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JBOSSLIFE comments

Posted in: Manager attempts to rob his own restaurant in Saga See in context

This is funny story... I think the manager's mind has little problem. Really pitiable……

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Posted in: 1,200 evacuated after British School in Tokyo gets bomb threat See in context

This is a big nuisance... I can't understand why people would do that..

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan about to start selling chocolate French fries See in context

Chocolate French fries! Lol This is interesting! Maybe this will be well received by the customers

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Posted in: Emperor, empress head to Philippines in latest stop on peace parade See in context

Now about 18,000 Japanese live in the Philippines. So I think Japan should be able to be friends with the Philippines with the emperor going there for the first time

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Posted in: 5 vending machines torched in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward See in context

If u wanna get money, go to work! Breaking the machines will just cause other people a lot of trouble...

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Posted in: O'Barry ordered deported from Japan See in context

I'm sorry for the Dolphins but we need them as a source of food. So people shouldn't get in the way. It's part of Japanese culture. But we don't eat them recently.

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Posted in: Man, who left mother's body in suitcase, continued to receive her pension See in context

He is still can work. I can try to understand his actions. Because funerals are expensive. But he decided to spend his mother's money at the internet cafe. Hope his mother gets a proper funeral.

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Posted in: Winning start See in context

Go hard as a representative of Japan!!! Go for it!!

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Posted in: Japanese cram school under fire over 'sexist' kanji text See in context

I think "teachers" meant it as a joke. But contents of the question is "gross". The test is very important for students. So I want they make a test seriously.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says 'comfort women' were prostitutes See in context

Japan's politician have been making too many excuses. They need to get it together as Representative of Japan.****

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Posted in: Teacher slaps, headbutts 12-year-old student in Ehime See in context

I can understand the teacher's feeling. But I think he overreacted.****

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