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Posted in: Faster, higher, older: Pensioners defy virus fears to keep Olympics running See in context

They have all been vaccinated, good for them. The rest of us are out of luck!

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

I can imagine some women and even men may be uncomfortable in the 'mandatory' uniform. Why not give 2 or 3 approved styles and let them choose one of those using their country's color/design scheme.

I absolutely would not be in favor of letting them wear 'whatever they want'.

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Posted in: Do you think there should be permanent host cities for both the summer and winter Olympics? See in context

Id be in favor of 8-12 (6 summer, 6 winter) regular cities, countries, and rotate them accordingly.

The construction and 'upgrades' that almost every city has to make when selected to host is total and complete excess, waste. In a time when the environment is such a huge issue.... cardboard beds and hydrogen fueled flames simply arnt good enough.

I am not an Olympic hater. I love sports in general tho the Olympics is not a must see event for me, I just think if the IOC & world in general wants to be more climate friendly choosing random cities every two years is a huge waste and does more harm than good.

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Posted in: 'The greatest honor': Osaka lights Olympic cauldron See in context

3 hour ceremony with only 2 worthwhile moments (drones, Oh & Nagashima) that lasted maybe 8 min. Totally & completely disappointing and BORING opening ceremony.

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Posted in: Most major cities in Japan revise vaccine plans amid supply crunch See in context

Total and complete incompetence.

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Posted in: Nationwide bookings eyed for mass vaccination sites in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

This booking/reservation system is sooo slow and stupid.

Just open the centers and vaccinate everyone that comer, make a copy of their ID and/or my number for documentation.

The current process is rediculously pathetic.

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Posted in: Japan disposes of over 7,000 mishandled doses of COVID vaccine: report See in context

Total and complete incompetence. Anyone in a leadership role that some responsibility in this fiasco needs to be fired... ASAP.

They would rather waste/dispose of vaccine doses rather than give them to citizens off the street.

Total and complete incompetence.

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context

Not good enough. Too little, too late.

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Posted in: Japan plans to extend COVID-19 state of emergency beyond May 31 See in context

ZorotoToday  07:34 am JST

I think COVID will officially be declared an endemic situation in the US and Europe by the end of the summer with all restrictions lifted. Japan has no hope for this any time soon.

Yes, the numbers started to drop in Japan again, but this will yo-yo back up once they lift the SOE and urge people to travel again. This will also means that no foreign tourists will be coming back to Japan any time soon.

100% agree which is why vaccination is the only ONLY solution.

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Posted in: Japan plans to extend COVID-19 state of emergency beyond May 31 See in context

Useless and meaningless a complete waste of time, breath. Everything is open NOW, just no alcohol available. LOL

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Posted in: Stop terrorism See in context

> LagunaToday  07:39 am JST

It's domestic terrorism Japan has most to be concerned about. Remember Aum?

Aum attack was in 1995. Dont forget the Osaka school massacre 2001 or the Kyoto Animation arson attack 2019.

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Posted in: Paying people to get vaccinated might work – but is it ethical? See in context

Whats the difference between this and any kind of government subsidy, tax or tax credit? Subsidies for electric cars, tax credit/exemption for having kids, or even cigarette/alcohol tax .... all have the same goal to influence a citizens personal choice.

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Posted in: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 variants in Japan double in a week See in context

Japanese Gov and Japanese media need to focus on vaccinations. I'm no longer concerned about 'testing numbers' or 'State of Emergencies' at this point, both are pretty much useless and ineffective/irrelevant. I want to know how many have been vaccinated, how/where/when can we be vaccinated etc. FOCUS on vaccinations.

I for one do not feel stopping international travel is a proclamation "ITS ALL FOREIGNERS FAULT". Doing so is the common sense and most effective way (many other countries have done so) to slow the GLOBAL spread of the variants. Yes, I agree the gov needs to be even more strict on Japanese international travelers. Japanese citizens/nationals are equally/more guilty of bringing variants and strains back home than foreigners!

Everyone knows the risks of traveling, eating/drinking out, going to the gym, going maskless, etc..... no sympathy or empathy for those who happen to get sick at this stage. No sympathy/empathy for any genius who leaves Japan and just happens to not be allowed back into the country without significant delay or inconvenience. NONE.

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers See in context

At this point I am in favor of vaccine passports for all incoming and outgoing international travel. No vaccine. no travel... no exceptions.

Yes, that means Japan has to get on the ball to organize, distribute and administer a vaccine... ASAP. Maybe when Japanese citizens/businesses are prevented from traveling then the gov would take swifter action.

I see a LOT of criticisms of Japan & Japanese government here... yeah the COVID response hasnt been 'perfect' in Japan... that may be an understatement. However overall it hasnt been terrible, not like the US or some countries in Europe, South America, even Asia.

I realize I may be in the minority here for this opinion, but honestly I am much more comfortable having my family and myself living through this pandemic in Japan than in the US or many other countries. My biggest complaint is just that I ca not work/make a living during SOE.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

Addfwyn, Zoroto

I agree with both of you of what Japan could have or should have done. Sure I would have agreed to all those measures last spring & summer when this began.

Its not possible to go back in time, not possible to put the genie back in the bottle... from now from today.. I absolutely will not support any more SOE's or lock downs. Me and probably tens, hundreds, thousands of others are facing financial ruin in the face.

Sadly its too late for me and others to consider more severe/strict restrictions at this point.


I contently brave the train to Tokyo or anywhere else for work, when I have the opportunity. Unfortunately I'm not being afforded the opportunity during SOE's so instead I have face unpayable back rent & utilities. Sure, neither are ideal but I would choose commuting over an empty bank account.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

Zoroto Then the answer is yes.

OK fair enough.

Im tired of sacrificing for those are able to telework, those who wont wear masks properly, those who insist on drinking or eating in restaurants next to others, those who insist on traveling or site seeing, or enjoying group karaoke during a pandemic.

I have sacrificed enough the past two lockdowns and at this point I have NO sympathy or empathy for anyone who gets sick with engaging in the above activities.

You said 'short/effective'... but the reality here is that SOE's are not short term and not an effective long term solution. Whats done is done and its not possible to have a 'redo'.

Australia and other countries had effective measures that worked for them.... this is not Australia nor the US.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

I fully supported the first and second SOE's, I avoid large crowds as much as possible, always wear two masks and I am in favor of cancelling the Olympics completely.

However, I am NOT in favor of any more SOE's or lockdowns. At this point they are pointless and cause almost as much harm as the virus.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

Id like to ask everyone: If you knew YOU would not be paid, no yen, no income whatsoever for however long, or how many, State of Emergencies would you support and call for it/them?

Would you be eager for full lockdown if you would not receive any income whatsoever and just had to go home and wait?

+yes, - no

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

Gaijinjland The trains are as crowded as always and I’m probably going to get Covid anyway for having to commute to work 5 days a week.

At least you and seems most that are posting can still go to work & pay your rent/bills. Thats not so bad.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

I havnt been infected or personally know anyone thats been infected. Still the 'State of Emergencies' have effectively ruined my life from what it was just over a year ago simply because I cant consistently work or make a living.

State of Emergencies (SOE) are not a solution and in some ways nearly as harmful as the virus itself. Even tho its a SOE there are still people in stores/malls, cafes, restaurants, pachinko parlors, baseball games etc. yet many others like me are told to go home until the SOE is lifted.

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Posted in: Tougher virus restrictions expanded to 4 prefectures See in context

Another State of Emergency and I cant pay my rent & will have to move to a much smaller, much much older place. Cant work = cant pay rent. ;-(

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Posted in: Japan has entered 4th wave of COVID-19 infections, says gov't panel chief See in context

If there is another 'State of Emergency' there will be extreme pressure to completely cancel the Olympics. If the people who live here can not work how can anyone justify allowing thousands of travelers into the country?

I want to see more extreme measures specifically for business's/activities where the infections are linked. People have to work and the blanket 'SOE' is literally ruining lives.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan brings back its duo of Samurai Mac burgers as regular menu items See in context

Luv... love... LOVE me some McDonalds & all fast food! Will definitely have to try these. sooooon. ;-)

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

> There is an Ordinance . . . but no mention of how this will be policied or any penalties if people do not obey.


Eventually you will have more & more people blocking the walking lane. It will be 'self enforced' and just imagine how many arguments & possible fights that will be caused.

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

Another ignorant measure in the name of 'safety' by the LDP pandering for elderly votes (similar to prohibiting bicycles from sidewalks). The news clip was a absolute joke.

Of course it wont be enforceable but we will all gradually see more & more old people, moms/kids standing in the walking lane to block those of us who can walk. Officials in stores and stations wont have to enforce it.

Its just another reason to avoid shopping malls, busy stations, crowds, unless absolutely necessary. Even more reason to shop on Amazon!

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