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Posted in: 56% of hotels in Japan bar visitors with tattoos from bathing facilities See in context

This is supposedly only about visiting bath houses as a tattooed person, right?

Does anyone go to Japan strictly to bathe?

If this type of fanatical bather exists, surely they would know about the horrors of having tattoos in Japanese communal bathing environments. (discrimination against visibly tattooed people in Japan definitely exists outside of bath houses too)

With the Olympics and other major, Global level events that are coming to Japan, Japan will need to accommodate a global crowd of diverse people that will be visiting their country. Japan is actively seeking increased tourism revenue, so, in a world where tattoos are an increasingly large part of all cultures, how can Japan expect to have such a closed minded policy about tattooed people?

Visibly tattooed people will find plenty of discrimination outside of communal bathing environments and this is not acceptable, especially in a country that is seeking to hold Global events of any kind. Japan needs to be much more accepting of outsiders in all shapes, colors and adornments, and not judge people according to antiquated perceptions that don't apply to those who are not Japanese.

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