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108 days in solitary, not allowed to see family, no heat, poor meals, ruined life, etc and that's not punishment? you should hope your never "not punished" by our backward hostage justice system.

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Well,there are worse jails. Especially in the country that is screaming about rights.

Of course the biggest thing here is that Ghosn hasn't been found guilty of any crimes and wasn't in jail but detention. He shouldn't be punished for an allegation that hasn't been proven in court, especially allegations of non-violent white collar crimes.

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No one has mentioned 'tax evasion' because it has nothing to do with the charges against Ghosn.

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The media always seems add enough spin that it's difficult to understand the original intent. It's true Renault is not compensating Ghosn for the amount stated but the article doesn't explain the amount is for a non-compete clause that was always optional and the the remaining 90% of the total is actually a value for an option on performance shares not actually cash. The performance shares also come with the stipulation that Ghosn be present at Renault when he resigns which, due to Japan's hostage justice system, is impossible.

Renault did say

“Mr. Ghosn retains, as of the date hereof, his positions within Alliance Rostec Auto BV and Renault do Brasil,” Renault added.

Renault is trying to balance their domestic troubles and the Ghosn situation. It'll be interesting to see how it all works out.

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I'm still trying to figure out Saikawa's strategy for declaring a ¥9.2 billion yen loss to cover delayed salary to Ghosn. Salary that he says will never be paid. This will probably come back to bite Saikawa where it hurts too!

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I'll wager that the Prosecutors & Japan, Inc. are feeling more than just a bit of remorse right now over all of this.

They obviously made a mistake in handling things and are now trying desperately to find something that will standup in court to support the allegations to save face. Ghosn certainly isn't a saint BUT proving criminal intent in court requires more than wishful thinking. Their game plan right now seems to be to keep Ghosn hidden away in detention hoping things go away.

The French prosecutors seem to be much more level headed and aren't so quick to jump without cause saying that "they haven't decided if they will pursue the allegation". If it had been in Japsn and Nissan had said "Did you notice the big event Ghosn held for Nissan just 'happened' to be on his birthday?" Whether coincidence or not the Japan prosecutors would have prematurely jumped on that too without checking if there was any evidence that would stand up on court!

Nissan really played the prosecutors when trying to pull off this coup! That says a lot about Japan's "justice" system!

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The car manufacturer will list the payments in its third quarter statement next Tuesday despite having no intention to pay them, according to reports by The Japan Times.

Hummm... This sounds like something the Prosecutors asked Nissan to do so they can insist the payments amounts were already firmly decided.

I can hear the Prosecutors now "See, Nissan even published the deferred remuneration! We really do have a case. Beleive us!"

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Offers passport, he has 3 of them :)

It's obvious the Judge would require ALL passports and Ghosn did say "that he would accept any and all" requirements.

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"I have a genuine love and appreciation for Nissan."

That, in itself, is not a reason to release him.


"I have a genuine love for destroying Nissan." Better keep him detended.

Is not a reason to NOT release him on bail either!

I would imagine that France is looking at all the options for a merger with or without Ghosn. It will be interesting!

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If Ghosn were bailed out and he has gone to France for rest, I wonder he would back for his trial?? 

Did you even read the article?

Ghosn has addressed all of the Judge's concerns. It will be interesting to see how this plays out!

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What? Record sales and only 3.9 million vehicles? I had thought they were at least twice that figures; no wonder they need Nissan.

You do realize that if Renault had sold twice that amount it would be more than a million and a half vehicles more than Nissan's total sales, right?

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Should read "have NO idea"! Sorry

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In fact - the external auditing company for Nissan seriously questioned some of the transactions.

But the dimwits in the financial/ accounting office at Nissan Corp assured the external auditors all was well.

It's obvious that you have I idea how transfers work or the checks that happen but you've said several times that Ghosn hid these transfers. Now you saying he hid them, EXCEPT from the external auditors, the finance people, and the accounting people.

With so many people in the know the transfers are hardly "hidden".

Again, this certainly appears to be a compliance issue. Illegal? Not so much.

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France has said that they see no option but to replace Ghosn because the company can't continue indefinitely without a head and, since Japan's justice system is holding Ghosn hostage, they need to find a replacement. It was made clear that it has nothing to die with his guilt or innocence, but simply a matter of business. Renault lawyers still say they haven't seen enough evidence to say Ghosn is guilty of anything. Improper maybe, but probably not illegal...

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This sounds like a compliance issue and, if true, would result in the the company rules being amended and the person, in this case Ghosn, losing his position as CEO. But is it illegal? The media, based on Nissan's leaks, want readers to draw that conclusion but they have all been very careful the use the word "improper" and not "illegal". It's probably like the payments to the woman in France, probably improper but they said they weren't illegal.

the problem here is the Prosecutors, and Nissan, using systematic "leaks" to the media hope that it means they don't really have to prove anything!

That is what is "dubious and improper"!

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@ semperfi

Though bit and pieces have been published.especially in various foreign publications - and some J ones as well

Those bits and pieces are all put together from things leaked by Nissan and the Prosecutors. They only leak things that lead the media to the conclusions they want, probably without any real evidence. Remember, Nissan wants Ghosn out so they can distance the company from Renault. To that end I doubt their "evidence" is completely unbiased!

If they can create a "conviction by the media" less people will complain about the injustice and if they can get a forced confession everybody will accept the outcome. All this leads to there never being enough pressure to change the system. The appalling injustice is allowed to continue!

As for all their "mountains" of evidence remember the Renault lawyers received and reviewed everything. Their conclusion is that what they saw wasn't enough to prove wrongdoing.

Drawing conclusions from only one side of a story through "leaks" of out of context information hoping to lead people to draw the conclusion the Prosecutors want while keeping the other side silent only works with those that have really been brainwashed. You certainly fall into that category but I'll wait for the trail. In the meantime the Japanese justice system should join the rest of the democratic world and release Ghosn on bail.

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Japanese prosecutors are very capable and tenacious, according to movies and novels. 

So were the KGB, Kempeitai, etc.

But this is 21st Century in a supposedly democratic country!

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Posted in: Nissan to file civil suit for damages against Ghosn: source See in context

@chop chop

This may be a compliance issue, but it's most likely not illegal.

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It looks like Nissan is timing this announcement to coincide with ghosn's bail request and appeal to strengthen the "media" trail and help the prosecutors keep him in detention.

The media reports are all based on the prosecutors drip drip drip leaks of information and are using the media to convict him before there's a trail. If the really have a case they should just go to trail and prove it, but I doubt they have a very strong case though.

The media makes it sound like the houses in Brazil, Paris, etc were bought by Ghosn, but isn't it true that they are in Nissan's name? Instead of paying rent Nissan purchased the house and Ghosn was allowed to use it, they all still belong to Nissan. And, as for the salary that wasn't they say was fixed and declared, if Ghosn is found guilty Nissan owes him the $50M, right? On the other hand, if Ghosn is found innocent then it means the amounts were not fixed and Nissan doesn't have to pay.

in addition to the appalling display of the Japanese justice system it doesn't look like Saikawa thought this through before getting together with the prosecutors!

It will be interesting to see what the prosecutors offered as plea bargains as well.

Nissan and the Japanese justice system really shot themselves in the foot on this one, and that won't change even if Ghosn is found at trail!

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Not allowing bail with the only conceivable reason as giving more time to extract a forced confession is appalling, innocence or guilt being beside the point. Also appalling is the selective leaking of accusations and their one-sided information drip by drip to convict the person via the media. Reading responses such as Semperfi's where he simply lists some lists media rumors and some of the prosecutor's accusations with no evidence and with no defense allowed shows how well it "works". Appalling!

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Absolutely true, I completely fudged my numbers there. Read it at 5000 km. That being said, the Gulfstream requires a runway length of 5858 ft, minimum. The only airports in Canada that have a runway at that length are international ones. There isnt a place she could take off from, especially not a field with a jet aircraft.

Are you sure those are the only numbers you fudged? lol

I flew into Fort McMurray just last week and, I think if you check, it's runway is a bit over 7,000 ft. In fact many regional airports have 7-8,000 ft runways. There are even public use airports that have runways over 6,000 ft!

You're welcome to your opinion that Ghosn shouldn't be allowed bail but I certainly hope the Judge doesn't just accept the prosecutors word and checks the facts. I'm sure that he'll find that there is no logical reason to not allow bail.

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Lets theoretically say she would run. The largest personal business jet on sale, doesn't have the range to make it past Hawaii. That means if she fled from Canada from a personal airport, or even a grass field, she would end up in America, or the Pacific/Atlantic Ocean before she could get anywhere.


Actually the new Gulfstream has a range of 7,500 nautical miles and the distance from Canada to a major Chinese airport is just over 5,000 nautical miles. Seems she could easily make it back to China without stopping, I think you mentioned Russia, N. Korea, etc in Ghosn's case, or anywhere else for that matter.

Ghosn should be granted bail! There is no reason not too!

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This dog and pony show is making Japan Inc. and the Japanese "justice" system look more foolish by the day.

It looks like part of the defense strategy is to encourage the foreign media get more involved, in contrast to the hand-fed local media, and apply more outside pressure. More articles like WSJ's "Carlis Ghosn in Wonderland" will help shed more light on the fact the Japanese "justice" system allows prosecutors to hold someone indefinitely without even a shred of creditable evidence.

It seems Nissan worked with the bank and approved the use of Nissan's collateral with the agreement that Ghosn accept any loses that might occur. If true there is no Breech of Trust case and the payments to the Saudi company were legit and requested by Saudi Nissan before being approved by Ghosn.

And Japan plans on paying Ghosn 12,500 yen per day of detention if he's found innocent? What about the life they ruined trying to save face?

Ghosn may or may not be guilty but it would serve Nissan (and Japan) right if this all blows up in their face and Renault makes a hostile take over of Nissan as the stock nosedives!

Hopefully this will result in an improvement of the "justice" system here, but I doubt it...

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SaikoPhysco . Nissan did not want to allow Ghosn's family access to his apartment,

No that is not correct.

Sorry, you're wrong and SaikoPhsyco is correct. Nissan tried to bar Ghosn's family from entering the apartment. The Brazilian court ruled to allow access but Nissan even appealed that to a higher court! The higher court ruled in favor of Ghosn and his family was able to enter the apartment. It certainly seems plausible that they were able to remove Ghosn's things before Nissan was able to destroy evidence in favor of Ghosn. I hope so!

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Isn't the headline rather sensationalistic? This "series" of "emergency" landing seems to amount to only two, both of which seem to be "precautionary" as opposed to "emergency". It would be nice to read news where one doesn't have to filter out the bias sometimes.

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The JT iOS app has been removed and is no longer available for download. Will it be updated and restored?

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You must have missed this, Crazy:

“I don’t know Mr. Trump,” Putin said. “I have never met him and I don’t know what he will do on the international arena. I have no reason whatsoever to assail him, criticize him for something, or defend him.”


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Smith: Assuming much? First the accident is regrettable but I would first look at how someone driving on icy roads, but good visibility, was able to rear-end a bright yellow truck with flashing lights hard enough to knock the de-icing machine off the truck and onto their car! Certainly not paying attention and obviously traveling too fast for even good conditions! The truck being stopped or going slowly doesn't seem it would have made any difference!

Of course it's always easier to say what shouldn't have been. In fact if the stupid truck and the workers were' nt out there, away from their families, at 1:00 in the morning trying to make the road safer none of this would have happened, no would it?

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@ Smith

the truck had stopped on the side of the road

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@ Udondashi

Not sure where you came up with the 1%. The latest reports I've seen show tourism's contribution to the GDP a great number of times greater than that amount! Do you have a like to support that? Please post.

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