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bass4funk: Here's the REAL news, as opposed to what you're getting from the Trump-a-ganda machine. Food stamp use is plummeting (http://www.businessinsider.com/number-of-people-on-food-stamps-plummeting-faster-than-ever-before-2016-9); American National Election Studies found that whites who are prejudicial toward blacks skew decidedly Republican ("racial division"); the deficit should be placed on the ledger of congress (who control the budget and spending and who have been majority Republican for most of Obama's tenure), on the endemic revenue glut caused by years of Republican tax cuts for the rich, and on an unprecedented recession that required drastic measures to save banks and the auto industry just for starters (if you want to call these expenditures "entitlements" go ahead, but you just end up sounding like a foo--er, um, like Trump); as for poverty ("people starving"), it climbed nearly 3% under Bush, but only about .2% under Obama according to the U.S. Census Bureau (and again, you have to consider the monumental recession Obama was facing). As for corporate taxes, you'll see how all the favors Trump doles out to his big CEO pals WON'T help anyone but his CEO pals, just like they never did under Reagan or Bush. And on immigration, most Americans favor a path to citizenship for those working illegally without a criminal record. It helps to actually understand the world by going to relieable sources, instead of just believing what a guy who stays up all night Tweeting tells you.

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As far as the Japanese government is concerned, this problem is being handled. The guy featured in this story has been in Japan nearly a decade. Japan has therefore opted to just exploit these people and depend on the dependably clueless Japanese populace to never even know it's happening.

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One man. A knife. 45 minutes. One man who told authorities this is what he was going to do at this place. Offensive/vulgar.

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Posted in: Do you think that constant use of abbreviations while texting messages or sending email is having an adverse effect on your spelling, grammar and punctuation? See in context

i def dont the abbrevs ect having affect on my w/e? are you?

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The reason Abe resorts to such infantilizing displays is because no one pays attention to the grown-up dialogue in this country. People say "He hasn't really explained collective self-defense!" Well, in fact, he has. The people were too busy standing around in conbinis reading manga or learning the dance steps to the new AKB48 video or shopping for keke. So he figures, "Better meet them at their level."

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Why wouldn't he treat the Japanese public as simple-minded? He swept into office on a wave of popularity, a known quantity from his past stint as PM, and now everyone is shocked and appalled at what he's trying to do? This is a lazy, passive electorate that, yes, at times seems simple-minded and, frankly, childish. The Japanese need to grow up. Try to talk to them about politics and world affairs and all you get is "(suck teeth) That is very complicated. Hard to say," or "I don't really know what to think about such things." Abe is out there putting on these shows now because polls show that people don't understand collective self-defense. I understand collective self-defense. Know why? Because I pay attention. Maybe this kind of humiliation, not to mention getting some things rammed down their throats that they don't want but basically voted for by default, is what these people need to wake them up.

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"Cool Japan should be about supporting new, creative businesses, but instead it's being taken over by big business," Kota Matsuda, an opposition party member of Japan's upper house of parliament and founder of Tully's Coffee Japan, told CNBC.

According to Matsuda, most of the Cool Japan projects have been tied to its shareholders, like the 11 billion yen project for a TV channel that will broadcast Japanese content in local languages. It is a joint venture by Sky Perfect JSAT, of which Cool Japan chairman Kazunobu Iijiima is a board member, and its umbrella company Fuji Media Holdings, another Cool Japan shareholder.

So far, almost all the projects that have been funded by the Cool Japan Fund have been tied to its shareholders, according to Matsuda. One example is the 11 billion yen joint venture to launch a new television channel to broadcast Japanese content in local languages. Cool Japan Fund's chairman Kazunobu Iijima is a board member of the private sector partner, cable channel operator Sky Perfect JSAT, which in turn is a subsidiary of Fuji Media Holdings, another Cool Japan Fund shareholder and one of Japan's biggest media conglomerates.

If by Cool Japan we mean Japanese business as usual (graft, nepotism, conflict of interest, OB's having their way) then things seem to be right on track.


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in a country where it is increasingly about not how but how long one lives, this is to be expected. it is also an extension of the collective mindset, with everyone being linked to/responsible for/obligated to everyone else. when japan was an isolated island hermitage, this still allowed for a sense of duty that incorporated a courageous purpose. once japan started having to define an orientation to the rest of the world, especially after the tragic debacle of ww2, it became all about protection, safety--basically cover your ass, don't get stuck holding the bag. it's understandable, given the traditional values and the scope of the post-war trauma, but still--disappointing in cases like these.

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Posted in: Kindergarten head acquitted of negligence in drowning of 3-year-old boy See in context

No, for this to be negligence it would have had to have happened in another country. Negligence cannot be proven in a place where there is no burden of responsiblity. I am sure, however, the former head made several very impressive bows before acquiescing to disappear and be forgotten.

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why does everyone keep saying this guy has a british accent and english is his first language? neither is true.

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