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Posted in: Five aging nuclear reactors will be decommissioned, but where should their 26,820 tons of radioactive waste be stored? See in context

Naturally, in the massive no-go zone surrounding Fukushima Daiichi. Since no one will live anywhere near that deadly place for years to come.

Umm, my bad, since I now hear frolicking children are able to chase butterflies and eat locally grown vegetables right next to the plant. So how about directly underneath the diet building?

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Posted in: 2 elderly women jump to their deaths on rail tracks See in context

"Japan would be an excellent place to allow doctor-assisted suicide. You could die in the comfort of your own home or at a hospital surrounded by the people who love you."

I'm for DA suicide but I'd much prefer a government that provides sufficient aid/assistance to the elderly it ostensibly reveres, Confucius and all that. But if they are ailing, lack caring family with means or proper public support, of course, they should have the option.

By the way, Oregon is not alone in the US. It's legal on the entire west coast plus Colorado and Vermont. My father (in another state) has had his magic pill for years.

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Posted in: Demand for nuclear shelters, purifiers surges as N Korea tension mounts See in context

In addition to being an ongoing distraction from domestic scandal, this kind of hysterical media coverage makes people increasingly happy to rely on strongmen for protection. That always works out well.

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Posted in: Venture firm develops device to prevent kids' smartphone addiction See in context

"parents, using their own smartphones, can control their children's daily smartphone usage"

And I'll be sure to warn my kid off drugs while I'm smoking a bong.

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Posted in: Cabinet approval rate rises to 58.7% See in context

"The recent criticisms against the government seemed to have been alleviated as public attention turned to tension surrounding North Korea"

In other words, mission accomplished.

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Posted in: Japan Inc braces for labor reform See in context

"Japan's plans to implement more employee-friendly laws..."

Implement, not enforce

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Posted in: Protective clothing no longer needed to walk near Fukushima plant See in context

This reads like Pravda or other state/sponsored media. Would love to see Kyodo do spot polls on the street, you know considering people here mask themselves before facing reality let alone dystopia.

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Posted in: The truth is still out there as 'X-Files' returns for new season See in context

"I want to believe..." that it will be much better than last year's atrocious 6-episode reboot (w/the exception of the "Were-monster").

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Posted in: 30% of all Japan's medical diagnoses said to be mistaken See in context

Would be far more helpful if you could place these #s in a global context.

One thing I've noticed as a parent is they try to throw antibiotics at a kid no matter how minor the symptoms or unclear the actual illness is.

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Posted in: Gov't panel finalizes proposals on emperor's abdication See in context

"I wonder why this topic interests foreigners and taken up here. Most Japanese people are indifferent on this matter."

If JT excluded every topic the Japanese are indifferent to, we'd all be left to commenting on videos of people eating.

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Posted in: Life's illusions catching up with Japan's middle-aged 'parasite singles' See in context

"That's because of the increase in irregular workers and the fact that more and more people cannot marry for economic reasons, even if they want to," he said.

Only in Japan does this mean they "cannot" marry. B/C of the obscene costs of weddings and the ridiculous expectations on the part of many young couples. The old "I won't marry someone making less than 5 million yen/year" etc. Weddings are unnecessary and life is cheaper with a partner, married or otherwise.

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Posted in: Death by overwork: Japan's 100-hour overtime cap sparks anger See in context

If it weren't for Japanese docility, this type of abuse would have ended long ago. Waiting around like proles for the government, keidanren or the toothless collaborative rengo to deliver you from wage slavery and other abusive practices is why the majority of Japanese suffer through decades of despair-inducing work, having no lives outside of the office, no time for their loved ones, who are largely alienated from them.

With fewer workers to go around, now is the time for Japanese to find common cause and use the only practices that have ever led to significant gains in wages or benefits, strikes and actual functioning unions that treat their employers not as benevolent daimyo but as the exploiters they indeed are.

But of course, I could be wrong, several more years of the LDP politely requesting their corporate bedfellows to raise wages or to stop being mean might just do the trick.

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Posted in: What are some differences you have observed between waiters and waitresses in restaurants and cafes in Japan and other countries and also the way in which customers treat them? See in context

Service is much better here than back home (US) and I was a waiter from high school thru grad school. At least in terms of efficiency, accuracy, not to mention quality of the product on offer. I would also say that the Japanese generally treat their waiters or really anyone doing low-level work here better than at home, where a waiter or janitor can be openly mocked for their jobs. Japan may worship work to a mindboggling extent but the respect shown to anyone taking their work seriously and knowing what they're about always impresses me.

That said, I often had more interesting, human conversations with waiters at home. Of course they're working for tips, so it pays to be charming. Here I often wonder how different it'll be when robots are doing the greetings at store entrances.

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Posted in: Company promises women the man of their (financial) dreams See in context

I imagine the foreign guys in bad relationships/marriages are going to love this post.

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Posted in: Pep rally See in context

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Posted in: Pep rally See in context

I'm convinced the guys in the 3rd picture are screaming SABISU ZANGYO!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 89-year-old grandfather See in context

Psychopaths...sociopaths....what going on over there? This stuff happens every week.

Where do you live? B/C what a lot of foreigners seem to have a problem understanding is that JT reports every freak crime from the entire country of 125 million people.

OTOH, if you live in Sydney you probably read the SMH, if you live in San Diego, it's the UT. That is local papers by and large reporting only local crimes. Quite rare that the Boston Globe is going to report on a murder in Seattle or a sex assault case in Atlanta.

I defy anyone to come up with data that shows Japan is at all unique in the # of disturbing crimes that occur.

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Posted in: Koike to launch comfortable commute movement this summer See in context

It's encouraging that the government is aware of the problems as well as alternatives embraced in the west for decades. My Dad worked 6-3 in DC most of his career, missing both rush hours. Now, whether such "encouragement" will lead to any change...

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Posted in: Trump seeks 'historic' 9% increase in U.S. military budget See in context

What CrazyJoe said.

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Posted in: 129 stolen kindergarten application forms confiscated from man’s home See in context

Sounds like someone interested in small children and/or plain crazy.

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Posted in: Japan's first Premium Friday shows mixed results See in context

I applaud the gov't for trying something.

Sorry but this attitude is wrong. Literally offering breadcrumbs to those suffering a famine. From reporting last fall:

"According to the survey, taken between last December and January this year, about 10.8 percent of companies said they had workers putting in 80 to 100 hours of overtime a month, while another 11.9 percent said they had workers doing more than 100 hours. The paper was based on responses from 1,743 companies and 19,583 workers. It had targeted 10,000 firms and 20,000 employees."


In the face of this ongoing abuse, the government continues to politely recommend minor changes. Anything to risk alienating Japan Inc. What they should be doing is enforcing existing labor laws. That would treat the disease plaguing every aspect of this society. Let's not applaud them for applying band-aids to metastasized cancer.

I would add that if unions showed an ounce of backbone, things would also change rather quickly. What their purpose is in Japan is beyond me. Negotiating polite expressions of gratitude for stagnant wages and shrinking bonuses?

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Posted in: Actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 See in context

I've never one seen his face without thinking of Chet in Weird Science. An indelible role in a hilarious film. Way too young.

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Posted in: Cool Japan Ambassador Paul Christie talks about plans to highlight a different side of the country See in context

Oh, but there are pockets of exquisite elegance.

Between the eyesores.

Forget which book it was, but Alex Kerr wrote about the painstaking efforts photographers have to make to crop out reality: tangled power lines, ghastly looking buildings, garish signage, etc. That said, this guy is on the right track if he's leading tours into the countryside. Countless villages are still gorgeous (albeit often dying). You can find a lot of harmony with nature that is almost completely lacking in urban Japan.

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Posted in: Would you support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Japan? See in context

Of course

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Posted in: Kyoto Board of Education administers English test for teachers with disheartening results See in context

More visionary leadership and goal setting from MEXT bureaucrats. The Olympics salvation narrative continues ad nauseam.

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Posted in: Japan's first Premium Friday shows mixed results See in context

"Several posters showed a modicum of sympathy for the workers who will be saddled with additional tasks, to service the lucky ones who get off from three."

Same reason most workers will not take a proper vacation, no matter how many days of leave they've accumulated. If companies were serious about this they'd work it out in about 5 minutes. This Friday staff A will leave early & B will cover their work. Next Friday, vice versa. Just like John will cover my work while I go to Vegas for a week and then this summer when John takes a week off himself....

Workers here suffer from collective Stockholm syndrome. Companies don't promote any such common sense measures b/c they don't actually give a hoot about work-life balance or their workers, no more than daimyo cared how their peasants were doing. The accounting buchou at my former company wouldn't allow his staff to take a day or two off to make Obon or NY's a full week's holiday. That was his policy and that it contradicted company rules and labor laws was irrelevant. No one would dare question it.

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Posted in: Trump says he won't attend correspondents dinner this spring See in context

Good god, you don't have to be a right-wing loon to hate the press. Stephen Colbert on our slavish corporate media (way back when W. was pres) and Larry Wilmore pawned them last year. Trump is a thin-skinned blowhard but this event should die.

Colbert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWqzLgDc030

Wilmore http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/04/30/larry-wilmore-roasts-the-press-in-white-house-correspondents-monologue.html

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Posted in: Oscars still lagging in female and minority representation See in context

Oh pu-lease! More feminist rubbish! If they took a second to get off their high horses and concentrate on fine acting then maybe they'd be awarded! Pu-leeeez!

You realize women receive just as many acting awards as men, right?

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Posted in: 2 killed in car crash in Shizuoka See in context

"It's the driver's responsibility to ensure everyone is belted in. When I'm driving, I won't even put the car in gear until my whole family is secured"

And if drivers are clearly ignoring the law, the police should do nothing? You know, we could intervene to save children's lives but really it's got nothing to do with us. The law being just a general guideline, after all.

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