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Asians have been eating rice (white/brown) for thousands of years without diabetes. Diabetes is a new health risk occurrence. Of course brown rice is healthier. Of course a well rounded diet consisiting of organic produce, less refined sugars, less unhealthy fatty foods, unhealthy oils, non-fast food diet. It is the mixture of these unhealthy foods in your diet that cause diabetes - not rice. This article is trying to sway people away from the thought that bread is unhealthy. I see foreigners that come here healthy and in 1 generation their entire family is a wreak.

The question is why are Americans so FAT? Why do Americans have this highest occurrence of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, etc...??? Japanese have this highest life expectancy. American's poor health is mostly due to the corrupt health industry. Brainwashed by TV/Internet Ads. They want to make $$$ first and do not care about citizens health first. Same with Pharmaceuticals. Rice is not the culprit! Americans eat bread, white bread mostly. Pastries. I know of many Japanese that have recently gotten the Americans disease because they are trying to model the American way of life. Big mistake.

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Right on Musashi!!! I totally agree!!!

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Very petty grievances given what you have to put up with in US (Western Society). Going to War for pure greed/without justice. Worst racial crimes of World History (African Slaves, Complete genocide of many races (primary Native North and South Americans). Financial institutions that are the worse of criminals in World History. Such as backing (financing) both sides of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, War in Middle East, etc ... Corporate greed. Corrupt gov't. Worst health care in the world for a nation of our status. Everyone lies to each other by default and only tell truth to strangers. No sense of teamwork or community. Everyone behind a computer slaving away for the 1%. 99% unhappy in America.

At least in Japan, they have honest to goodness pride in their country and are honest people. Cannot say that of Americans/Europeans (on average). Caucasian society is just good at starting Wars, that's it, end of story. This is how the future generations of those still alive will write History.

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