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JBird comments

Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context


Yes, she is nationally a foreign born nationalized Japanese, but racially and ethnically she is not.

It’s true her ancestors were not so ethnic origin is not Japanese, just as you are not ethnically American. However, “Japanese” is not a race, it’s only an ethnicity, primarily Yamato. In that regard I think you would have to agree that she is as much “Japanese” as you are “American”.

It changing slowly, but at least Japan is changing.

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Posted in: Russia says it thwarted attacks on Crimea bridge See in context


And no Russia hasn't officially formally declared war on Ukraine yet

When or if Putin does then you'll know it

Because it will be announced in the news? I’m pretty sure nothing else will change.

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Posted in: Drone hits Crimean ammunition depot as strikes kill, wound civilians and journalists in Ukraine See in context


Sorry, but both side aren’t “as bad as each other”. Only one of the sides launched an imperialistic invasion of a sovereign nation in an attempt to steal territory! Ukraine is just defending its country m, as any of us would do if someone invaded our home!

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Posted in: One Pokeball to rule them all See in context


Nothing desperate, just business. This is just an updated version and these devices have been available since 2016 soon after the game was released. Apparently quite popular.

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Posted in: Russia strikes Ukraine's critical port facilities in Odesa after halting grain deal See in context

Mr Kipling

And yet again no military facilities were hit, not one... all very believable.

It seems one in Crimea was hit.

Oh, sorry, that was one of the imperialist’s invader bases so you didn’t want to hear about that one I guess.

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Posted in: Ukraine downs Russian drones but some get through due to gaps in air protection See in context

…Russia had mined the cooling system of the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

without any regard for civilian lives, now and in the future, it looks like Russia has blown two dams already in order to slow Ukraine’s offensive.

It also seems that Putin may be thinking that when it nears the end and Russia’s total defeat he will blow the nuclear plant before he resorts to using nuclear weapons. When the plant trick doesn’t work his last resort will be going nuclear.

Ukraine needs to be given all the help the need to crush this as soon as possible and send the Russians home yo obscurity!

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Posted in: Russia says drones lightly damage Moscow buildings, while Ukraine's capital bombarded See in context

"It is, of course, a clear indication of terrorist activity.”

This seems this is the same as an admission by the Kremlin that what they are doing, but on a much greater scale, is also a terrorist activity.

An apple in one place is still an apple in another.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskyy aims for Western warplane coalition; Russians pressure Bakhmut See in context

Never in my life,have seen begging,with a sense of entitlement,…

I’m not sure why you think it’s with “entitlement”? What I really see with this repeated talking point is the concern of the pro-Putin pro-invasion group that Ukraine is getting help and is defending itself against Purim’s unsuccessful land-grabbing invasion!

As soon Russia pulls its forces out and admits defeat all the killing will end. Putin really guessed wrong on this one and it will lead to his demise. Sooner rather than later I hope!

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Posted in: Bomb kills Russian war blogger, injures 25 in St Petersburg cafe See in context


For example, it could be an antiwar protest.

It could likely be an antiwar protest. A lot of Russians are very much against the war.

Or maybe an FSB operation?

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Posted in: New Zealand won't require travelers from China to show COVID-19 test See in context

… it’s an endemic and will circulate the world …

Endemic?? COVID has already spread around the world and has been pandemic for over two years. Perhaps you missed that memo?

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Posted in: Russia says it shot down Ukrainian drone near airbase See in context

there is always reason for some action.

and in the case of invading Ukraine it was the ego of the insane, warmongering, imperialist Putin.

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Posted in: Russia says it shot down Ukrainian drone near airbase See in context


near future may confirm my words written above.

Right, and I might win the lottery tomorrow. Not likely!

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Posted in: Plaintiffs appeal Tokyo court ruling on same-sex marriage See in context

Bronman (Eastco?)

The law is simple:

1: You can't marry a minor.

2: You can't marry a person who is the same gender as you.

3: You can't marry a close blood relative.

The law applies equally to everybody.

As simple as is. dont need say a word more.


but wrong, out of step, and most likely unconstitutional.

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Posted in: Power blackouts hit Ukraine amid Russian shelling See in context


Keep provoking Russia..

Keep provoking, Russia..

Fixed it. Punctuation is important!

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Posted in: U.S. vows full military defense of allies against North Korea See in context

Hanguk not Hangul

we really need a correction function on JT

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Posted in: U.S. vows full military defense of allies against North Korea See in context


it will be Joseon, Hanguk, AND Nihon

I know you get excited about using old names used in Korean but not recognized internationally, but using the correctly would be nice. Neither Joseon nor Hanguk refers to a country that exists today.

The North Koreans sometimes refer to a unified Korea as Joseon, the South Koreans refer to a unified Korea as Hangul, of course Nihon (although often Nippon) refers to the current Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. vows full military defense of allies against North Korea See in context

And who will defend the smallest and poorest country in Asia, Joseon, from the historically most violently parasitic and hostilely invasive and MUCH larger cultures with which it is surrounded who are constantly threatening it and starving it of necessities?

Korea is no where near the smallest nor the poorest country in Asia. Not even close, it doesn’t even make the list any longer.

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Posted in: U.N. condemns Russia's move to annex parts of Ukraine See in context


So 50 countries openly refused to condemn Russia actions, thus snubbing NATO.

I know it’s hard for the Kremlin to try to put a positive spin, or try to discount it’s importance, of this but yours was really a pathetic attempt.

Four countries joined Russia, Syria, Nicaragua, North Korea and Belarus.

The other 35 just cowardly buried their heads in the sand.

Fortunately the vast majority of the world stood up against Russia’s imperialism, and you can be sure the others that weren’t strong enough to show Russia support won’t go out of their way to help Russia from now either.

It’s very telling when your only friends in the world, even if they’re really only pretend friends, are Syria, Nicaragua, North Korea and Belarus!

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting woman See in context

Being a woman anywhere is fraught with danger, but in Japan, never be alone and avoid crowded public transport.

I agree there are dangers everywhere and more needs to be done, but your comment is also a huge exaggeration. For example, to put things into perspective, the US has an average of over 1,200 reported major sexual assaults per day. Most don’t even make the local news and certainly never the national news.

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Posted in: Osaka to raise COVID-19 alert to highest level amid record cases See in context

Ok we all know that the vaccines don't prevent infection or transmission.

They don't seem to be preventing hospitalizations either.

Why black and white? Prevent? Like in zero cases? Bronco, perhaps you could give us an update on what the infection, hospitalization, and death ratios would be if no one were vaccinated? Without that you can’t say the vaccines are effective, but I know that goes against your narrative so I doubt we’ll hear from you on this!

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about Japan acquiring nuclear-powered submarine See in context


In that case the LDP will continue to prioritize nuclear submarines, …

In your haste to say something negative about the LDP it’s clear you didn’t even read the article, or at least not carefully enough to understand.

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Posted in: Zelenskky says Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine has begun See in context

No iam not supporting Putin

Anyone that needs to add this to the end of every post is most likely doing just the opposite of what it says!

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Posted in: Princess Mako diagnosed with PTSD; to marry Kei Komuro on Oct 26 See in context

gakinotsukai Today  05:08 pm JST

Being rich doing nothing is worth some media coverage no ?

Not really…

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Posted in: Harris accuses China of intimidation in disputed seas See in context

ZaphodToday  06:34 pm JST


As they did about the Trump administration, the Obama administration, the Clinton administration, and the (fill in the blank) administration. Remember, you’re talking about the Global Times!

Err, no. Obviously, you have not been reading the Global Times. They totally hated Trump because he acted against CCP interest. The did not gloat about his weakness, because there was none to gloat about. And they were very friendly towards Obama, because he was pro China.

Obviously you have no idea what I read! But, just for fun, can you guess where this paragraph talking about Trump is from? If you guessed GT you win!

“Trump, who was mockingly called by Chinese netizens an "American comedian" with his Chinese nicknames "Chuan Jianguo" (meaning "Trump builds China" in Chinese) and "Dong Wang" (meaning a man self-claimed as a king who "knows everything"), was the hottest public figure on Weibo in 2020 for having the most hot topics on the trending list.”

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Posted in: Harris accuses China of intimidation in disputed seas See in context


Harris can "accuse" the CCP in some speech in Singapore, but the fact is that if you read the CCP mouthpiece "Global Times", you will see that the CCP is in fact gloating about the weakness and incompetence of the Biden administration.

As they did about the Trump administration, the Obama administration, the Clinton administration, and the (fill in the blank) administration. Remember, you’re talking about the Global Times!


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Posted in: Texas Democrats continue holdout, don’t show for new session See in context

Nothing at all intellectual about bailing on a bill that you know that will inevitably pass. Yeah, makes perfect sense. Lol

Sounds like the group in the Senate that is trying to delay vote on the infrastructure package, doesn’t it?

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Posted in: Court denies Belarus sprinter's legal bid to run in Olympics See in context


Yes, I can certainly agree with that!!

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Posted in: Court denies Belarus sprinter's legal bid to run in Olympics See in context


i’ve tried to understand your comment but really can’t understand what you want to say! I assume your using devushka in the Russian sense but after that I’m lost. It almost certainly seems I completely disagree with you but would like to understand what your trying, and failing, to say before I do.

Could you try again, perhaps with the help of a friend that speaks English?

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases rising again in U.S., doubling over three weeks See in context

@Commodore Perry Today  10:19 am JST

CNN viewers will be upset about my first comment, but reality is reality.

I don’t watch much CNN or FOX but I think that everyone, with the possible exception of some Orange Cult members, know your first comment is demonstrably false and just a poor attempt to spread misinformation. /smh

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Posted in: Top court says laws requiring married couples to have same surname constitutional See in context

Back when I married, a Japanese woman was not allowed to change her name when marrying a foreigner.

Correct, if she wanted to change her name she had to go to family court or it was not possible.

Until the 90s if a foreigner was naturalized they had to choose a Japanese name that could be written in Yamato kanji. Fortunately that has passed and a foreign name in kana is acceptable now.

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