weigh pros, cons of having their children vaccinated See in context

My child will not be vaccinated. I am double vaccinated and regret it, since evidence now shows natural immunity (having had covid previously) is much stronger. Child has antibodies through breastmilk.

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Posted in: Japan considers bringing forward COVID booster shots for all: Kishida See in context

I would consider it if the vaccine worked. Why don’t I need boosters of all my other vaccines like measles every few months?

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Posted in: When the chips are down: McDonald's rations fries in Japan See in context

Can I have 15 x small fries please..

Japan is comical at times.

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Posted in: New app to allow travelers paperless entry into Japan See in context

It's worth it, once you get into Japan you would not even know there is a pandemic. Looking forward to going back in January.

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Posted in: WHO sees unprecedented Omicron spread; Pfizer says COVID pill effective See in context

People are still seriously trusting Pfizer?

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Posted in: Japan to simplify immigration procedures for wealthy travelers See in context

Agreed! they should only fly economy and line up with the rest of us. What could go wrong when everyone knows which flight/ship rich celebrities are traveling on. Also, I think hostel mixed dormitories should be imposed instead of luxury accomodation for these people.

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Posted in: Japan reverses halt of inbound flight bookings after criticism See in context

"I changed my mind" should be more adopted and acceptable globally. Accepting that in a changing situation, decisions are made quickly and also can be reversed just as quickly. Unfortunately there will be some stressful situations for many people who were denied travel in the past days. I am sure they will see the bright side now they are allowed to enter Japan.

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Posted in: Japan suspends new reservations on all incoming flights See in context

Who resides in Japan and has a rental apartment, then leaves with no return flight booked?

Seems like a lot of unprepared people trying to push the blame onto others.

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

Who are these residents who don't reside in Japan? Suddenly it's against their human rights that they can't enter?

It was pretty obvious this could happen. I would assume that a resident who had interests in Japan would have returned by now.

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Posted in: New Zealand strait crossed for first time by electric plane See in context

These guys built an electric plane and you are trying to teach what a solar panel does?

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Posted in: Denmark becomes only European country with no COVID restrictions See in context

There is an interesting category of people who already had covid, being 8x more immune to the virus than those who had the vaccine. It seems that despite their immunity they are being ignored when it comes to “vaccine passports”, perhaps there is no money to be made off healthy people with natural immunity.

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Posted in: Philippine Airlines files for bankruptcy See in context

The only airline to upgrade me to business, rip

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Posted in: New Zealand unable to keep supermarket attacker locked up: Ardern See in context

He tried to leave NZ for Syria but they blocked him from leaving. Should have let him go.

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Posted in: New Zealand wages high-stakes effort to halt virus outbreak See in context

Pray for New Zealand

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Posted in: Delta variant confirmed in New Zealand; virus case total increases to 7 See in context

Pray for New Zealand

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Posted in: 40-year-old woman dies in avalanche while snowboarding in Aomori See in context

Hakkoda is famous in Japan for being dangerous, the Japanese military used the area to train for a battle with Russia, there is a film about it called 'Hakkodasan'. It is a sad story, however she died doing what she loved. Many more die needlessly commuting in their cars.

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Posted in: New Zealand imposes 3-day lockdown on Auckland after 3 new local COVID-19 cases See in context

People in New Zealand must be happy with the response, they get to go about daily life like before. I think most people are happy to be 'stuck' at home for a beautiful summer. In saying that, I think there is definitely fear and anxiety within NZ regarding Covid. In Japan I don't feel or see any fear around me here, despite there being cases around. It's a completely different mentality. The Japanese have lived through much worse times.

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Posted in: New Zealand imposes 3-day lockdown on Auckland after 3 new local COVID-19 cases See in context

New Zealanders can leave and return.

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Posted in: A look at what quarantine is like in Japan See in context

I am sure there are Japanese who break quarantine rules too, I just don't know them personally. However, every single foreigner I know who came in to Japan within 2 weeks is skiing or other activity. Not saying every foreigner does it, just every one that I know.

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Posted in: A look at what quarantine is like in Japan See in context

I do not know a single foreigner who has entered Japan and followed the 14 day quarantine procedure properly. It's like letting a dog off a leash, only a rare few can be trusted.

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Posted in: Criticism keeps swirling over Tokyo Olympic chief's sexist comments See in context

Just tick the boxes and say the correct things that make people smile or nod. Freedom of speech does not exist.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy hit and killed by truck on street crossing See in context

Aomori... Very icy and snow built up everywhere blocks the view of drivers and pedestrians. Accidents inevitable in these conditions. Not saying this was the case here but this was especially mentioned. Sad story.

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Posted in: Japan finds new coronavirus variant in travelers from Brazil See in context

Except Japan requires a certain format for the covid test, with the doctor's/clinics signature or stamp on it. To my understanding this means the 'hard copy' with the original signature/stamp, i.e. not a printed copy. Bit harder to fake that.

You can fake it easily. You can even sign as any doctor pretending to be one, no stamp necessary. They don't have a list of every doctor in Brazil.

Anyway even if a real doctor does sign the form, he is basing his signature off the test result, which is the easiest document to fake in the world.

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Posted in: Japan finds new coronavirus variant in travelers from Brazil See in context

The system in place for returning residents is not bad (covid test within 72 hours and quarantine). There are two problems. A Covid test can be faked easily. It's usually a pdf sent by email. The work positive can be changed to negative by a child with a computer. Once you arrive to Japan if you test positive without symptoms you just go to a hotel anyway, I think it's subsidised. The second problem is that people are not following the rules of the quarantine at all. We can blame the Japanese system for being too relaxed, the trust system does not work for non-Japanese.

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