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up 12 from Monday and 12 more than last Tuesday.

It's going up again! Omggggg!!

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In other countries, the lockdowns forced the conversations for more jobs with remote work, better work/life balance, more benefits and higher pay for "essential workers". Thanks to Japan's "business as usual" attitude during the pandemic, the gap between Japan's obsessive work culture, and the rest of the world will only grow wider. Condolences if you work in Japan.

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Does anyone know where we can see these photos? I need to, um...verify...the uh...evidence....

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The reason is simple. Japan is a relatively healthy country that took masks, and preventative measures seriously. Half of the country wasn't complaining about the masks because of their "liberty".

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One thing's for sure. It's going to be strange walking around the city seeing people without masks. There are people that I've met 2 years ago, and see regularly, that I've still yet to see their face.

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Comments in the thread are at 20

Down 2 from Saturday, and 21 down from Sunday last week.

This is the 17th straight day that the number of comments have been lower than the same day of the previous week.

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Gotta hand it to Suga. He did the unpopular thing, stuck to his guns, and it ended up being the right decision. Well done.

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Yep, this 2 year long covid madness is finally coming to an end. Sure, maybe there'll be another "spike" in the future, but with everyone vaccinated, it really won't make a difference anymore. It seems like everyone in the world is finally coming out of their bunkers and getting back to normal.

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The tourism industry and small resorts have been hit terribly.

I'm afraid, a lot of places have been hit irreparably over the last year. Over half of the small shops in Nakano have been shut down and are now boarded up. Akihabara is a ghost in the shell of its former self. Empty buildings everywhere. Sad.

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Justin Timberlake got her in her prime, and was smart enough to leave before all the craziness ensued. Props to him. Good luck to the new guy.

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Just curious, why did the writer consider the fact he's unemployed be the most important information besides his age? Is it relevant at all?

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Let's wait till Wednesday or Thursday to make more positive comments

Nah, this is the 21st day in a row that numbers were lower than the week before, with no lockdown and minimal restrictions. I think we're ok making positive comments now.

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Gluten free's the way to be!

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Is there really a rise in violence or did this kind of thing used to go unreported?

Now that covid is on the way out, the news needs some juicy clickbait stories to keep people coming back

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Well I guess anyone is better than Suga, not the best reason to choose but hey this is Japan

Choosing the lesser of 2 evils, or "vote ___, no matter who" is the reason we're stuck with the barely cognizant President, Joe Biden in the USA. It never solves anything, and only makes problems worse.

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Not saying that Beat Takeshi is involved in organized crime, but could the attacker have been a Yakuza hitman sent as payback for activities Takeshi's may have done in the seedy, unseen, underbelly of Japanese showbiz? I'm just saying.

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an old salaryman that has put all his time into his job, where he has done nothing of value or creativity just to provide for a family that doesn't really care about him.

I'd say he's more like an old salaryman who is watching his family inside a burning house, and in response, tells them that they can only use the fire extinguishers after 8pm, and he will call the fire department after he's finished watching the Olympics.

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@Leighton Rutt

Tokyo area is already 1,016 more at this time compared to the first 2 days of August.

What's the point of comparing the first 2 days of September to the first 2 days of August? They are completely unrelated.

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Even if the declaration is lifted, the government will consider shifting to quasi-state of emergency measures to prevent infections from surging again

Well, our latest surge started and ended in the middle of a FULL state of emergency, packed trains, full cafes and all. Whatever the government tries to do to control the virus is essentially meaningless.

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Again, these numbers are fairly typical of the Delta variant. The numbers increased at a high rate, and they're decreasing at a high rate. It's a curve. Its nature.

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After this wave, their will be another one for sure, you should know that. It happens everywhere. The thing is to be prepared to manage the new wave like some countries do but Japan don't at all.

That's what I'm saying. When the next one happens in a few months, enough people will be vaccinated, that it'll be a fairly unremarkable event.

As far as what will be done for the next one, the argument for lockdown took a BIG hit with this wave. Even with the government essentially doing nothing, packed trains and all, the spike only lasted about a month.

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I'm not going to say, "I told you so" but...lol

JK guys, let's all celebrate these lowering numbers. Who knows, we might even reach the pre spike numbers by early September like I predicted, and we can finally get back to normal. Drinks are on me.

With the spikes happening every few months or so, we should be well vaccinated by the time the next one arrives. Sayonara Covid.

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You can't make this stuff up folks

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Great point.

The reason Tokyo is falling while the rest of the country is rising is because, the spike began in Tokyo. Like any wave in nature, it takes time to move, and not all areas rise and fall equally.

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For the first time in history people who are not sick have been forced to isolate and quarantine en masse.

It's a little hard to determine who's sick and who isn't when the onset of symptoms can be delayed up to 2 weeks.

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You are absolutely correct. Delta surges like the one we have seen for the last month or so, are not infinite. They have a distinct curve. As inept as the gov't is, their mentality was to ride out the storm, and wait for it to pass for the sake of the economy. Arguably, after seeing these falling numbers, they made the right choice.

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Not really much more to say. Numbers decreasing is now the norm instead of the exception.

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Not sure if that's relevant. The cases are currently rising.

My original post was drawing similarities between the Delta spikes. We are seeing a decline now in Tokyo similar to Delta spikes all over the world. Bringing up a singular countries rising cases after the spike would be irrelevant, however.

Are you suggesting that the cases in Japan will drop and then rise again?

India has not seen a rebound in cases, so there's no reason to suggest that.

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Hmmm, the UK is on an increasing trend:

Thank you for the charts. However the Delta spike I was referring to was the 55,000 case spike in mid July. You can reference your own link.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,228 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 24,321 See in context

BIG drop in cases compared to last week. Now 5 out of 6 days with less numbers compared to the week before. This rapid drop of the Delta variant isn't unprecedented actually. it's following the same trend as the UK and India. Look for the other areas of Japan to have the same drop soon.

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